Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BC Blogger Meme: What's In My Bag?

What's in my (our baby) bag? :D Well, before I go there, I would like to show you
this blue Precious Moments baby bag
This used to be our (me and babe's) bag, but since it really need a good facial wash, I decided to buy a new one!
Timely, Market Market is on sale! Original price is Php500, slash Php200 and here is what I got! :D
Before showing you the insides, I would just love to brag about the details! Lots of compartments and cute striped colors!

Moving on, here are the residents of my new bag!
My SONY Cybershot digital camera, with its pouch, and an extra battery in a clear case,
My Belle de jour power planner with BDJ card and pen for scribbling, jotting down notes, etc etc. :P
the Eiffel always gets me!
These "me" things includes
my kikay kits, usbs, personal hygeine and retainer case
mind you I lost 3pairs of retainers already! *Foreheadslap!* So that retainer case is preeeecious to mwuah! One more and I wont wear any retainers anymore! >:I (mad at self)
I'll try to do the 'what's in my purse?' soon to show you whats inside those pouchies! :D
Here are baby's on-the-go! Extra diaper, dry and wet tissues, alcohol, sanitizer, cottonbuds, baby oil, powder, lotion, thermometer, nai clipper, some baby toys and creams
OC I know! But I just cant help myself!
Since, I bfeed babe, the bottle is for super duper emergency situations only! :P
my Marithe + Francois Girbaud leather wallet,
my|phone a818 duo, Samsung GT-E1080F and accessories!
I'm loving A818 Duo right now! <3
That's my recent 'what's in my bag' and I know its bulky and kind of un-organized! I have to fish out the things I need before on my blue bag, but thankfully my new bag has a lot of compartments so things are group accordingly! Yay!

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  1. I love compartments. You just have to remember where you put the stuff, otherwise you end up opening all those compartments hehehe.

  2. I love the color of your bag. Being a mom, we tend to bring everything...

  3. Cute nung planner sis! I also love bags with lots of cOmpartments kaso i tend to forget in which compartment i put things so i end up digging each one!

  4. Now where did I see that planner before? It's really nice :) And wow! I hope I get the same kind of deal when I go to Market Market...hopefully soon and sana "sale" din. Good deal na yun for a good bag like that one :)

  5. that's a cute bag sis..and i always carry with me my point and shoot camera.. :)

    You can check out what are the things…Inside My Bag too..

  6. i love bdj planner but they are too big, i just put my appt in google calendar

  7. gusto ko ung precious moments bag mo...(late visit)


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