Monday, January 21, 2013

FOOD Trip: North Park

Hiya! My sister and I are going gaga over nail arts (as you can see on her previous posts) and make up! But aside from that we love to celebrate food! :D Dining out is one of our bonding moments, you know, eating and chatting comes together naturally especially when it comes to our family. It keeps us updated and it's a healthy way to harmonize family members. We always end up having thick crust pizza on our plates because first, I love pizza I crave for them. Secondly, we love Italian dishes that includes lasagna, red and white pasta, garlic bread...

But when we want beef and noodles in a bowl, this is always our first (nearest) option. :D

np(North Park, Market! Market! branch)

Love the ambiance and the details of the small gazebos lined up on elevated wooden floor and the Chinese lanterns that radiates low yellow light. :)

Another plus was their menu. It's like their hitting two birds in one stone. Menu and placemat in one!
Two thumbs up for that!

But hey, we are here to satisfy our hungry stomach so the real best reason to dine here was the dishes!
They got everything, from heavy meals to light snack! This what we got for our merienda (snack)!

Braised Noodles with Nanking Beef (Php215.00)

Beef Congee (Php160.00)

Braised Noodles with Fresh Prawn Dumplings (Php280.00)

White Chicken with Steamed Rice (Php 175.00)

While waiting for our orders... :P

We love to din here! The beef is so tender, the fibers are already separating and splitting. It's a great value for money because everything tastes good! :D And since everything tastes good, everything is a must try! So yes, we will be coming back for more. To taste those dishes we didn't get the chance to encounter, yet! Hehehe

The tummy is full and tastebuds satisfied! next time we will try the Anised Beef dishes, Yang Chow Fried Rice and Boneless Honey Lemon Chicken. What stands out the most for me is the beef! Babe loves the broth even the congee.

Well, I'm hoping soon they'll over bottomless soup for their noodles. :P

What are your North Park favorites? Share them up! :P

Gerilen Elinessete


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