Monday, February 11, 2013

Sesou Haul - All About Hair!

One of my major problems aside from my oily skin is my hair. Although I'm dandruff -free, it is as oily as an oil factory I can't live a day without washing it and yes, I recently have mild hair loss which means that my naturally thin hair is getting thinner. Oh my!

I decided to give my hair my full attention and show some organic all natural love! :D Here are the things I picked up for my hair at  Sesou!

OL'EO Hair Regrowth Treatment Shampoo

Good investment for prevention of falling hair! It has pure natural organic mineral scrub goodness that not just delay hair fall but prevents dandruff while thickening and strengthening the hair shafts!
Craving for Vanilla in a healthy way - that is how I describe my obsession with this gourmet skin care hair and body mist!

Vanilla & Co. Hair and Body Mist

I just love to lick and smell this yummy vanilla-watermelon bottle! Got mine for only Php235.00! This a cologne with a twist, it has aloe vera extract good for hair moisturization while leaving a hint of scent. What I do, specially when I'm out and about is that, I wash my hands first, or if not available, I use alcohol, hand sanitizer and then spray this on my clean fresh hands. :) One word: Yummy!

hair mask

My hair felt like it was fresh from salon - soft, smooth, shiny hair in a 30minute home magic! :D

Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil
sunflower oil

I decided to make an in-depth post regarding this elixir bottle! *hint* So d the happy dance while waiting, alright?

What Sesou hair magic bottle did you bought? Share 'em!


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