Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hey everyone! How's your Wednesdays? Mine is so-so. I woke up late and rushed to get my morning routine done! Yay for me! cause I've done my things to do just after my 12 pm strucked. 

Meaning, I have time to blog! And now I will be showing you how I carry all my lipstick without hassle!
How I came up to this is because whenever I travel or go out, I encounter the same problem; how to fit all my lipsticks in my small purse.You can buy a ready made lip palette but I decided to create my own so that I could carry my all time favorites! I could choose the colors from nude to reds and lastly I could recycle and help mother nature. Another yay for me! Hahaha! :D Lets get started! 

We'll be needing an empty compact face powder,or if you have any eye shadow palette, you can also use that..But for me,I will be using an empty compact face powder from Avon. 

We also need some tissue, spoon, candle, pusher and a lighter or a match. 

And of course our lipsticks..
One of my favorite lipstick here is from Avon which is Amour Rose. I lost the cap during our driving lesson with my sis! So, as you can see the middle lipstick doesn't have a cap on it. 

First step is to scrape all the lipstick using the pusher and put it on the spoon...
TIP: If you wanna used up all of the product left inside the tube, use a lip brush to scrape it off.

Allow your lipstick to melt slowly, you can also stir it using the pusher..

You can now pour it to your empty compact face powder.. If you are planning to put several lip color, be careful not to stain the entire pan and slowly pour to avoid burnt fingers.

Just repeat all the steps until you are finished..

you could use your nail pusher or a toothpick to align the edges of your palette.

(Check out my nail tutorial here!)

Like I said, making your own lip palette is easy, cheaper, saves space, you could customize the colors, the amount of product you will put, the design and lastly you could put in an empty compact powder, or empty gel liner tube. :)

It's exciting to make too! Just be careful not to burn your fingers or your house! For that matter... If you know you can't do it alone, ask help of your parents or guardian for extra safety! :) Or maybe do it outside the house. :P You know.

Are you liking DIYs? I will be sharing another DIY soon! So stay tuned!

If you did try this, share your DIY lip palette on our facebook page and tag us!

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)

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