Wednesday, August 08, 2012

BC Blogger Meme: Five Countries I Want To Visit Before I Retire

I've never been out of the country. Although I would like to visit all of Philippine's islands first before flying abroad (as if I had the money and time in the world) there are these particular places countries I wanna step on and leave my footprints behind... I have more than my fingers to enumerate but since it would probably bore you, I'll stick with enumerating five and rank them from fifth to first as my top one.

5 - Sentosa, Singapore
Singapura also known as the Lion City is the only Asian country that hits my top five! Honestly, I just recently fell in love with this country eversince I learned from my Singaporean friends and from my Singapore-addict cousin Zhai (who flew in and out of Singapore whenever her time and budget allows her) how organized they were and how cute her crisscross false lashes and vintage-y accessories pasalubongs were . I even thought of working here as an OFW but circumstances didn't allow me to do so. Nevertheless, my itinerary if ever I get the chance to be here is first to have a picture with the famous

there's a lot of merlion flashing water in Singapore, but Sentosa's is enough for me. I also wanna try their version of dirty ice cream, it's not your typical 3-scooops of cheese, chocolate and vanilla flavor
but a sliced bar of ice cream cut and pressed in-between wafers or a bread.
I would also visit Sentosa's Universal Studios, ride the Ferris wheel and camwhore with Disney's characters. :P hee hee Well, who wouldn't?

4 - Greece
Although recently economically unstable, films like Mama Mia and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 & 2 made me love Greece. Aside from their rich culture, famous art works and mythology, I love the architecture
the use of white stone marbles always attracts me
and the beach is priceless! I just hope I wouldn't step on a poisonous sea urchin that once took a life of a diving tourist.

3 - London, England
I'm once and always a Potter fan. I've read the books and watched the films.And I love the scene where red phone booths became elevators instead, remember that? And how Peter pan and Wendy fly over the Big Ben. Well, I'll tell you, I wanna have my moments too with these captured on a photo and/or a vlog maybe? hee hee
the phonebooth and the Big Ben

2 - New York, New York
The big apple hits my top 2 because if ever I had to splurge on things like designer clothes and bags, shoes and high-end make up i would definitely shop here! hee hee Okay, enough with my daydreaming, if ever I got to be here I would probably end up window-shopping instead and be contented to have a picture
with the Liberty Tower posing as the Liberty herself.

1 - Paris, France
Yay! The City of Lights is the number one on my travel bucket list! If you personally know me, then you would know I'm a hopeless romantic! I would probably end up eating
a gelato
while viewing the entire city on top of the
Eiffel Tower
palos, a striped top, fitted black pants, flat pupms and a red scarf that matches my HD red lips while greeting everyone "Bonjour!"! :P
The foodie in me won't leave Pa^ris (insert French accent here) withour having a Bistro meal of
Italian cuisine! :D
Oh wow! I can't believe I'll end this post with a growling stomach! Geez!
So, what's inside of your travel bucket list? Share 'em!

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