Friday, March 15, 2013

Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit

This is my second try of an eyebrow palette. My first try was 4U2 Eyebrow Palette that I will be posting soon. :P And if you are asking me why? Well, maybe because, I prefer using this palette instead of the former. :)

I love the sleek packaging! <3
Picture2 1489

Here is what it looks like...
Picture2 1491it's totally girly! :P

This duo kit contains two shades in the colors coffee brown and black. Best for Filipina eyebrows. :)
Picture2 632
This is a huge pan containing a lot of products! I bet this will last me a year or so. :)

This can also be applied as an eyeliner. Apply it dry for a natural look or wet the brush for a more dramatic eyebrows. :)
BRUSHThis palette also contains 1 tiny little eyebrow brush and a mini little tweezer that I don't use. :3

For Php240.00 this is oh so worth it. :) Here are the swatches! 
Picture2 634
without flash

Picture2 635
with flash

Like I said, I prefer this frm my 4U2 eyebrow palette but I'm not closing my doors for other eyebrow products like brow gels and the oldie-but-goodie brow pencils.

What are your eyebrow staples? Share 'em up below!

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