Saturday, May 19, 2012

FOOD TRIP: 50's Diner! :D

Searching for a unique place to dine in while enjoying your stay at Baguio? If your on a tight budget, I suggest to drop by on any of Jack's Restaurants scattered in the city, the easiest find is the one at the heart of Session Road... But if you're looking for a themed restaurant where everything including the food serving, music and ambiance will spiced up your dining experience, then check out
Glenn's 50's Diner
It's a small restaurant that features 1950's as the name indicates... First branch located at Teacher's Camp Rotonda while their second branch was at Military Cut-Off...

50's Diner is so close to my heart! Why? Well, first, my cousin Jem (who introduce me to 50's Diner) took me here a month before my wedding as her despedida treat! Secondly, since El Cielito Inn is a 5minute walk from our hotel, the night after the wedding, I decided to share this new find with my hubby so this is where we first dine out as husband and wife! So thirdly, this is where we dine out our 2nd anniversary! :D Belated happy 2nd anniversary Honey! We decided to just dine out while waiting for our baby to come and then have a double celebrate after! Ooooh excited!

Okay, enough blubbering, here are the insides:
Forgot to get a photo of the service crews, but everyday they change their "costume" uniform from 50's maid to navy sailor outfits! :D They're so cute and attention catching! The music obviously stars Elvis Presley and the 1950's famous singers! While what you see on the walls are 1950's  movie films released and other posters of stars of the past like Marilyn Monroe...

These guys down here caught my mom's attention... They're like Pork-Chop, if you know who they were...

While I wonder if I could get the chance to watch the film
Attack of the 50 ft Woman
Aside from the 50's ambiance, the food servings were gigantic!

Mom was shocked to see her clubs are more than just a mouthful!
skip the diet! :P
50's Club Sandwich
Triple Decker stuffed with chicken, tuna, ham and egg with lettuce and onion, cucumber and tomato, with side french fries!
Guys on the Hood
A Combo of spaghetti with pork chop, fried chicken, garlic bread, sliced pizza, french fries and sauteed carrots and beans!

Mama's Kidd
A combo of spaghetti, fried chicken, potato salad, steamed rice and french fries served with lemonade or  ice tea :)

Banana Split!
you know the inbetweens of this I bet!
Pasta and Garlic Shrimp
Sweet and Sour Pork
Boneless Bangus
The Famous 50's Burger
Spagetti Platter
Oh goodness! This post makes me hungry! :D These yummy foodstuff that always came in huge servings is really well worth it! Delicious! I wanna try all in their menu so I'll keep coming back! :D

Have you been here? What's your favorite out of the menu? :D


  1. hi dear! thanks for dropping by my blog! :) followed you btw. :)


  2. Wow, this looks so cute! I've always wanted to go to a diner-style restaurant - who knew I could do it right in my own country!
    - Che

  3. mmmm now i have a hankering for some diner food.

  4. I never been there but it looks soooo yummy :P

    Gosh! You are fast!!! Loll ;D
    Thanks sweetie, I'm following you on bloglovin too(#4)
    We'll keep in touch<3


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