Monday, March 25, 2013

Nichido Travel Makeup Brush Kit

One of the things I wanna collect are makeup brushes, and I already did some posts about it my first and only Sigma Kabuki BrushNichido Mini Travel Makeup Brush KitELF Stippling BrushNichido Kabuki Brush and retractable ECO-like KAbuki Brush I got from a department store and a lot more makeup brushes that I am longing to post here but of course as always, babe and work eating up my time. Please bear with me, as my next makeup brush post might excite you! :P

Moving on, my sister and I decided to buy another set of makeup brushes, so we got each other this kit without really inspecting first what's inside. So here is what this travel kit looks like:
Picture2 1993

This is way much longer than the other Nichido makeup travel kit below
but it is slimmer. 
It holds 5 essential brushes that is individually wrapped with plastic.
Picture2 1995
The brushes included are the

blush brush
Picture2 1996

flat eyeshadow brush
Picture2 2003

a spoolie
Picture2 1998

a brow and eyelash comb
Picture2 1999

Like I said, we don't go on the details we just grab these and head to the counter because we have other errands to do, so here is what my sister got as the last but not the least brush-

a hard lip brush with a hard plastic cover
Picture2 2000

while mine is
a soft lip brush
Picture2 2002

The brushes are amazingly soft enough that it won't "scar" your skin. It doesn't shed at all. But like I said, before getting this, you should see what is inside or not if you don't mind having either of the hard or soft lip brush. :P

But the spoolie and the brow/lash comb is redundant to me, I could replace the com with this brush instead
And another thing, I would be doing a DIY travel makeup brush holder because the plastic holder sucks! It accumulates dirt faster and the sides are already worn out! But still this is a good item inside a makeup newbie like us. :P

So what can you say about this travel kit? Is it a nay or a yay?


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