Monday, January 14, 2013

ELF Stipple Brush

My dad wants to treat us; Beth and I a clothes and make up shopping spree as a way to give us a token before he go abroad for a short business trip! After our eyes popped out with mouths hanging, we run like there’s no tomorrow and attacked the stalls and makeup shelves! :P I got myself a gray cardigan, some hanes sando shirts (because I learned from Kandee a too many ways of using sando shirts! Thanks Kandee J.!), a not-so-short Freego shorts and many others that I might talked about on another post!

Back to this post, I am planning to buy a stippling brush ever since I learned that it could create a flawless airbrush effect! I’m actually eyeing Etude House’s, the one with cute packaging but then decided later on to go for this ELF stippling brush this time because in comparison, the handle is much longer and the bristles are more fluffier for almost the same price of more or less than Php500.00.

This is not my first Elf make up brush; I already have the angled bronzing brush and an eyeshadow brush that I both got two years ago. I’m still using the bronzing brush to contour my face with Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Warm Tan and the eyeshadow brush for patting two different shadows using its two faces.


I love that the handle is long enough, adequate to hold the brush hence have the 'stippling' motion better...

As you can see, this brush has two layers of bristles, the black and white, black being the short and the latter as long. Perfect to pick two layers of products to disperse on skin for ultimate control and preferred finish either as sheer or work your way up for heavy/full coverage. The brush should be dab on a stippling motion for concentrated color or blend in all over for smooth coverage.

This Stippling brush however can be use as a blush brush as well, for natural looking cheeks and as a highlight brush but since I’m aiming to have an airbrushed look, I use this when applying BB creams, mixture of moisturizer and sunblock, and liquid foundations too.  It can be used either dry or wet without bleeding and so far there are no stray hairs although at first, it smells like plastic, being synthetic. 

P.S. it’s so good to know that buying ELF products means helping a charity, and they don’t test on animals.  Yay!

What ELF brushes do you own?


Gerilen Elinessete


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