Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jack's Restaurant

Ow Em Gee double You HKP! Is it sad that I don't have time to go roam around when I was in college? I guess my subjects got the best of me, or was it just because my highschool life used to be so much fun, higher than my tolerable level, that I don't have to do much in college?

In any case, I wasn't able to explore Baguio that much, there are some parts of Session Road that I still wasn't aware of, and sometimes, I got silly lost for a couple of minutes inside the public market! *blushes* WTH!!!

But, I'm not so much of a sore loser, SMH *building self-confidence again*, I discover some "awesome" finds here, that I'll be bragging about soon... :) If Cebu's famous local is Ato Ato Barbeque and Restaurant, then I could say, this is Baguio's bet!

Let's kick start with a laid back local restaurant with an indigenous touch and one of my oldest and cheapest finds that my hubby introduced me to: Jack's Restaurant!

When your touring Baguio, in a short budget and you wanna try an extra ordinary dine experience then you must check this out! ;)

I find the place cozy enough for a chichat! Forget about Starbucks! You could order a cup of hot coffee during foggy afternoons with your choice of sliced cake, and you could chat away!

Or, if you're like my hubby, who eats heavy! (Sorry Hon, just stating facts! :P ) You could order a delicious rice meal in a rock bottom price! He's paborito (favorite)? Of course, it's the Famous Jack's Rice!

Jack's Rice: Roasted Chicken, Chopsuey, Sliced Lechon, Fried Egg and Rice

Mind you, I find the story behind this meal EPIC! Here goes my version:

"Jack the farmer arrives every afternoon to lunch Cook Baruga's complete diet meal in different covered plates. Jack is a farmer, and a farmer goes hungry after a day of sun-bathed work and he doesn't wanna spare extra time to open each covered plate with a growling belly! (Can you imagine that? hehe)

In short, Jack suggested to cut the servings by putting the meals in one plate! (Jack is a smart farmer! ;P )

Since then, the cook arrange the portions of the meal and serve him in one-big-yellow plate!

One day, a very curious customer saw a waiter serving Jack his meal and demanded to have the same order. The clueless waiter tried to explain "Para ken ni Manong Jack laeng didiay." (It's for Mr. Jack only.) BUT, the curious customer whose also a persistent-demanding customer said "Kayak met nga agbayad uray manu didiay, ikanak iti maysa. (I can pay for it, give me one)"The rest is history!"

*Sorry for my poor translation, but you get the gist. :3

Thanks to the rule that "customers are always right", especially to the curious-persistent-demanding customer, Jack's Rice was now open to public! :P

We ate here like a hundred times, and even when the restaurant's menu gets larger, all my hubby wants was his Jack's Rice with his original sawsawan (sauce) of mixed catsup, soy sauce, calamansi and red hot chili. :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Etude House January 2012 Haul

Last January, using the coupon attached from my BDJ Planner I got at a BDJ Fair, I bought my first Etude House Collection for 2012 in the newly open Etude House SM Baguio branch! And after a month of using the products, here's my two cents for the following products...

Etude House January 2012 Haul
Oh M
Oh M Eye Line - Php198/$5

-its a black liquid eye liner
-potion bottle packaging is cute!
-I like the brush tip because its easy to glide to the direction I want to put it, the thickness of line can be controlled by slanting and adjusting the wand
swatches and brush tip
-not so viscous, hence easy to dry
-last decently enough but not for long-wear make up
-not waterproof, so its easy to erase with a swipe of a make-up remover

Oh M Eye Lash Mascara - Php198/$5

-a black curling and clean mascara
-I love the curvy brush of the wand, it naturally curl my lashes. this works best for people like me who's a dummy when it comes to curling lashes hehe
curvy brush tip
-doesn't clamp my thin lashes while making it more define and thicker
--not waterproof, but like the Oh M Eye Line, I like how it's not waterproof  'cause I hate allotting more time in removing my face paint at the end of the day, a swipe or two of my favorite Clinique make-up remover is all I need and I'm good!

Etude House Lipglosses
Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #08 - Php278/$7

-light pinkish tone color best applied after a pink matte lipstick
-sponge-tip wand for easy glide on application
-I also love wearing it bear just after applying my favorite Venus and Mars lip balm
-last up to three hours without eating and drinking, no hassle for me though, all I had to do was to apply it twice back and forth and its as good as new! Same goes with

Moon Crystal Power gloss #1 in Aquapink Souls - Php298/$8

- the pinky-peacky color and the glitters got me!
-suits best after an application of apricot or even nude color lipstick
-I love the brush tip, its like I'm painting my lips hehe
BDJ Freebie

Wonder Pore Freshner -  this is a freebie that I got from the BDJ coupon (thanks BDJ!) Even my hubby loves it! What more can I say! I think I have to go buy the bigger bottle next time I drop by! ;) It's a 7 in 1 pore solution that could help minimize pore size - the reason my hubby digs this!
Etude House Freebies
Dress Room

Dress Room Sweet Look Body Wash - another freebie! Got several of these. It latte foam fast! Smells good too! :)
one of the boxes
what's inside the box

O2 White Skin Care Kit - more freebies! Got 3 boxes of these, which includes an intensive serum, tone up emulsion and tone up toner.

Collagen Moistfull Kit - this free trail kit includes a sample for:
Moistfull Collagen Firming Eye Cream
Moistfull Collagen Facial Freshener
I will do a review comparing these Etude House O2 skin care and Collagen Moistfull with my SKINFOOD golden kiwi gift set and GoodSkinLab serum.

There goes my January haul! I'm loving Etude House big time right now! Not to mention, I heart Dara as much as I heart 2ne1! <3

Saturday, February 25, 2012

GOODSKINLAB Intense Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum

I was looking for something that'll help me with my skin. It's breaking out and I'm a little worried about it.
Just in time, Beautynomics.com held a collaborated contest with GSL held on GoodSkinLab facebook page and...

Beautynomics SMooth Skin In Seconds Winner
I WON!!!
Here's the goodie bag!

and here is the product!

GoodSkinLab Smooth-365 is an Intensive Clarity+Smoothing Peptide Serum.
According to GoodSkinLab:
"For intensive skin clarity, use only Smooth-365, with smoothing peptide serum. As Dr Paul Jarrod Frank puts it, “one of the hottest compounds in anti-aging medicine today is peptides. These proteins stimulate natural collagen production to help provide smooth texture and tone.
"Smooth-365 delivers a combination of peptides and optical diffusers for both an immediate and long-term visible effect," says Dr Paul Jarrod Frank. Peptides stimulate natural collagen production, thus helping smoothen texture and tone!"

GSL Smooth-365 is available on 30mL tube  can last up to 24months and is best used as a primer for fresh and semi-matte finished make up look. It is also a moisturizer with SPF.

What I noticed the first time I use this was that my skin was instantly smooth! Plus, the smell is not that strong, just a mild nail polish like scent that disappear immediately.

My fingers glide on with the product and it really is true to its promise! I immediately feel the improvement on my skin, its like its filling in holes hence smoothens the surface of my skin, making it easier for me to apply foundation evenly.

Velvety smooth indeed!

SKIN FOOD Golden Kiwi Gift Set

Aside from longgans and strawberries, kiwis are one of my favorite preggy fruits! My mouth waters when I think of them! I could eat a dozen in one sitting! :)

Then there's more,
SKINFOOD and chicsassymom.com  collaborated on a giveaway to promote their new release products: The Golden Kiwi Set!

The day after I entered, I received an email confirming that I'm one of the winners of the giveaway. I have to print out the email and show it to SKINFOOD SM Baguio branch. The manager, Sir Angel is so generous, instead of giving me a pair of each, he gave me extras aside from the gift set! ;P Thanks Sir Angel!
So, here are the goodies I take home!
Gold Kiwi Emulsion and Toner
Kiwis are so full of nutrients and contains secret to bright flawless skin: quercetin, a potent antioxidant that fights sun damaging effects on skin! ;)

Plus! Gold Kiwis are enriched with double the vitamin C of oranges and six times more vitamin E than apples! this hydrating and skin-brightening line keeps skin soft all day long while repairing sun damage with quercetin from the skin of the gold kiwi!

Here are the samples I take home too:
Gold Kiwi Toner
Gold Kiwi Emulsion
Gold Kiwi Cream
Gold Kiwi Serum
Each of these goodies can be used up to two times... First, apply the Gold Kiwi Toner, let it dry then put on the Gold Kiwi Emulsion, Gold Kiwi Cream and lastly the Gold Kiwi Serum. All of these products have skin-brightening effect!

It promises brightening skin care products with lightweight texture, no dry-no dull-looking skin, non-greasy and has a cooling moisture effect!

Watch !
"No more worries about UV rays! With Gold Kiwi Moisture Whitening Line, I can go out in the sun without sacrificing my skin's beauty!" - Minjung Lee as SKINFOOD Muse
So, have you fed your skin yet? :)

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2012

This is my second year with Belle de Jour, my first planner was awesome in its springbind form and I literally abused it! Check it out here and my 2011 FMN Notebooks that I got on BDJ fair 2011 held at McKinley..

Last October, I attended the Take Flight: Launch of Belle de Jour Power Planner 2012 and like I posted, I won the BDJ 2012 Planner!

So here it is
Belle de Jour Power Planner 2012
My BDJ 2012 with Pengel

As always, BDJ Planner is filled with exciting coupons and a lifestyle card that'll make my year filled with exciting discounts and freebies IT-girl style!
with my BDJ cards and Etude House Card and used coupon! :P

Here's the inside filled with notes and reminders! I really love how BDJ takes planner to the next level, its gives more fun and makes me jot down than confine with electronic planners... :)
Habit Tracker
Vacation Planner with Coupons
Vacation Planner is one of the best features of this planner, makes planning more fun and easy at the same time.

Monthly Goals and coupons
Monthly Goals was divided into several sections like Important Events, Professional and Personal Priorities, Month's List and Good Deeds which will remind you to be good and feel good when you know your good! LOL

January Calendar View
See those exes and circles, in calendar view, I can easily review which days I've hit and miss. :P

Weekly View
Please forgive my penmanship hehe that's a complaint way back in college! I tend to abuse my planner and so far I'm loving it!

Other awesome features:
Checklists of Things To Do
June's Article of the Month
Each month contains an article that gives advises and tips.. And my favorite post would be the June's article about shifting career.. Well, I'm not so into the field of engineering, and although one of my goals is to love my profession, I think it would not hurt me, in fact it'll help me become more comfortable with my real profession if I had some outlet of the things I like to do.. And right now, I love to do scrapbook, blogging and more reading! :)

What's your 2012 planner? Have you tried Belle de Jour yet?


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