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BC Blogger Meme: Five Countries I Want To Visit Before I Retire

I've never been out of the country. Although I would like to visit all of Philippine's islands first before flying abroad (as if I had the money and time in the world) there are these particular places countries I wanna step on and leave my footprints behind... I have more than my fingers to enumerate but since it would probably bore you, I'll stick with enumerating five and rank them from fifth to first as my top one.

5 - Sentosa, Singapore
Singapura also known as the Lion City is the only Asian country that hits my top five! Honestly, I just recently fell in love with this country eversince I learned from my Singaporean friends and from my Singapore-addict cousin Zhai (who flew in and out of Singapore whenever her time and budget allows her) how organized they were and how cute her crisscross false lashes and vintage-y accessories pasalubongs were . I even thought of working here as an OFW but circumstances didn't allow me to do so. Nevertheless, my itinerary if ever I get the chance to be here is first to have a picture with the famous

there's a lot of merlion flashing water in Singapore, but Sentosa's is enough for me. I also wanna try their version of dirty ice cream, it's not your typical 3-scooops of cheese, chocolate and vanilla flavor
but a sliced bar of ice cream cut and pressed in-between wafers or a bread.
I would also visit Sentosa's Universal Studios, ride the Ferris wheel and camwhore with Disney's characters. :P hee hee Well, who wouldn't?

4 - Greece
Although recently economically unstable, films like Mama Mia and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 & 2 made me love Greece. Aside from their rich culture, famous art works and mythology, I love the architecture
the use of white stone marbles always attracts me
and the beach is priceless! I just hope I wouldn't step on a poisonous sea urchin that once took a life of a diving tourist.

3 - London, England
I'm once and always a Potter fan. I've read the books and watched the films.And I love the scene where red phone booths became elevators instead, remember that? And how Peter pan and Wendy fly over the Big Ben. Well, I'll tell you, I wanna have my moments too with these captured on a photo and/or a vlog maybe? hee hee
the phonebooth and the Big Ben

2 - New York, New York
The big apple hits my top 2 because if ever I had to splurge on things like designer clothes and bags, shoes and high-end make up i would definitely shop here! hee hee Okay, enough with my daydreaming, if ever I got to be here I would probably end up window-shopping instead and be contented to have a picture
with the Liberty Tower posing as the Liberty herself.

1 - Paris, France
Yay! The City of Lights is the number one on my travel bucket list! If you personally know me, then you would know I'm a hopeless romantic! I would probably end up eating
a gelato
while viewing the entire city on top of the
Eiffel Tower
palos, a striped top, fitted black pants, flat pupms and a red scarf that matches my HD red lips while greeting everyone "Bonjour!"! :P
The foodie in me won't leave Pa^ris (insert French accent here) withour having a Bistro meal of
Italian cuisine! :D
Oh wow! I can't believe I'll end this post with a growling stomach! Geez!
So, what's inside of your travel bucket list? Share 'em!

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  1. Ooh tama ka! I have so many countries I want to go to din.

    Hey we have the same reason for liking London. Harry Potter! XD Visit ka sa blog ni tricia gosingtian. She blogged about the HP tour~

    Same din sa Greece. I'm inspired to see it because of STP...and feeling ko masarap ang food dun. Parang andaming mini-restaurants.

  2. after clicking for your post I thought I was going to my own homepage, we have the same background=)

    thanks for sharing your list

  3. Oh yes, you must see Paris especially at night. There's no word to describe it.

    I have London and New York on my list too. Hoe you can visit my entry here

  4. I too would love to go to Paris!!


  5. These are beautiful and fun places to travel to and explore. Singapore is the closest from where I am, hopefully I could visit the place one of these days.

    visiting from the meme, i hope you could visit back
    mine is posted here

  6. Paris and New York are on my list too. We can achieve this dreams. We just have to believe and I guess save a lot too (hahahaha!)

    Visiting form BC Bloggers Comment Exchange August 8.

  7. USA particularly New York is one on my list too. I just hope that one or two of my 5 countries to visit will be realized within two years from now. :) How about you, have set a goal/date? :)

  8. I hope I can also travel kahit sa Bangkok lang ulit. I would love to go to Singapore too. :)

  9. I've been to Singapore twice but I never had a chance to have my picture with that Merlion. HA! And I have not tried that dirty ice cream. Where can I find that? Must.visit.again.

  10. You know, I think the food is the best reason why we should travel, really.thanks for visiting me.

  11. Yeah, disneyland is a must see too. My son loves mickey mouse.
    -daddy allan (BC Bloggger)

  12. Yay! Parehas tayo Sis, Paris is number one in my list, too. :) Singapore is a nice place, too.

  13. Which part of Greece are you particularly eyeing? I love the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, too! Santorini is love! :D

  14. like what avagabondmon says..i love Santorini featured in the Sisterhood of the Travelling pants. so tranquil. I'd like to lull the day by the beach.

  15. Welcome to Singapore. Hope that you can visit our country one day. You should check out the Gardens at the Bay too..the latest place of interest over here.

  16. i love your list, same as me if i joined the BC meme for this week, unfortunately i wasn't able to compose an entry.hihi .. i also want to go to Amsterdam.. haha

  17. I also want to visit Singapore not for the place itself but to visit my college friends who are mostly based there now.

  18. I want to go to europe!!!! sama tayo para ang saya saya.... I added you already in my GFC.

  19. Europe FTW! Especially for Potter fans like us! Lezzgo, along with Lalah, who I know also wants to go there! Haha! And everyone else. Taya na tayo sa lotto. LoL!

  20. i wanted to see singapore also. just like you i have never been to other place. i remember one of our suppliers telling me that if i visited china, he will be glad to treat and tour me at forbitten city and great wall of china.

  21. Nice list! Same here want to visit Greece and France as well as England! Cross-fingers! We'll get there sooon :)


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