Thursday, May 03, 2012

Beautiful Gorgeous Eyes: How to Get it!

The nature of my work stressed me out, I always look exhausted with big and dark eye bags plus bloodshot puffy eyes and those premature wrinkles on my eye area! And since I'm on my third trimester of my pregnancy I sleep like a dough, rolling this way and that! But here is how I fake my tired eyes:
  • I heart coffee, but since I have a bread in the  oven, not drinking coffee doesn't stop me from smelling and using coffee! :P It contains caffeine which is a vasodilator that constricts blood vessels in the skin, which in return helps tightens and firms nerves! Caffeine is a well-known antioxidant that also helps prevent premature aging of the skin! ;) Good exfoliation even once a week will do good to whisk away dead cells!
  • I'm recently stuck here in Baguio (Its always cold in Baguio) and like always I take hot bath but that doesn't stop me from chill out my skin. What I do is I slowly adjust the temperature of the water from hot to warm to lukewarm up until what I can manage. The warm water open up the pores and rinsing it with cool water will close the pores and it will also stimulate circulation and hence leave a toning effect. It also make me look more awake and alive.
  • Using up my GoodSkinLab Intense Clarity Smoothing Peptide Serum I am breaking out like crazy! And this serum help me moisturize my skin while stimulating natural collagen production and helping smoothen texture and tone! :D Dehydration is the root of fine lines and early wrinkles around the eye area and moisturing will help restore lost skin  elasticity. Plus, it has SPF that protects the skin from the harsh sun rays!
  • Got a trick from one of my all time favorite beauty guru Michelle Phan to reduce puffiness of the eyes!
It's the tea bag trick! :D
Next time you make tea, save your tea bags (just make sure it’s caffeinated, and preferably green, white, or black tea) and let them cool on a plate. Once they’re cool, place a tea bag over each eye and let them sit for 10 minutes. The caffeine in the tea bag will diminish puffiness by flushing out the water in the tissues around the eyes. Bonus: Tea also contains antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin! For super puffy eyes, try using Chamomile tea—it’s an anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce swelling and puffiness even more.
  • Raving on the lashes! I try to curl my lashes to make my eyes pop, using mascara is also good and when I have luxury of time, I put my favorite Singapore False Lashes on! W_W Just to pop the eyes, dramatize and maximize the curve and length! Aside from that, I use my Lashem Measurable Difference Lash Gel as conditioner for my eyelashes and eyebrows!
  • Concealer! I try to put minimum concealer under the eye area while I skip or just light coverage of my foundation! :) So far my favorite local concealer is from E.L.F. and EverBilena liquid foundation in Oriental.
  • Sparkle the inner corner of my eyes and below the curve of my eyebrows. I try not to over do it. Just a hint of shimmer! :P My favorite white eye pencil would be from "Pearl White" from ELF and "Just Pearly" or the "Sizzling Summer" from Jordana since replacing silvery or pearlescent color with gold pencil eyeshadow would be perfect for summer!
  • Even if I focus much on the under eye area, the upper lids should have some love too! LoL Tangerine, yellowy or peachy color eyeshadows will definitely cover and neutralize those black-eyes, so far my "Golden Sun" Eyeshadow from Jordana do the thing, I just swipe it on the base of my upper lids for that monolid simple eye make up.
  • I love to perk up my eyes with my Etude House Oh M Liquid Eyeliner and Curling and Clean Mascara but sometimes I go for a lighter color shades like gold brown, charcoal black or chocolate-brown for a more subtle effect of opening up the eyes.
  • When my eyes are tired, I wanna focus the attention on somewhere else, like the lips or the cheeks. It's either I put on a very bright red lippies or just blush brightly on the highest point of my apple cheeks with red hue colors. :)
These are the small things that I do to lessen the effect of tired eyes and achieve a more awake looking eyes. It's quite helpful but I still try to avoid stress and get enough sleep as well just to avoid long-term effects of abusing my body. What are your tips and tricks on faking tired puffy bloodshot eyes? I wanna know more! :D


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