Sunday, February 17, 2013

Short Time: 3 Basic Make Up Rules

Today I will share rules I used to break, still break during my lazy days. :) I know a lot of people are guilty of these but it's never too late to change, right? :)

#1 - don't sleep with make up on
- my top 1 violation! :P remove make up and wash face, but during lazy days, what I do is, I use make up remover and wet wipes, if there is no make up remover everywhere, I use my good ole' lotion or facial moisturizer

#2 - let your face breathe
- best reason not to put make up on my busy days. I'm good with sunscreen, colored lip balm and brows!

#3 - drink water!
- if you are a breastfeeding mom, water is your best friend. if you love painting faces, water is your best friend and guess what? I'm both! :D
If you break them all and worse comes to worst, just smile. A genuine smile is still the best feature a woman could ever have.


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