Monday, December 24, 2012

Simply Pretty Cream Shadow + Liner Duo in True Pink

Is it obvious that I'm blogging on my phone here. Yes, I am trying to do blogging on the go, since I can't afford to sit and lounge any time soon. So forgive the alignments and unedited photos, it is raw and fresh from my not-so-trusty phone camera. :3

Back to the topic, I love cream shadows lately as it is a good base and make shadows last longer. As you can see, this love affair all started with Ever Bilena's mousse eyeshadow in rose quartz and amber. *Watch out for my amber swatch and review, it is soooooo yummy! :P

When I saw this shadow liner duo from Simply Pretty a while back, I just can't say no and live! And so I got it! It comes with two shades, in pink and in purple, and I decided to get the pink shade...

The cream shadow comes in a lipstick tube and is the eyeliner's closing cap. :) Here are the swatches in one swipe with and without flash:

The cream shadow is not that pigmented and is glittery, but you could build up the color by swiping more hence you could also control the intensity of the color. If your lids aren't that oily, this could be used alone especially for monolids like me, and it could be used as a base for purplish/pinkish smokey eyes too. ^^

The eyeliner however is reddish brown, although I'm hoping I could use this as a brow pen too, I'd pass it, because like I said, it's kind of reddish, so this pencil is better used as an eyeliner to tight waterline if you want to achieve a defined eyes without being dramatic. :) It's also perfect for daytime use and for that no-make-up make up look as well.

All in all, I love my purchase and thought that I should have gotten the other shade as well! *sigh Oh well, I love to use this when I'm in a hurry (which is almost always!) so I used to keep this inside my make up purse all the time, but I hate that the cream shadow/cap of the eyeliner always pop out making havoc in my bag!

Have you tried this cream shadow + liner duo from Simply Pretty? What are your says?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Excuses and Giveaway Winners!

Lately, im anxiously super busy I cant even get to write a proper post.
We weren’t officially moved, yet. There are a couple of unopened boxes we have to open and shovel back to their designated cabinets… our house renovation had been paused for a couple of weeks because we need to prepare and attend our annual three day convention at novaliches, plus the shortage of budget .. we have to prioritize our booming electric bill to compensate the heat! I mean the a/c we cant live without! :3
Back to blogging, I have a lot of pending posts I need to publish but hubby is currently using “harry” I cant put photos in it! Yes im too stubborn to get copies of photos I needed but what the heck… I feel tired as always :(
All I wanna do is snuggle up and read wattpad! :P I’m quite of the reader and not the blogger these days, and I have a lot to post!!! *palmface
Hey, out of nowhere, I decided to throw out giveaways here and there of things I love! What do you guys want? Books? Make up? Accessories? Gift certificates? Comment down below so I would know!
And oooh, before I forgot, congratulations to the Firmoo x Gerilen International Giveaway winners! Shop now! Vouchers are valid until midnight of December 25! ;)
P.S. go to my facebook page: GeriLen to see if your one of the winners.
The babe is awake and calling me. 
to play!

Babe and I meeting an architect at Mall of Asia
Bye for now! I hope the blog bug bites me any time soon!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Firmoo x Gerilen Elinessete International Giveaway!

There are those days a long time ago when spectacles a.k.a. eye glasses are worn only as a device. Either to correct eye vision, to protect the eyes during construction e.g. welding irons and even to shield against ultraviolet light. Grannies never thought that one day this simple invention of a spectacle would be worn simply just for aesthetics a.k.a. for fashion purposes!

And when I hear the word "eyeglasses", first thing to come up to my mind is Firmoo! Why, it is the world's most popular online eyeglasses  store, plus they offer glasses for as  low as $8!

Now ladies and gentlemen, who wants to have fashionable eyeglasses for free? I sure do! Here's the thing, Firmoo is generous enough to sponsor a $500 worth of vouchers for my lovely and handsome worldwide readers! Yes, boys can also enter this amazing giveaway!

The Firmoo Voucher* gives you a $20 off** when you place an order*** at Firmoo!
*Except for designer eyeglasses
**Voucher valid until Dec. 25, 2012
***Shipping is available for additional fee


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