Friday, May 11, 2012

Chocolat by Joanne Harris

cover of the book I read
Who loves chocolate? Well, this is a story for y’all chocolate lovers out there! Are you aware that there was a time when “eating chocolate is a sin”?
This is the era where the story begun. It’s about the dark luscious taste of pure chocolate that seduce people of the town to ignore the priest’s Sunday sermon of avoiding sinning. Vianne Rocher with her young daughter arrived in a small French village in the beginning of Lent, where they started a business of chocolate. The store faces the church hosted by a young cure Francis Reynaud that watches her with disapproval and suspiciously thinks she's tempting the villagers to over-indulge...

The people cannot resist Vianne's good humor and carefree lifestyle... She even help a woman to stand against domestic abuse and she helped outcasts and children. I like how she shows her wit to the stern town people and touched their hearts through serving them chocolates.

Her genuine intentions caught the self-righteous cure off his tracks and in the end, he gave in to the luxury taste of her pure dark chocolates and hence completely open the mind of the people to embrace this new sweet treats.
I also love the film, especially the parts where they make chocolate treats. It's a mouth-watering movie starring Johnny Depp and Julliete Binoche. Now I'm hunting for the sequel "The Lollipop Shoes". :)


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