Tuesday, February 05, 2013

4Life Transfer Factor Riovida!

If you remember my post about the things I'm grateful for - the blessings I received - things I deemed thankful for, then you'll know how my heart surgery extended my life...


I never thought I would live the day and tell the tale on how my family and I surpass the ordeal! Well, one of the reason behind this success was my ever supporting family and loving friends, who kept my spirit strong and confidence high.

And also,
1734Life Transfer Factor Riovida Tri-Factor Formula

RioVida is only Php5,040.00 for two bottles of 16.9oz each.


This magic bottle contains acai berry, pomegranate, elderberry, blueberries, purple grapes and apples with a total organic value of 27,864! It was even featured on Oprah Show, NC Today Show and Wall Street Journal! Why?


This yummy "juice" is an all good antioxidant potion that helps fight chronic diseases and immune system challenges. Using this juice as a daily maintenance will protect you and your family from cancer, heart disease, stroke, alzheimer's disease and diabetes!

As you can see on my photo above, I was cut on my upper left back so it is hard for me to move from side to side, get up and lean on my left. I was under surgery at around 7am until 1pm and spend the rest of the day on the ICU, got back on my room at around 6 in the evening and would you believe me if I tell you, the next day, I was up, can walk slowly and rather seat on the coach than lay in bed? :)

My appetite is not that good though, my dad bought anything to trigger my hungry stomach, he bought pizza, siomai, soups even sushi! :P hehehe but the important thing is, I recover fast! My secret? (I've been telling you this all through out this post!) Yes, it's the RioVida! :)

So start your year right! It's not yet too late! Give Riovida a try! ;)

Gerilen Elinessete


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