Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo Blog #4 The "Storm-Assuming" Southwest Winds

My week so far as everyone else's is rainy and foggy but thankfully not floody!
perfect for cold nights!

unfortunately, I had to stick on drinking hot chocolate instead or a hot soup because you know
I'm breastfeeding babe! JC wants to be embraced all the time! His warmth and sweet smell lulls me to sleep as well!
I'm encouraging everyone by the way to say NO to formula milk donations!
Read the reasons why here.
view of the city at SM Baguio
the corduroy texture of this
jacket saves me from chilling out
so thankful for this freebie keychains from Baby Company! Love the Green Apple Scent!
Despite the 'assuming storm' wind, I received a package this week
with the author's autograph! <3
 done reading the book, so watch out for the book review! :D
Hoping for the sun to shine his brightest this weekend and for the upcoming week!
Stay safe and warm everyone!


  1. That cute little baby. That red wine pic. Life is indeed beautiful.

  2. hello there i am a new follower. the rain was really crazy! good thing your area wasn't flooded. the baby's so cuuuute! <3

  3. I love the corduroy... and that cute baby is awesome.

  4. I have never read a book with an author's message for me. Must be such a treat!

  5. It must be very flattering to receive an autograph from the author! :)

  6. i miss the cold weather since i moved south of the PH... but after what happened with the habagat umn i think im ok with the forever summer down here... :-) i love the photos btw. :-)

  7. Cute baby. He needs to be hug more because of the chilly weather.

  8. ooh,i wish i can get an autograph too from my fave author,

  9. sarap ng tulog ni baby!!!
    great pics...

  10. I think I have to store wine in our ref too. hehehe
    -daddy allan (BC Blogger)


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