Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wright Park

One of the most visited places here in Baguio City is this western-countryside themed park, where rodeos are Igorots wearing pointed boots and cowboy hats! :D
"And God took a handful of southerly wind, Blew his breath over it and created the horse..."
We drop by this place after visiting Minesview Park and The Mansion. By commuting, you could ride a jeepney from town to Minesview Park, drop by The Mansion and walk your way down here.
the long stairways connecting Wright Park and The Mansion
view from the top
Wright Park now have a wide parking space for private vehicles without the parking fee! :D As you can see, there's a wide variety of multicolored horses to choose from! :D
the horses are cute but the coral smells!
These horses could take you from
rounding this field to destinations like
Minesview Park - 1 hour
Angel Park - 1 hour
Country Club Trail - 1 1/2 hour
Marlboro County - 2 hours
Japanese Trail - 3 hours
Loakan Airport - 3 hours
Crystal Cave - 3 hours
Green Valley - 3 to 4 hours
Mount Sto. Tomas - 4 to 5 hours
in riding rates of
Php 300/hour
Php 200/half hour
Php 300/guide to outing places
If you're on a tight budget, fret not, 'cause for only Php10 you could take pictures of yourself
riding a horse,
riding a horse cab, or wearing Igorot costumes
Seeing the horses neighing is good enough for me as I can't push my luck riding like a cowboy with a humongous tummy! But I do hope this post gives you a head start on what you you could do if your planning to go visit this place any time soon! :D


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