Saturday, January 19, 2013

ELIZABETH: Bows with Polka Dots Nail Art

Hi guys! I will show you how to do a "Bows with Polka Dots Nail Art"! We'll be needing the following materials like a tool for dotting, a thin brush to draw.. And of course the white and black nail polish.. And any kind of color that you liked..But for me, I will be using a red nail polish in this tutorial..

First, apply a white nail polish as a base..

Dot a red nail polish above your nails, and start brushing on the side of the dot to create a bow..

Using a thin brush,draw a line around the bow to emphasize it..

After that, start dotting black nail polish around the bow.

And your done! Very easy! :) Hope you like it! 

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)

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