Thursday, August 02, 2012

FOOD TRIP: Sa Wrapped!

Since Binalot (Wrapped) is not yet available here in Baguio City it's good to know that a fast food restaurant close to its services was available! They serve Filipino-style food at an affordable price.
located at 3rd floor, SM Baguio
It's more affordable and with the same serving size.

food presentation
The food was wrapped inside a banana leaf, and instead of using spoon and fork, the serving comes with a plastic glove to encourage customers to eat with their hands! Pinoy style! :P But still, there are utensils available if you don't like eating with a plastic glove.
Here's what we had:
Lumpiang Gulay with Garlic Rice (Php59)
Daing na Bangus with Garlic Rice, Salted Egg, Sliced Tomato and Atsara (Php69)
Supreme - Garlic Rice, Adobo, Lumpiang Gulay, Salted Egg, Longganisa and Atsara (Php89)
The food presentation is good, unlike Binalot; it's not totally wrapped but covered hence easier to open. The meal doesn't come with a drink so you have to buy separately. But it's okay, I suggest to opt for water instead because the food is quite oily. Good thing there's atsara to balance the taste and the condiments are available on every table. I would go back here and try other wrapped meals like tocino, tapa, embitido, lechon and sisig. :D
Did this post craved you?  :D Happy food trip!


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