Monday, February 04, 2013

FOOD TRIP: Accidental Night at Fishman

One cold night, we are out and about, hungry and tired... No one's home to cook nothing on an empty gas stove and defrosting ref. We decided to hunt down a new restaurant along Global City. With growling stomach, we first headed to a nearby Jollibee only to find out that they don't have a parking space, their a/c  is not working, with long lines of hungry stomach waiting for the cashier to punch in some burgers and soda, we surrender and search for another easy fast food chain KFC, and blessings in disguise as it is, it was closed, even Toastbox is closed already! Frustrated, hungry and angry, we decided to just enter the restaurant in between them, with faith that thus this is really the night the Fishman gets us!


Mom wants to skip rice every night (as if)  hence she ordered the Crunchy Fish Fillet Sandwich (Php 140.00)

While the rest of us decided to try Fishman's Specials that comes with FM House Soup and tour choice of either rice or mashed potatoes.

Dad gets the Baked Salmon (Php 248.00) with mashed potatoes thinking that Clyde will like it. And as it turned out, he did liked the FM crab soup and the mashed potatoes! :D

I ask the waiter about their best sellers and he recommended me to try their Smothered Bangus ala Pobre (Php 210.00) and it was deli! Oh the sinangag rice ala pobre that comes with it is delicious too!

Beth took the plunge with this Butterfly Tilapia with Enselada (Php 230.00). The tilapia is kinda salty but the ensalada is to die for! Yummy flavors, it'll make your mouth waters!


Hubby craves for some Classic Daing na Bangus (Php 189.00) and he gets what he wanted!

We get an additional order of All Day Fishing Ultimate Shrimp Burger And Fries (Php 185.00)
The coleslaw garnish made this dish delicious!
We went home, full and satisfied! Now we learned a new hot spot at the Global City! You'll definitely hear more from the Fishman soon! Hehehe
Ahoy we go! Another day, another Food Trip to go! Have you tried in here? What's your paborito?


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