Thursday, August 02, 2012

FOOD TRIP: Sa Wrapped!

Since Binalot (Wrapped) is not yet available here in Baguio City it's good to know that a fast food restaurant close to its services was available! They serve Filipino-style food at an affordable price.
located at 3rd floor, SM Baguio
It's more affordable and with the same serving size.

food presentation
The food was wrapped inside a banana leaf, and instead of using spoon and fork, the serving comes with a plastic glove to encourage customers to eat with their hands! Pinoy style! :P But still, there are utensils available if you don't like eating with a plastic glove.
Here's what we had:
Lumpiang Gulay with Garlic Rice (Php59)
Daing na Bangus with Garlic Rice, Salted Egg, Sliced Tomato and Atsara (Php69)
Supreme - Garlic Rice, Adobo, Lumpiang Gulay, Salted Egg, Longganisa and Atsara (Php89)
The food presentation is good, unlike Binalot; it's not totally wrapped but covered hence easier to open. The meal doesn't come with a drink so you have to buy separately. But it's okay, I suggest to opt for water instead because the food is quite oily. Good thing there's atsara to balance the taste and the condiments are available on every table. I would go back here and try other wrapped meals like tocino, tapa, embitido, lechon and sisig. :D
Did this post craved you?  :D Happy food trip!


  1. oh, i'm drooling here...
    nice pics, nagugutom na talaga ako haha

  2. i still prefer to eat with my bare hands. lol. i think i have not tried binalot before so it could be interesting to give a look on it.

  3. Hayysss....after reading your post, I feel that I miss Filipino foods more and more! Sana October na para makapagbakasyon na ako sa Pinas! :)

  4. nakakainis ka >.< nagugutom na tuloy ako hahaha! at natuwa ako sa title nung store "sa-wrapped"

  5. The first time I tasted this was in the mid 2000 in Laguna. My parents and I were on the road for another miracle to transpire (we frequented hilots and albolaryos then in the hope of me being able to walk again). It's tasty and makes you want to use your hands when you eat!

    You're from Baguio pala... ang layo.. I'm from Cubao. I hope to meet you though personally soon. Thanks for all your kind comments :D

  6. I love the creativity here. That branding is just awesome. It's indeed sa-wrapped! :)

  7. This Sa-Wrapped looks interesting. I've been to Baguio way back 2004 pa so i don't know what it looks like now. Hopefully i could visit it again.

  8. And now I'm starving because of your pictures, huhuhu! I hope Sa-wrapped will have their branch here in Olongapo too. Was a fan of Binalot but sad to say they closed down.


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