Saturday, November 30, 2013

ELIZABETH: Kimbel Bags and Rivera Wallets

 Hey guys! Just wanted to share to you what we bought last time during a freaky unbelievable sale on Metro Gaisano!;)

Bags! <3 <3 <3

These are actually a treat from my ate. And like I usually say, "Holdup 'to ate!" and she just shrugs her shoulder and says "Okay!"

One happy girl here! :)

You can used this bag on three styles! A hand bag, shoulder bag and a bag pack! Love it so much! :)

live, love, laugh,

Empties November 2013

I have more than one product on today's empties that I call second stash - which means some of these, well, you practically seen on my previous empties. I use to stock up on things especially when it's on sale, so, yeah...
Maybelline Pressed Powder in honey, Nivea Angel Star in small, Careline liquid concealer
Avon Skin So Soft with argan oil essence and Physiogel Intensive Cream that I literally murdered just so I could scoop out the stubborn goodness around it insideimage
United Homes Calcium tablets and 4 life Transfer Factor Plus
imageThat's it for now. I'm quite busy again trying stuff all at the same time again. I know, I'm really trying my best to stop myself from buying things I don't need, but this time, I know I need it. So yeah. See you on my next Empties. ;)

7-Eleven's Every day! Rewards

Another amazing reason to go for 7-Eleven when you're on the go - the Every Day! Rewards card!
You could get your card on your next 7-Eleven for only Php10.00!
How to use?
Just use your card every time you purchase from 7-eleven and get a point for every Php50.00 worth of (single or accumulated) receipts and redeem exciting rewards!
Sponsors include:
Selecta Ice Cream
Coca Cola Products
Del Monte
San Miguel Beer
Absolute Drinking Water
Universal Robina
What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest 7-Eleven and get your Everyday Reward now! :P

Friday, November 29, 2013

NYX Eyebrow Shaper

I decided to make a single post about this NYX eyebrow shaper that I got awhile back because this is one of my life savers! Just this, my Nichido Eyebrow palette and a tube of lipstick and I'm made up, ready to hit the runway! :P
Glides on smoothly when applied keeping stray eyebrow hairs in straight perfection and shaping unruly brows to single file, making it easier to fill in and draw on.
This is what it looks like - soft white wax that's invisible when applied, no white marks
This is my before and after eyebrow.
Note that I hadn't put anything else yet aside from the wax. :)
This little cute pencil will never leave my pouch again! Yay for HG find!

NYX Cosmetics

After Slimmer's World, we decided to stroll around Megamall to hunt good deals like 50% off sales and newly open stores. One of the latest residence of SM Megamall is none other NYX Cosmetics who opened last November 15! They're makeup products are quite costly compared to online shop but that's because they're in a physical store. Other than that its a makeup wonderland!
We looked and tried and tested their makeup and my sister ended up taking home a pink lip liner and I these...
NYX Eyebrow Shaper (Php570.00)
NYX Jumbo and Regular Duo Sharpener (Php300.00)
Also, I would love to share my love for my favorite everyday palette for Smokey eyes. NYX The Runway Collection in Champagne and Caviar
On wishlist is their matte finish spray and the Nars Orgasm dupe of a blush. Do you know what it is? :P

Color Riche Les Nail Art Sticker

Color Riche Les Nail Art Sticker promise of up to 10 days of wear. Zero mistakes. Zero dry time and zero remover needed. Each stickers have three layers of film. Fist is the base coat that promises long wear. Then the color film for the design and intense color and last, the top coat for a hundred percent shine. Let's see!
This is my first time to try and DIY nail stickers. So I haven't got a clue - or maybe one. Here are the things that I used.
A nail file. The stickies and a cutter. A scissor - which is obviously not in the picture.
I cute my nails. File them. Choose which size fits my nail best and sticking the curve end to the bottom part of my nails. Cut the excess using a scissor and place the cut portion of the sticker on my other nail. Note that you could only use this for short nails for obvious reasons. lol
As seen in the photo above, I only used 5 stickers! I will try this for longer nails.
Please note that this is my first time, it wasn't that bad, but far fetched from being perfect too. I need more practice.
I love the design and would definitely try another sticker nails right after I master to wear it on. What I noticed was that - this is not glossy and shiny. It's more like a matte sticker - but I'm still hoping the it had top coat in it. Once I put it in place, it rarely moves until I try harder. The logo design could peel off if you are not careful enough. It's better to cut the excess with scissor and cut the edge with a nail cutter as the sticker is like a real nail when cut rather than filing them off - it will take you forever to do so. Easy to peel so definitely no remover needed and no dry time at all. Some of the stickers didn't cover my entire nail - it don't bother me that much as one could only notice it if looked closer. Over all this is a cute must try if your hands are not often wet. :P It's travel friendly too. You could just put this on whenever and have glamorous nails! :)
Have you tried sticking stickies on your nails? :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Rejuvenating Boosting Essence

The apple of my eyes!
The top reason I bought my BDJ Box Elite Holiday Glam Extraordinaire is because I saw that the Youth Code is in full size. The reason I was down on my knees begging them "Please, save a slot for me!" was this baby right here.
This 30ml bottle is worth Php 1,495! Such a sweet, sweet deal. You see I tried this before from one of my winnings here.

and I wanna get my hands on more, say, a full size for a slashed price! It's not good, it's better! Okay, I after digesting the amazing discount. Let's see what's the power of this elixir really is!
I already tried the Youth Code Pre Essence for a week. First application, instant effect. Smoother skin. I immediately feel that my skin transformed from dull to intensely hydrated and silky smooth skin my fingers glide on my face. Youthful indeed!
L'Oreal Paris Youth Code promises refined skin texture, rested facial features and radiant skin in one week. In one month, it promises rejuvenated and visibly younger skin. - And I am holding to these promises as I already experience the amazing effect of Youth Code in my skin. :)
I am not sure though if the pre-essence and the boosting essence is the same, or not. But base on my personal use, the yummy smell, the translucent fluid and viscosity is the same. Maybe it's different branding but the same product.
Wanna try the power of L'Oreal Youth Code without breaking the bank? Order yours now on BDJ Box! Hurry and save yourself a slot! Like BDJ Box Facebook page here to know more!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November BDJ Box Elite: Holiday Glam Extraordinaire by L'oreal Paris!

When I first saw this,
my initial react was...
Omg! This is el ow vi ee! @bdjbuzz save a slot for me! via Instagram.
 Today, I received my package
my conclusion was...
Omg! This is el ow vi ee! and yes, babe wore the cover like a sash. :P
The Holiday Glam Extraordinaire Style was a mouthful of words, a mouthful of savings and a mouthful of bliss!
Personally for me, its important to know what would a beauty box include hence the subscriber would know if it's really worth it. Aside from that, you could assess what you already got in your stash (especially if you're avoiding to "hoard" things you want but deep inside knew that you won't be able to use up or even consume until it expires) and then decide if you'd go for the beauty box or not. And yes, I'm that "discreet" or say "conservative" when it comes to purchasing.
As for this box it got almost Php6,000.00 worth of products for only an amazing price of Php1,880.00! Slapped my face to check reality and red hand-mark on my cheeks screams yes! lol Kidding aside, this exclusive BDJ Box by L'oreal Paris had me on-my-knees-begging-me-please drama the moment I saw the insides of this yummy, yummy box!
Leggo do the unboxing, the math of discounts and check out each and every gem on this elusive treasure box!
Youth Code Pre-Essence - 30ml (Php1,495.00)
Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Cream - 50ml (Php845.00)
L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil - 100 ml (Php499.00)
Lucent Magique Highlighter Pen - 1.6ml (Php725.00)
Color Riche L'Oreal Sunset (Limited Edition Canne's Collection) -3.9g (Php625.00)
Shine Caresse Wetstain - 6ml (Php595.00)
Color Riche Les Nail Art Sticker (Php395.00)
Color Riche Les Vernis - 5ml (Php199.00)
L'Oreal MakeUp Pouch (Php300.00)
L'Oreal Paris Serum Trial Kit 3sachets of 0.30ml (Php995.00)
Revitalift Night Essence - 30ml (Php1399.00)
I love love love the BDJ Box and I need need need these L'Oreal Paris loot on my stash - that, is how I compensate my amazingly discounted purchase of this beauty box! :) Watch out for my separate posts about each and everyone on this loot! :)

Taya Beauty Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

The first thing I've tried from this loot
was these combo of
Taya Beauty Amazon White Clay Thickening Clay Shampoo and Conditioner
The bottles are sealed with a removable aluminum cover for protection. I said this (like it was a big deal) because I'm used to squeezing plastic bottles fresh from the grocery without removing the cap because I know it's just that. So I'd had a hard time squeezing these bottles until I finally decided to take a peek inside by unscrewing the cap - and I laughed at myself sarcastically as I realized how stupid I looked like awhile ago. He he So just to avoid the same mistake, I remove the cap of the other bottles and like these, they have covers too. :P
Moving on... The shampoo on the left side is more viscous than the thick cream conditioner. Like most products, the shampoo have shiny specks and luminosity while the conditioner is just white and creamy.
I'm surprised that the smell of the shampoo differs from that of its conditioner. The smell of shampoo was too strong and reminds me of free hotel shampoo (which is good for me, see, I prefer supplies from the hotel where we are staying instead of using the same one I use at home. High five #CommunityChannel!) while the conditioner was surprisingly light - making the two of them a compliment for each other.
So, if you are using Tanya Thickening Shampoo then you must use the thickening conditioner after.
My first wash after, and I am a believer. Now I wish Taya Beauty products are available locally. Instant gorgeous hair! My hair transformed from dull to life. I love my hair now - feels and smells fresh and rejuvenated! The frizz tamed and tangles gone! :D
I'm so thankful I get to try these out. As it is not yet available here in the Philippines. Now, I'm worried on how to get these when my supply's gone. lol
Now, I'm excited to try the leave-in mist! It's shampoo-conditioner-leaveinmist trio combo, so stay tuned! I'll try to post my "hair" if I could, but please stress the word "try" as I'm too shy to flaunt my sexy, sexy hair!
Have you tried any Tanya Beauty products before?

Zen Zest Smoothing Hand and Body Lotion in Melon

This is accompanying my cooler ber-nights.
Its thick with a gentle hint of melon scent. Not too overpowering and not too citrus-y. Its enriched with papaya extract and vitamin E that helps replenish skin's lost moisture.
Surprisingly enough, its true to its claim of non-greasy feel while leaving skin instantly soft, smooth and rejuvenated. The lingering scent of melon stays on skin longer than I expected. I apply a bit more on elbows, knees and ankles.
Have you tried this melon scented lotion from Zen Zest? What other Zen Zest scented lotion have you tried?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

GeriLen x Elizabeth's Two Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Yup, it's been more than two years, and we want to thank you all with this simple giveaway. It's not that extravagant but we hope y'all like it anyways. We were too occupied with work and Beth's upcoming big day so this is like two months late (boo!) but never the less, we still want to celebrate our two years anniversary.
Don't have time to touch up the photo above but those are basically the prizes. One cute polkadot handbag, a belt and a wallet. Rafflecopter is still acting up, hence below:
Just follow the rules:
Mandatory Rules:
Follow @Gerilen on Facebook. (+1 point)
Subscribe to Gerilen Elizabeth on blogspot. (+5 points)
Comment down below your name, email address (+1point)

Additional Points:
 Follow The Chronicles of a Young Wife on Facebook here. (+1 point)
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Wordpress and/or Blogspot. (+5 points each)
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Share everyday. Be it on FB, Twit or IG. (+10 points)

Winners will be notified via email.

Prize from TheFabZilla: Taya Beauty Hair Products!

Woot! Woot! My Sunday was okay until this package arrives...
It made my Sunday great! A promise of great hair that is! The babe is just as excited as I was! But sorry babe, that's for mommy only! lol
Ahh... The smell of a freshly opened package! I could also smell healthier hair soon! :)
Got 8 full size Taya Beauty products! It's so heavy and it's so yummy! :P
From left to right: Amazon White Clay Thickening Shampoo, Amazon White Clay Thickening Conditioner, Amazon White Clay and Acacia Collagen Hair Plumper, Amazon White Clay Thickening Whipped Clay, Amazon White Clay Thickening Hair Spray. The one of the top is Amazon White Clay Thickening Styling Creme and the last two were Amazon White Clay Thickening Hair Spray in smaller size and Amazon White Clay Thickening Leave-In Mist!
Thank you so much Ms. Kath of and Taya Beauty for this amazing, amazing products.
Watch out for my individual posts for each and everyone in this loot! <3
Have a great thick hair!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014 + BDJ Fair 2013

This was a long due post as it was actually stored somewhere in my 60+ drafts to post. Also, I was busy telling tales of our BDJ Veterans night, here. Hi hi hi.
If you don't have any planners for the next year yet and is planning to get one. Get the planner that'll help you organize your schedule and reach your goal.
On to the fair. The Belle de Jour Fair 2013 was held last October at the Music Hall, SM Moa. Booths hopping, bungee jumping, mountain climbing and freebies are just some of the fun activities the BDJ Team created. Aside from that, this is where they will first launch the BDJ Veterans video that yours truly stars!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Chronicles of a Young Wife: Slimmer's World Giveaway

Today my sister invited me and mom to join her Slimmer's World,. To try out for the first time their facial diamond peel service and to check out their weight loss program, the gym facilities and their amenities. I gladly comply.
These are the gift certificates that we've use on our visit.image
The gift certificates worth Php 1,500.00 could be use as -
Facial Diamond Peel worth Php 1,500.00 3 GYM Sessions worth Php 1,500.00
I both use the GC's for diamond peel and gym session afterwards.
Slimmer's World, Megamall branch
slimmers kbbq 006
Check out Slimmer's World Gym here.
Check out my Slimmer's World Diamond Peel Experience here.Slimmer's World is generous enough to sponsor this giveaway worth Php 15,000.00!  :) We will be giving away 2 gift certificates worth Php1,500.00 each, that's a total of Php3,000.00 worth of services for 5 randomly chosen winners!
For metro manila residents only who could go to Slimmer's World, Megamall. Winners will be selected randomly. GC's to be pick up at Metro Gaisano Market! Market! on December 01 or 02.
All you have to do is follow the instruction below. (I've been meaning to use a rafflecopter tab, but alas! The raffle's copter's acting up!)
Mandatory Rules:
1) Follow The Chronicles of a Young Wife on Facebook here. (+1 point)
2) Subscribe to The Chronicles of a Young Wife either on
Wordpress and/or Blogspot. (+5 points each)
Additional Points:
2) Follow @Gerilen on Facebook. (+1 point)
3) Subscribe to Gerilen Elizabeth on blogspot. (+5 points)
4) Follow @Gerilen on Twitter. (+1 point)
5) Follow @Gerilen on Instagram. +1
6) Share everyday. Be it on FB, Twit or IG. (+10 points)
6) Comment down below your name, email address and what sites did you subscribed to, FB name, Twitter name, IG name and shares. (+5 points)
Giveaway will end on November 30! Winners will be notified via email.
Again, thank you so much Slimmer's World for this sponsorship! <3

Slimmer's World Gym

Before hitting the gym, we first took our diamond peel session, click here.
Slimmer's World, Megamall branch.slimmers kbbq 006
We signed up for a six-month program worth Php11,4oo.00 and mom get 10 "Tummy-Tuck" sessions (IDK what's it called) for a discounted price of Php7,000.00 only! Aside from that, the receptionist also gave us 2 free tummy tuck sessions! Cool!
On to the gym, we were measure, oh my...
slimmers kbbq 023slimmers kbbq 024
and then, we were oriented to where's where and what's what. How enormous workout machines works, the warm up and cool down.
slimmers kbbq 025Beth using the treadmill.
slimmers kbbq 028The ammenities are good. Vast ladies room with showers, lockers, dressing room and powder room with huge mirrors.slimmers kbbq 029slimmers kbbq 030
slimmers kbbq 031
Always wear your rubber shoes when working out, okay? :P
Giveaway coming up! <3


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