Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Improvements on Bayan Park Garden

Aside from famous tourist spots, Baguio is also known for its local small garden spread all over! One of these is the local public Bayan Park garden in Aurora Hill. This garden used to be dark at night with broken bottles and garbage like plastics and papers but the local authorities here decided to beautify it! :D
I've been visiting this park for quite a while now for my walkathon and sun bathing in the morning! :P I took some pictures on whats been up and new :)
These rocks are intended for foot massage.. and I thought this spot could be use for yoga too.. :P Like the ones senior citizens do in Burnham Park. :)
They are currently planting grass while maintaining cleanliness :)
 Mountain bikes and baby bikes are welcome here as well :)
benches are scattered everywhere
comfort room for men and women are available :)
Pine trees and other plants are rehabilitated and very well taken care of
"Elephant Slide"
I think I would call this slide "The Carp" :P
See how vast the park is?
Mini Playground
Picnic Grounds
wide parking space
Beside the new clean park, there's a covered court that's also been used for government events like free check up and a police station beside it.
For now, they are planting small plants and flowers around the park :)
The renovation is still on going. It's a good thing it's just a 5minute walk from our house and we could enjoy a picnic and a morning walk anytime we want. And to help the local authorities in beautifying the place, people and tourist should also do their part: throw their garbage in the trash bins. Simple yet for sure it'll go a long way. :)


  1. How is the park now? Safe ba to go there? Thanks

    1. Hi Jao, thanks for dropping by.. last time ive been there, theyre planting trees, and flowering plants. it is safe to go there, but i suggest you go there early in the morning cause im not sure if the lights are on at night :)


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