Monday, March 18, 2013

Nichido Travel Brush Set

Good quality doesn't always mean expensive! That is what I believe and I already have proven this for  a couple of times now. :) As you can tell on of my favorite drugstore brand is Nichido, I already had some several posts regarding their products - Finishing Powder and Eyebrow Palette. Now that I am collecting makeup brushes and is always on the go - travel and site inspections - I would not pass trying out their own, so I decided to get this Nichido Travel Brush Set in faux leather case and the Nichido Travel Makeup Brush Kit in plastic case that I'll be posting soon (when I get extra time again to blog :P).
This is what it looks like:
Nichido Travel Brush Set (Php 270.00)

It is so cute, handy, classic. It's good that its case is black. Each brushes are in separate sturdy pouches and is individually wrapped in plastic and the clip button is magnetic.
Here are the brushes included in the set.

Blush Brush
Picture2 1990
Picture2 1991

Eyebrow and Eyelash Comb
Picture2 1980

Lip Liner Brush
Picture2 1984
Picture2 1985

My favorite brush - which is the real reason why I say yes to this set -
Flat Angled Brush
perfect for defining the eyebrows and for applying gel liner! :D
Picture2 1986
Picture2 1987

Eyeshadow Brush
Picture2 1988
Picture2 1989

I love that I don't see the sponge tip brush in this set that I usually see on some local travel brush set. Every brush is uniquely for different uses, not redundant. :) I just wish that all their Nichido Travel Brush Set in faux leather case have the same brushes inside because... watch out for my Nichido Travel Makeup Brush Kit in plastic case. #hint

If you are planning to get this, you might as well check it out and open the set first just in case. :) More brushes coming up! For the mean time, share your favorite local brands of make up brushes below!


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