Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ELIZABETH: ALDO Accessories - Sunglasses and Box Case

Hey hey hey! How are you guys? Like I promised, I will share to you how to be fashionably hot this summer! :D My latest fashion finds from ALDO Accessories!

Beat the heat with this fashionable shades! I love love love the taupe color plus the metallic details on the borders of this shade is LOVE!

Even the box protector is fashionably cute, I love the orange-y abstract details of it! Reminds me of peacock feathers and summer beaches!

The shades cost only Php.550.00
Hey! You need UVA and UVB protection for your eyes to avoid premature wrinkles around the sensitive eye area. No-no too wrinkles! And, did you know that you'll get more wrinkles during summer because of the heat! So stay protected at all costs!

The details, I love love love!

I bought this shade bag because when I first saw it, I felt love.The colors, the texture, the sturdiiness, you can't say no to this baby! hahaha :D

This cost only Php.350.00, not bad, ey?

I separately bought the shades and the peacocky bag. You can just buy the shade alone but fear not because this soft bag is included when you purchase the shades... I just couldn't say no to that sturdy cover above, and I just felt I need extra protection! :P

this extra shades wiper are included as well... Double, triple fashionable protection!

Wanna see me wearing this?
Scroll down!

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PS - If you are looking for everyday sunblock, you might wanna check this out ---> Ever Bilena Face and Body Sunblock!

 live, love, laugh,
Beth :)


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