Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#PerksofaBella: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Belle de Jour power planner and coffee are my life buddies- more like life savers!
They boost my potential - organized my timeline and stimulate my gray matter.
What's surprisingly awesome? They're hand-in-hand in giving me #PerksofaBella.
Belle de Jour Power Planner helped me manage my schedule - hence I'm a bit earlier than our client, Mr. Architect
while the BDJ coupon let me have one of my Coffeebean favorites for free and supersizing my cup with BDJ Lifestyle card!
Ahh, to be the ultimate itgirl! Thank you Belle de Jour Power Planner! I'm sure is excited to get my hands on the next BDJ planner for 2016!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Look young and say goodbye to Grey hair! A breakthrough product that will bring back the natural color of your crowning glory! Grey Away is for people with visible grey hair that brings back the natural color of hair strands and prevents it from turning grey without the risk of the harmful effects of colorants. For only Php 995.00, Grey Away is available in all leading drugstores, selected supermarkets, and department stores nationwide. For more information like Grey Away’s official facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Grey-Away-101783003500982/timeline/ and follow @greyaway on Instagram.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Elizabeth: ANDALE by Agave Restaurant (Mexican and Cantina)

Complimentary Tacos! ;)

BURRITOS in Imported Steak

A soft flour tortilla stuffed with refried beans, Mexican red rice, sour cream, Mexican cheese, fresh lettuce, pico de gallo and your choice of filling. Served with chips and salsa. Available in three styles: Classic, Toasted or Naked. 

Also available in Bean, Pork Cantinas, Grilled Chicken, and Steak & Shrimp.

TACOS in Sauteed Veggies

Choice of soft flour, soft corn or crispy corn tortilla shell, filled with refried beans, shredded lettuce, Mexican Cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and your choice of filling. Served with a jalapeno side salad.

Also available in Pork Cantinas, Grilled Chicken, Taco Beef, and Grilled Shrimp.

QUESADILLAS in Mexican Cheese

Crisp on the outside, stuffed on the inside with Mexican cheese, Ranchero sauce, shredded lettuce and your choice of filling. Served with sour cream, guacamole and pica de gallo.

Also available in Pork Cantinas, Grilled Chicken, Imported Steak and Grilled Shrimp.


A medium-spicy chile made from black beans, beef and tomatoes, served over limecantro rice.



A refreshing blend of sliced limes with fresh mint leaves mixed with white rum.

Also available in Real Fruit Mojitos and Jalapeno Limon Mojito.



Sticks of fried dough are crisp on the inside and soft in the inside and coated in cinnamon sugar. Served in a margarita glass with Chocolate-Chili dip.

live, love, laugh,
Beth :) 

Elizabeth: Milna (The First Ideal Food)


Milna has a complete and balanced nutrition to help support the growth and development of children.

      The Milna Baby Rusk

  • Iron- for red blood cell formation
  • Vitamin D - for utilization of calcium and phosphorus
  • Calcium - for strong bones and teeth 
  • Vitamin C - for effective absorption of iron from food intake
Milna Rusks

Milna rusk photo

      The Milna Baby Cereal
  • 12 Vitamins and 8 Minerals including Omega-3 and Omega-6
  • AA-DHA - for brain development
  • Protein - for growth and development of muscles
  • Iron - for strength 
  • Calcium - for bone formation and teeth density
Available in Beef and Green Peas, Brown Rice, and Banana, Beef Stews and Green Peas, Chicken Soup and Sweet Corn.

      The Milna Toddler Pudding
  • Inulin - to maintain healthy digestive system
  • Calcium - to support bones and teeth
  • 10 Vitamins - for optimum growth and development.
Instant Pudding that is easy to prepare and tastes great! Available in Chocolate and Strawberry Flavored Pudding. 

live, love, laugh,
Beth ;)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Elizabeth: REGROE (The Effective Hair Grower)

Losing your hair is perfectly normal - we shed up to 100 a day - but for some people hair loss is much more serious and it's affecting a growing number of men and women under 40. The most common type of hair loss can be triggered by life changing events such as stress, a bereavement or pregnancy, leading to overall thinning of the hair. If you've noticed gradual thinning or found clumps of hair on the bathroom floor it can come as a shock. But don't panic because Minoxidil Regroe is the answer for all your hair concerns.

The growth of each hair follicle normally occurs in a cycle. The three main phases of the hair growth cycle are anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is the active growth phase when hair fiber is produced. Catagen is the transitional stage when hair growth stops. The hair remains attached to the root of the follicle. While Tolegen is the resting stage when the shedding occurs. When used regularly, Regroe works in three ways. It prevents hair fall because Regroe prevents the production of Dihydrotestosterone which is the hormone responsible for hair thinning and falling. It also stimulates hair matrix cells. Regroe directly stimulates the small hair matrix cells to continuously divide and multiply in order to produce longer and thicker hair. And lastly, Regroe improves circulation and nutrition. It dilates and increases the size of smaller blood vessels around the follicles, improving blood flow and oxygenation for better nutrition of the follicles.The main ingredient of Regroe is Minoxidil, Minoxidil is a potent solution derived from extensive medical research and medical testing. It is the only clinically proven solution to prevent hair loss approved by both US-FDA and the Philippine BFAD. Minoxidil works by stopping excessive hair falling and stimulates hair re-growth. Hair growth requires constant stimulation and optimal delivery of oxygen and nutrients from the circulatory system to the hair follicle. Without these processes, your hair may lack the maximum fullness, strength and the vibrancy you want.

Minoxidil Regroe is available in 3 variants. 3%, 5% and the 6%. 3% is for mild hair loss, 5% is for moderate hair loss and recommended for first time users and 6% is for severe hair loss. Minoxidil Regroe is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. For more information, check Regroe's facebook page or call 818-11-31.

live, love, laugh,

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean Soap

It girls whether corporate ladies or freelance maidens are living a fast-paced lifestyle in the city. Even with sunscreen, skin is still exposed to pollution and dirt that clogs pores, making it feel icky sticky and heavy. Solution?
Palmolive Flawless Clean Actual Soap
Palmolive Natural Flawless Clean
This is the first from Palmolive soap with 100% natural charcoal product. This so far is the biggest news from its line of bar soap and since Charcoal is known for its ability to attract other substances and hold them there by absorption - that substances includes dirt and grime from pollution - it also follows that it helps in washing away dirt from skin, leaving it effectively clean.
*click to enlarge image

Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean Soap is available in leading supermarkets, department stores, health & beauty stores, drugstores, groceries and sari-sari stores nationwide.
Palmolive Flawless Clean Carton Pack
Available in 115g carton - Php38.90
Palmolive Flawless Clean Flow Wrap
and 55g flow wrap - Php14.00
Other variants:
Palmolive Flawless Clean Fact Sheet 2 Palmolive Flawless Clean Fact Sheet 3

Friday, September 11, 2015

Flair Blow Dry Bar

Nowadays, having a bad day for a girl is impartially because of her hair. Yep, as unfortunate as it was, bad hair day typically means bad day, all day. Good thing there are places like

The secret stop-over you must have before conquering your world specially for girls who feel lazy but needs the flair, or if you just want some hair pampering.
Flair Blow Dry Bar offers blow dry and hair styling from simple, everyday look to red carpet glam. They also offer hair treatments using L'Oreal and Moroccan Oil.
Ahh, with this tiny little heaven for your hair looking glamorously chic, you'll definitely release your stress, feel refresh and rejuvenated with their hair treatments.
With a chick flick on-screen, you won't get bored while waiting. We definitely didn't realize the time ticking by with poor Channing Tatum on hiatus. :))
They even served us refreshments while waiting for our gorgeous hairs to be done.
My Signature Style turned out beautifully great and we had friendly conversations with the stylists throughout the process.
After (Marilyn - Old Hollywood Waves)
If you have a man-haircut aka siete, you could still get your hair pampered!
Mum looking like a Dona after her Flair Basic Style.
Volumous hair. It looks like cotton candy to me. He he
For OC mum-to-be's, yes, Flair is definitely safe for you and baby.
Pregnant glow?
("So I dumped you?" - I cannot believe the girl dumped Channing! Come here Channing, I'll adopt you!)
Beth after her Blair Signature Look (Glamorous Curls)
Staff were really approachable and friendly. They will ask your preferences for a better result. Flair Blow Dry Bar offers affordable hair style rates that you could have your hair done every single day. Oh if only I live nearby...
If you couldn't brush the bad day, at least you still have a fabulous hair!
Thanks Ms. GingerMilna Philippines and Ms. Paula of Flair for our gorgeous hair day!
Flair Blow Dry Bar is located at 2nd floor, Eight Forbes Town Road, Forbes Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Contact them at
Mobile: (0917)8322510/(0917)8425150
Landline: (02)6214129
E-Mail: Hello@Flair.ph
Follow them on their
website: www.flair.ph
Facebook Page: Flairblowdrybar
Instragram: @FlairBlowDryBar

Trip!nas TV Show Theme Song: Islands of Our Dreams


If you want to fall in love with the Philippines again and again, watch the Trip!nas TV Show Theme: Islands of Our Dreams and sing along with Sollen and Spencer.
Lyrics: Ismael Algara, Spencer Tagud,Svenbjörn
Music & Arrangement: Spencer TagudSvenbjörn

Islands of Our Dreams
Solenn:         I walked on its shores
And felt the waves
A splash to my body
I dance and sway

Stephen:       A magical feeling
                        Underneath the stars
                        Now we are sailing
                        Traveling away

Both:              Happy islands
                        Come together
                        Bring out the drums
                        Let’s party forever

Both:              Endless summer
                        Endless fun
                        Chasing sunsets forever
                        Loving the islands
                        Feeling the fun
These are the islands of our dreams

Stephen:       We set our sails
                        And glide the waves
                        Warm tropical winds
                        Blow on our face

Solenn:         We’re building sandcastles
                        Underneath the sun
                        And now we are sailing
                        Traveling away

Both:              Happy islands
                        Come together
                        Bring out the drums
                        Let’s party forever

Both:              Endless summer
                        Endless fun
                        Chasing sunsets forever
                        Loving the islands
                        Feeling the fun
These are the islands of our dreams
Both:              Endless summer
                        Endless fun
                        Chasing sunsets forever
                        Loving the islands
                        Feeling the fun
These are the islands of our dreams

Support local tourism and explore the beauty of the Philippines with

2GO Travel Logo

Be inspired to travel while discovering the must-do's on islands and beaches you are planning to visit when you watch Trip!nas on GMANewsTV every Saturday, 11am!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Olay Total Effects Day Cream

A couple of days back, I received a gift from BDJ Box and Olay which includes Olay Moisturizing Body Wash and this.
Olay Total Effects Day Cream
Olay is promising to fight the 7 Signs of Ageing:
1)Fine Lines and Wrinkles - reduces and erases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
2)Uneven Skin Tone - balances and even outs color
3)Age Spots - blurring appearance of age spots
4)Rough Texture - smooths and even outs skin texture
5)Skin Dryness - provides nourishing moisturisation
6)Skin Dullness - gives skin a healthy radiance and glow
7)Enlarge Pores - reduces pore size
I love the economical design of the tube (a little science: gravity will help you used up all this bottle's content) and the orifice is just right - you could control the amount of product hence lesser/no chance of excess/waste; that also means longer usage. For frugal moms; before throwing this out after emptying, snip the tube to extract the leftovers of entire bottle. #beentheredonethat
How to apply: right after cleanser and toner, smoothen out a pea-size on face and neck.
Not so viscous, easy to apply. It just glides on my skin. Lightweight and with a thin application, it will not feel heavy (like there's a thin-film) on skin. Spread quickly as it easily dries up.
I personally use this as a primer/moisturizer before foundation application. I love the hint of scent of this, and so far, no breakouts. I also just use this as it is, I meant cleanse, tone and this, eyebrows and liptint - Gerilen ready to go!

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash

First off, thank you so much BDJ Box and Belle de Jour Power Planner for this sample package of Olay's latest must haves - 
The Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash and Olay Total Effects Day Cream!
My mom used to put on lotion on my skin right after giving me a bath. It's our quality time then, and that is my quality time with my toddler and baby now. But as for myself, being busy and always in a hurry sometimes (more like usually) compromises my time to apply lotion. That is why I like versatile products like Olay Deep Moisturizing Body Wash!
A new everyday-used product: Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash
It not just basically get rid you of dirt, it moisturizes skin at the same time. No more feeling dry and goodbye to stretched face. Now my skin is soft, smooth and supple!
What's more is, it lathers quickly. Smells terrific. It's all in one. You can basically use this on your entire face and body on times when you are in a hurry - in my case, its when im avoiding the morning rush or when I hear my bub crying. I also love using this on my evening shower because of it's calming effect, it basically readies myself to bed.
Being a work-at-home mom, versatile products like Olay is not just a luxury, it is a convenience, a need - to make everyday living extra special, a cherry on top of my small success, a little secret on giving myself a boost of confidence.
Try the Olay's way to discovering the best version of your skin and be the best beautiful you!

ZA True White Day Protection

With SPF 26 & ++PA, this daytime moisturizer blocks UV rays while helping reduce dark spots and acne marks. It minimizes the appearance of visible melanin build up in long-term use while creating a veil for a bright pearly radiance that enhances skin tone making it look healthier while working to improve overall condition.
After moisturizer, just smooth a pea size evenly over face and neck before foundation. Avoid direct eye contact since the sunscreen ingredient is a sore in the eye. Just rinse eyes in cool water thoroughly in case. Also, the package said that the thinner you apply, the lower your sun protection since indicated sun protection is based on a 2mg/cm^2.
This product is basically a primer and sunscreen rolled in one. I usually apply this after toner and moisturizer.
I felt that after undergoing water therapy for a couple of months now, my skin is fairer, healthier. People are observing these changes - and I like it. What I like about this product is that when I need to go out to run an errand, I just apply this go. Yes, water therapy and this product apparently matches - at least in my case.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

NOTD: Revlon Colorstay

The agony of thinking of hues and gradients that could've matched my outfit or is cute while holding my dear cup of coffee is real. I would've just get on with a nail art sticker or a set of false nails - but of course, to feel that sense of vow(?) and just by being dramatic, I turn down every possibility. Just cleaning (more like pushing) of cuticles, some nips (either by salon or by my hubby) here and there (I opted for shorter nails to avoid scraping down my belly when it's itchy #TMI!) and I'm done! But not anymore!
After more than a year, I finally got my nails painted again! Painted. Again! What a relief!
Okay, lemme tell you first (if you haven't got a clue already) that I refuse myself from getting any nail colors/polishes for the past year because of my pledge to my then unborn and now baby, Dave. It is more like a self-preference during my pregnancy all for my way of giving the best to my baby.
Moving on, here are the colors that I used:
Rose Beige and Mocha
I actually got these a couple of months back from a BDJ Box Soiree event.
The nail accents are inspired by a long-time Instagram friend (@Irinagnatiuk) and I just got to share this mommy milestone before my nails chip-off (take note that I skip using base and top coat) because I was hurrying things up. I hurry things on a daily grind.
When did this miracle happen? After eating out on a food court while the two boys are sleeping and we are waiting for a client to show up! Yes I keep bottles of polishes on my to-go bag (for touch ups too!) Pak! I take that as one of my super mommy power!
These colours look nice in a short or long nails. The gradient of the color is also dependent on how much you apply.
These polishes are created for corporate  girls who wants to rock/show their girly girl side in the office without overdoing it. Good job Revlon! Good job!


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