Monday, February 04, 2013

TCAT Philippines Haul

This is my first ever Tcat Philippines online transaction! :D It goes on smoothly, the staff are great and very friendly too. I called for the reservation of the items but their first number was residential :3 and I hope they already did something about that. So, I recommend calling the last two hotlines posted on their Facebook page instead. Moving on here are the things that I got!


Rich & HL Android Tablet, a Hanging Jewelry Organizer and 3 Y-Pad for niece, nephew and son. Watch out for my in-depth reviews on these, specially the Y-Pad. If you are planning to buy this, hold your horses! Ha! Now I'm giving you an obvious clue! The Jewelry Organizer is fine except that I had to put something on its sleeve to avoid hunchback! :S

That's it for now. Are you planning to buy cheap tablets too? Then, keep your eyes peeled! :P


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