Saturday, May 05, 2012

JORDANA Eyeshadow in "Golden Sun"

Aside from the L.A. colors eyeshadow pallete that Vee from Dime On A included on my Wet n' Wild Nail Polish Collection Prizemail, she also added this gorgeous eyeshadow from Jordana! :D
It's a shimmery golden-yellow with a brown undertone color.
I love using this shade when I want a neutral wearable look that I could muster for less than five minutes, which means I also love to wear this on-the-go like inside the car.
You cant almost see the swatch from my hand since the color is so close to my yellowish skintone, the shimmery golden-yellow with a brown undertone color is so perfect for my simple neutral eye make up. :P
All I have to do is put on my ELF primer, pat the color on my crease, line with liquid eyeliner, black mascara and slap on some red lipstick. Sometimes I skip foundation and blush when I'm in a hurry. :P

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