Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Food Trip: Fishman, The Fort

After tripping over at the 30th street, we finally fall... and fell in-love to this aquarium-like fish house! :P
Picture 653

Obviously, the theme of this restaurant is the ocean - or should I say aquarium?
This cute chalkboard menu is so eye-catching!

wish I could draw my own school of fishes here too... ^^

Camwhoring the place while waiting for our orders. :P

Picture 680

blue and green accents reminds me of the ocean...
Picture 666
The ambiance is good, I like the techy free wifi, modern furnitures and those two flat screens showing films showing the sea and the ocean and the life of a fisherman, the fishes... ... ...

Of course, the center of attraction - food!

My favorite FM soup - the crabsoup!

Asian Tuna Salad (Php 120.00)
Picture 681
Sweet & Sour Tilapia (Php195.00)
Picture 686

Out of the Sea - Fried Chicken Steak (Php 180.00)
Picture 688

Kung Pao Calamares (Php 155.00)
Picture 689
Butterfly Tilapia with Ensalada is becoming one of our favorites too (Php 230.00)
Picture 691
Ultimate Shrimp Burger and Fries (Php 185.00)
Picture 697
We just love love love the food in here. :P I think we'll be coming back for more! :P And try yet another set of dishes we didn't encounter yet! :P


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