Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Minesview Park

I felt sad when I heard the news that Minesview Park was burned, the statues of Igorots carrying wild games were turned to coal... On the other hand, it is a good thing that they restore the place as early as possible, they did a bit of renovation in the place including the entrance where huge statues used to welcome tourists

new entrance

On our way to the overlook, we pass these stores
cacti and small plants stalls
Souvenir Items
latest souvenir design :D
Baguio Delicacies and Sweets
Costume Wearing Booths - Php10 per person
picture with the horse
and even picture with a dog for Php10, we saw atleast 3 huge Beethoven ready for picture-taking
a wishing well
overlooking Minesview Park

They are now offering binoculars for rent. Clouds shadowing some part of the land, while fog sometimes cover the view. I just noticed that the trees are thinning while houses are popping like mushroom... Good thing, they are trying to keep the place clean of thrash.


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