Sunday, March 10, 2013


Have you ever tried being pushed on things you should do instead of things you actually wanna do? Well that is exactly where I am now. And that is also the reason why I'm MIA! I am trying to love my profession. Pfft... The cheques are good, don't get me wrong. But being a freelance home-at-work mom has its share of ups and downs!
Wherever, whenever I go, babe and mom are on my side. Photo above when they are distracting babe while I'm away inspecting construction site in Cavite City.
One of our building investigation at DLSU-D! I am so praying not to have earthquake the entire time we are inside this building!
And hey! Shout out to the newly weds! Congratulations and Best Wishes Bryan and Melanie. ( If ever they stumble upon this post :P) Can you find me?
I have a lot of drafts I am still working on, please bear with me. We are cooking up a giveaway. So, just stay tuned! :D


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