Monday, January 28, 2013

Ever Bilena: Face Sunblock, Body Sunblock and BB Cream

Finally, I kicked myself in the butt hard enough to get me some sunblock goodies from Bello, SpectraBAN60 of Steifel and Ever Bilena. Obviously in this post Ill be sharing about the latter, its EB face and body sunblock! Local cheaper brands doesn't mean not worth trying, sometimes a gem is camouflaging in the sea of pebbles. Gee, I suck!

Cut to the chase, the face and body sunblock from Ever Bilena have almost the same exact ingredients, only cyclomethicone is present on the face cream while cetearyl alcohol is included on the body cream

aside from that both products contains Vitamin E, shea butter and licorice extract that helps lighten and brighten skin.


The only downside of these are that they are not paraben free, methyl paraben and propyl paraben are included inside and it leaves white streaks on the skin if not blended well. So make sure to use small amount and just add if you feel needed, and avoid squeezing alot at once. you get the gist. 

Aside from sunblock, it also helps prevent my skin from drying because of the shea butter...
I was looking for Myra-E tinted moisturizer when I saw this...


I can't believe it at first, but why not. I wanna save time hence I'm on the hunt for the 2-1 moisturizer and foundation from Myra-E, and it's always out of stock... To end my dilemma, I just pick this up and pay it on the counter. Besides, it has the same Oriental shade from my favorite drugstore liquid foundation.

Ever Bilena BB Cream comes in two packages. The pink BB Cream and the purple one. I'm opting for the pink one because it has anti aging but doubt because the shade is far of my own.

This BB Cream is a whitening, moisturizer and foundation packed in one bottle. Saves time when you are on the move. And I think this is good for everyday use. :) Perfect matched with my Nichido Final Powder!
In the end, i just wish I picked up the pink one because im really not into whitening and would rather give my skin some anti ageing love.

Should I get the pink tube too?


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