Monday, February 11, 2013

ELIZABETH: Tickles Cheetah Tote Bag

Hey guys! How are you this gloomy Monday? I just wanna share to you one of the latest bags that I bought from Tickles, Market Market. 

This is the uber-cute yellow bag protector...

And this is the other side of the bag cover... I don't get it, but did the joker tickles? :3

I always check this bag whenever we pass through Tickles and contemplate myself whether to get it or not. Finally, after a month of thinking it over, I decided to gave in to my desire! Ha! Why? Who can't say no to this baby?

 It is a Cheetah printed tote bag with front leather pocket! The soft animal-like texture killed it! I died caressing this bag! XD It's also a two-in-one design, you can just clip both side to make it smaller and to change the shape just like the photo below... 

It can stand on its own without sitting on the dirt, thanks to its four bottom studs. :)

I love the print so much, I might go get my nails done - Cheetah inspired! *wink wink*

For Php 1195.00, this bag is a good deal! Perfect for travelling, for eloping, (joke! hahaha)! I love this bag because I can put anything, I mean my everything in it! :D Even my magazines, make up pouch, tablet yet I could still easily search for my ringing phone inside the outer pocket. :) Now dad won't get mad at me for not answering my phone in time. Yay! Win-win, ey?

What's your latest Tickles haul? They sell novelty and what nots, I just love picking things there. Share yours below on the comment section! :)

live, love, laugh,


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