Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shiseido Makeup Session by BLESS MY BAG

Always wanted to try out Shiseido products and I've been wanting to meet Ms. Julia - the beauty behind BlessMyBag! , so when I read her blog post about giving her readers a chance to have a make up session with her I joined in a blink of an eye! :D Since my sister is a makeup enthusiast as well, I shared to her Julia's Makeup Session on her facebook page and fortunately enough, she let her in too! Yay!


Since the event is held at the new wing of Alabang Town Center and we are from Makati city, going there is really an effort. With my brother as our driver, we "fight" our way out - asked directions, etc, etc! And we finally made it! So, is all the hassle worth it?


Of course YES! Read more to see why!!!

Ms. Julia is so gorgeously beautiful and down-to-earth! :D I think I'm having a "girl-crush" - was that the term? The event was divided in two. First session (1pm to 3pm) was with her relatives and the second session (3pm to 5pm) was for her readers. We arrived at around 1:30pm and thankfully, they allow us to join the first session. :) For sure, my breastfeeding baby thanked the heavens because he wouldn't wait until 5pm to be nursed and cuddled hehehe


Aside, from learning important makeup tips and tricks, we also get the chance to meet Ms. Sophie of Beautynomics! That's like hitting
two three birds in one stone - meeting beauty bloggers Ms. Julia +Ms. Sophie + Shiseido Makeup Session!




Beth modeling the loot!

Here are the goodies inside our Shiseido loot bag!
The Skincare Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover - that I will most likely use for my stubborn smokey eye attempts.
Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream - food for the eye - reducing wrinkles and dark eye bags!
Revital Vital Perfection - an advanced anti-aging cream

Thank you Bless My Bag for this exclusive experience! We really had fun while learning a lot! :)
Sharing is learning all over again, so stay tuned as I will be sharing the things I learned from BlessMyBag! :D


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