Thursday, May 17, 2012

Susannah's Garden by Debbie Macomber

paper back edition
 Some paths are dead ends. But some gardens remain beautiful...
Just like Our Mother's House this is about moms, a loving mom, caring for our mom and being a mom...

Susannah Nelson is fifty years old now, a professional teacher, a wife and a mother, she should be contented and happy, but unfinished past hinder her happiness. She feels hollow because a puzzle of her past hasn't been in place... It was about her childhood sweetheart Jake and her long-lost brother Doug who both perish the same year when she was just eighteen, her anger towards her dead father, her rebellious twenty year old daughter and the demand of her aging mom, Vivian.

She have to go home to Colville to take care of recent widowed mom. Her old friends and her used to be favorite garden welcome her and her curiosity of the past, making her reminisce her more. And in here, she'll discover things she never thought would have happen...

Path not taken always bothered her, her young love for Jake, her marital love with her husband and her mom's undying love for her husband altogether. She now doubt her husband and started "investigating" about her first love while juggling work, home assistance for her mom with the so-called-help of her daughter. She hangs out with her childhood friends and made some enlightening discoveries...

The cover caught my attention because it's so vintage-y lifestyle, of the past where no internet or cellphone, just gardens and sewing and playing the piano. :) Makes me nostalgic! :P I could relate somewhat to the story because my grandma is just like Vivian, she always talked about her dead first boyfriend husband, she suffers Alzheimer's and my aunt is taking good care of her just like Susannah. I really love to share this book with my aunt actually and for sure she'll cry for some part of the book. It's very heart warming and the twist is so unexpected, although the end kept me hanging!

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