Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FOOD TRIP: Hodori - A Hidden Asian Restaurant!

This was the first time we tried this Korean-Japanese Restaurant when we were about to leave the city! I never thought or saw this place for the passed 8 years of my stay in Baguio, but maybe because I don't go out that much? Hence its fit for me to say its "hidden". But it really is not, turn corner along Session Road and its there waiving hi and bowing its head - Asian style!

Tita Nida cooking up our Shabu-Shabu! ASide from noodles and veggies, it has chicken meat, beef strips, pork and several seafood like shrimps, crab-stick and fish fillets.

I also love the unlimited appetizers! It comes with deep fried sweet potatoes, spicy kimchi,  fresh sliced cucumber and my favorite tortang (deep fried, covered in battered egg)  zukini!

The California Maki is so yummy and the wasabe gave me the nose-freeze! Hahaha (inside joke, anyone?)
All in all, its yummy and affordable! The place is clean and spacious too!

Have you seen this "hidden" restaurant before? Don't forget to drop by when you are planning to go to Baguio!
And hey, check out Jack's Restaurant if your looking for a more authentic Baguio food house! :D


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