Friday, September 30, 2011

FOOD TRIP: Ato Ato Barbeque and Restaurant

Ato-Ato Lahug branch is one of the restaurants in Cebu my hubby was bragging about! lol If Jack's Restaurant is one of Baguio City's local favourite pig-out, Cebu City's bet would be the Ato-Ato Barbeque and Restaurant aside from the well-known Lechon Cebu

I first noticed that the parking lot covers half of the lot, and is always almost full. A lot of foreigners are coming in, and take note, they are willing to wait! J Which made me curious, “Why?” The place is simple. The parking lot is not even fully furnished. The wooden structure is mostly made of bamboo. The ads on the walls are simple coloured posters. There’s nothing special with the dining area just plain plastic tables and chairs. Few decors are displayed...

Not, until I saw the menu. They offer seafood and meat grills, soft seashell soups, fresh fruits and drinks from sodas, juices to cocktail. And that didn’t stop at that. The serving is big for a price that is incredibly cheap!

Panaw Soup
I really enjoyed munching the giant squid for Php12 per stick! The other barbeques ranges from Php15 to Php35, less than a dollar... Amazingly cheap!

When you dine in, don’t forget to order a seashell soup and the “Fruit Twister”, at less than $4 or Php150 you could enjoy a pitcher of fresh fruit juice with real fruit chunks. It’s perfect to pair up with the juicy greasy salty barbeques to balance the flavour.

"fruit twister" is in every table
Ato-Ato BBq & Restaurant is perfect for good quality dine-in at a budget! I would give four stars out of five to this authentic seafood haven.

Whenever, I'm hungry of seafood I always wish I could fly to Cebu to eat at Ato-Ato! :P

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Review: Julian Gloag's Our Mother's House

Our Mother's House has an intriguing beginning. It hooked me up from the first page to the last - chilly, intense with dark humor.


The plot is very intriguing... It has the opposite nature of children’s behaviour; innocence is not a nature here, but dark humour, common sense and provocation of thoughts that’ll surely arouse the rapt interest of the reader. Every scene is juicy and mysterious. Suspense was in every step of the stairs, and in every corner of the house lurking and waiting to shock you! This book definitely made me to read on and on.
“Mother died today...”
Leaving her seven children behind.
Seven children who loved her so.
Who will miss her so.

The book was remaked as a 1967 British Drama Film by Director Jack Clayton and screenplay by Jeremy Brooks.

"A startling and impressive book" - Baltimore Sun

Mom is seriously ill, but she didn’t go see the doctor. Now, mother is dead, upstairs in her room. Elsa, the eldest, was sure that they’ll end up in an orphanage, in different orphanages. All of her siblings were afraid of losing each other.

I inserted one paragraph out of the book, because this is the only page that gives the full details of the children, their home and her mother’s name:

closer look to the front cover of the pocket edition
Out of the envelope, Elsa took a sheet of paper and started reading: “Last Will and Testament. I, Violet Edna Hook, of 38 Ipswich Terrace, being of sound mind, hereby bequeath: the lease on 38 Ipswich Terrace; all the furniture and contents of the house; the money in my post office savings bank; and all my personal effects to my dear children, Elsa Rosemary, Diana Amelia, Dustan Charles, Hubert George, James McFee, Gertrude Harriet and William John Winston, to be divided equally among them as they shall decide. I leave them also my blessing in confidence that all will cherish each other and in hope that, having no other, they shall find continual solace and encouragement from the words and deeds of Our Heavenly Father. To my husband, Charles Robert Hook, I hope I can truly say I leave forgiveness which one day I pray he will deserve and the love which he never used but as I sword to twist under my heart, yet which, despite all, I will always bear for him. Violet Edna Hook.” –Page 30 of the pocket edition.

Thus, they decided to bury their mother in their garden. In a way, they pretend she didn’t die, that mom would still be with them.

They go on with their lives, as if mom was just lying sick in her cozy room. When her monthly cheque arrives, her brother forges her signature, by doing so; they will keep a monthly income for groceries and house bills. They keep the questioning public out of their home. When the police arrived, they deal with them. When their good neighbours asked for assistance, they manage to keep them at bay.

Until, one of Elsa’s brothers wrote a letter to their estranged father, Charlie Hook. He knocked to their door and controls their lives after that. He is always drunk, brings women in their house and called them bastards.

Calling them ‘bastards’ cross the children’s limit and Elsa hit Charlie in the head with a fire iron that cause his death. They fight each other. Can they bury Charlie beside their mom in the garden? How will they explain his immediate absence to the neighbours? They give up in the end and call the authorities in the end.

the children are not alone, mom is in the garden buried.
Besides, they were children. They should not be the one to decide.

This is totally chilly and tense drama. The whole story is chaotic and absurd that I still think about it after shutting the last chapter. I hope to see a remake film of this book for I cannot find the whole movie available locally and online.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Pallete

After schooling, I started to have extra time learning about make up and enjoying painting faces . And now, I am collecting make up palletes, brushes and everything in between.

Today, Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Pallete is the star!

"rejoice in the beauty of today"
I put a sticker on the lower right portion to know where to crack this baby up! I got confused of which side to open, and I was worried I would loosen up the screw attaching the the two sides, hence, the sticker. Plus, it gives a personalized touch. ;)
the luscious inside!
It comes with an attached centre mirror, two double-sided end-to-end sponge applicators, and the plastic cover that protects the shadows, which explains the flash... 

without flash
with flash

From highlights like flesh, light gold and light autumn to taupe to darkest shadow bases for smokey looks like shimmery charcoal, bronzy bronze and dark purple and to colours in between, this pallete is complete!

This pallete is perfect for those who travel and can't decide which pot of shadows to bring.. Just note that this pallete collection is all shimmery and glittery and make sure to check each and one of them to make sure they were attached and glued in place. It's also good to keep the plastic cover for extra protection. Price ranges $18 to $20 or Php 1000.00 to Php 1,200.00 inclusive of shipping fee. :)

Hope you could enjoy this pallete as much as I do! If you have any other recommendations and suggestions, feel free to jot it down. :P

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Film Review: MATILDA

MATILDA is a bookworm, your children will surely love.
she is fond of reading books instead of playing around...

She's not your ordinary kid, she is a lovely girl...
she's smart, she know numbers.
she can teach you how to read...
Matilda by Roald Dahl
Matilda is one of my favourite classic film and yes it was originally a book turned-to-movie by author Roald Dahl (like every other good books). This film literally influenced me as a child. This is the reason I am addicted to books. :) I will always wanna view this film every now and then whenever I can, it excites me! I would probably pass it on to my children and grandchildren... I widh to read the book as well to see the sophisticated details and compare it the the film as well.

photo courtesy of
The film revolves on a child named Matilda Wormwood. She came from a very lousy family that doesn't her appreciate her gifts and unique talent. When she was a newly born baby, her parents leave her at the back of the car after they picked her up at the hospital! At four years old, she was always home alone all day. Her parents expect her to take care of herself despite of her very young age...
The Wormwood Household
Her father, Harry Wormwood works as a crooked car dealer who cheats delapilated cars and sell them at a very high price, her mother, Zinnia Wormwood on the other hand, plays bingo, shop till she drop and is always on the run for her self beautification routine. Her only and older brother Michael goes to school and is always on the look out on how to tease little Matilda. Unlike Matilda, her family loves watching TV that her father refuses Matilda's request of buying her a book.
One night, her father became irritated after Matilda refuses to watch TV and read a book instead. She had been a casual public library visitor, reading books one after another, of different topics and stories. Mrs. Phelps, the kind librarian, appreciates Matilda's love for books hence, she allow Matilda to have her own library card and to take home books she is currently reading.
There are times when her father was unaware he is teaching her daughter the 'truths in life' that are quite ironic because basically he himself is donning against it. For instance, when Matilda correctly adds up the earnings of his dad without looking on it, his dad accused her of cheating and send her to her room saying "when a person is bad, that person needs to be punished!". Matilda, as a smart little girl decided to take this matter to her hands again, as judged by the books she read, her dad is bad, hence he needs to be punished.
She exchange bottles in the bathroom that causes her dad's hair to grey, puts glue on his dad's hat when they were in his car deal warehouse, and create chaos in the restaurant they entered.
MR. Harry Wormwood on his Car Dealer Warehouse and his famous hat on! lol
There are some events when Matilda is not conscious about her powers. When her dad insist her of watching TV instead of reading, the television exploded.
As she insisted on studying, her parents decided to enroll her st Crunchem Hall Elementary School. where in children are terrorized by the obnoxiously cruel principal, Agatha Trunchbull. Her schoolmates told her that the worst punishment ever was the Chokey, a small phone-booth like box that has nails and sharp jagged edges where in children are forced to stay in alone, or worst by twos.

The Chokey!
Her first day, was unforgettable, sad and happy. Sad, because a girl was thrown out in the yard by her pony tail, and happy because her teacher Miss Honey is so sweet and appreciate her talent.
The next day, the principal called out to students thru a voice box and told them that they were to go to the theatre hall and to witness the punishing of Bruce Bogtrotter who was accuse of stealing a piece of cake earlier in the canteen. His punishment? Sweep out the whole cake the canteen cook, an old lady with mucus on both hands and nose had made. Bruce was terrified! But through the cheers Matilda had started, he finished the task!
Can you imagine how enormous that cake would have been in a plate like that???
Good for Bruce, Bad for Matilda. Miss Trunchbull's unwanted attention was now on hers. First, because her dad sold her a defective car, second, because of the 'Bruce incident'. She was to go to the Chokey, but Miss Honey rescued her. And that was the start of a sweet friendship!

After school, Matilda insisted of walking Miss Honey home, because to her she was not just a teacher, she's warmer than her mother and she felt loved for the first time! Miss Honey deep inside felt the same way...
Miss Honey on her desk... :)
Miss Honey told Matilda a story about a little girl who lost her mother at a young age... Her father remarried and suddenly died after a mysterious death, but the police believed he killed himself. With a fake will, the girl lost her house and inheritance because of her step mother. The girl was forced to move out of the house and bought a new cottage, but leave her precious possessions behind.

Matilda saw Miss Honey's home and realize that she was the little girl in her own story and that the stepmother she was talking about was Principal Trunchbull! She even thought that Agatha Trunchbull killed Magnus, and Miss Honey agreed. 

Matilda insisted to go visit her childhood house and take a sneak peak. The house was cold. Above the chimney, a portrait of her stepmom holding a javelin is hanging there replacing the old portrait of he father, Magnus.
The wooden box full of different coloured wrapped chocolates and candies!
There are changes, but there are some that remains, like the box of chocolate Miss Honey used to get sweets from. Matilda tried to get two for each of them, but Miss Honey told her they couldn't because Principal Trunchbull would know it! Unfortunately, Miss Trunchbull returned and felt that something is wrong. Someone is in her house! They didn't get any chocolates, they didn't get Miss Honey's doll but they manage to outsmart her and escape without any harm...

At home, Matilda realizes her power. She developed an extraordinary skill. She practice to control her telekinetic ability and decided to go to Trunchbull's house at night.

She got Miss Honey's doll, two chocolates, and scare the wits out of Miss Trunchbull! Horrified that Magnus was haunting her, she ran to her car but got suspicious when she saw Matilda's red ribbon entanged around her car's window lock...

Excited, matilda gave Miss Honey her doll, and together they ate the chocolates while she tried to tell and show Miss Honey her powers. The class started and Miss Trunchbull arrived. She confronts Matilda. But she uses her power to pose as Miss Honey's dead father and terrified her again. The scene was hilariously fun! The other students from the other room realizes what happen and joined in throwing lunch boxes to the cruel principal. Shedrives off and leave the town for good. Never heard or seen. :)

Matilda really love Miss Honey and frequently visits her. One day, her parents came crashing in and ask for Matilda to say goodbye to Miss Honey for they are fleeing to Guam because her father is wanted for illegal dealings.

Matilda and Miss Honey protested! It's a good thing that Matilda have some adoption papers ready in her bag. Reluctant at first, but her parents gave in.

In the long run, Matilda and Miss Honey officially became family. Miss Honey became the new principal of Crunchem Hall Elementary School and Matilda was allowed to use her powers for useful reasons only. They both realize that they finally are having a dream come true: a loving family.

I hope to more read books and watch films that are similar to Matilda, light hearted, very well plotted, filled with encouragement and moral lessons.

Do you know Matilda? Have you read it, watched it, or both?
What is your favorite classic children book/film?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prize Mail from

woo hoo! I've won! (heck! my sister's calling me gaga over my contest addiction... lol)
 I just can't help it! (who doesn't anyway?)
Anyhow, I would like to share to you my recent winnings! *shiny eyes* every now and then share giveaways, contests and freebies. The one I've won was an international giveaway. (I make sure I'm entering an international contest or at least it is locally held or else the efforts would be useless!) The prize? Wet n' Wild Nail Polishes! *gasp* made my heart skip a beat! lol
Wet n' Wild is not locally available in my area, so this is very much attractive to me! Plus, they are known for their good quality products! There are four winners. And as I blabber about it, I'm one of four!

Here are the prizes:

please forgive the mocha frap and the gadgets.. I'm just got so excited, I didn't wait to get home first before  taking the snap shots...
her cute business card
a sweet personal note

<--- check her fabulous card, very stylish!
a personal note can make a heart melt, <3 <3 <3--------->

Here are the main prizes.
These nail paints are from the 'buffy the violet slayer' and 'the gold and the beautiful' fast dry collections. Ring a bell? The collections name are ridiculously fun! lol Wait till you see the fun names of the polishes!
All of them were place in a huge easy-grip 13.5mL bottle! That's a lot of product! Yay! Now, I can splurge on doing the water marble nail art! Gahhhhhhhhhhh... I can't wait!
Check out the ingredients! Beware: naked fingernails... lol
gently peel off the label to see what these goodies are made off...
Moving on, here are the details on each collections.

The 'buffy the violet slayer' as indicated on its name contains hue near to purple and it's neighbouring hue in the color wheel which are the Hannah Pinktana, Blue Wants to be a Millionaire and Teal of Fortune... All are shimmery and lusciously glittered!
buffy the violet slayer trio
dark shade of reddish amaranthine
the red side of purple
sumptuous turquoise color
moody but not blue :)
greenish bluish gloss
green and blue opposing each other
 'the gold and the beautiful' collection is a mixture of neon bright and dark colours that are simply exquisite which contains Silvivor, FuschiaRama and The Wonder Yellows! The polishes are in cream and matte combination...
the gold and the beautiful trio
cream shade of rich silver
gives a metallic twist

matte paint of fuschia pink

show off a dramatic look
cream of yellow jade with sparks
reminds me of a mango purée
Vee surprise me every time! Not just how chic and smart she is when it comes to fashion, but by being so unbelievably generous! <3

Aside from the real prizes, she bought some Jordana products and add it in the package.. :P

"just pearly" eyeliner and "sizzling summer" eyeshadow pencil

the "golden sun" eyeshadow
shimmer pallete - perfectly paired with my 'buffy' polishes!
I think I'm more than a winner, I won a friend I could trust. I believe her honest reviews, and her smart lifestyle awes me!

Check the her website here.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BDJ forget-me-not Notebooks + Review

Good News Girls! Belle de Jour Power Planner didn't just stop in making an awesome planner, they also created notes we should not forget.. :D
Forget-Me-Not Notebooks
So far, BDJ have four (4) different kinds of forget-me-not notebooks which serves different kinds of purpose in different colours with different graphics as well. The first page of each notebook contains a unique poem that is posted by phrases in its entire content. Very inspiring indeed! :P
  • BDJ Essentials
Poem: Why Every Woman is Beautiful? by Anonymous
BDJ Essentials
This notebook is in luscious red colour cover with a very cool graphic of a Bella with a cup of (i would guess it) coffee.. :P This is best use for projects at home, school or work!
Hate missing out on occasions and things? Worry not! The Important Event Tracker will help you list out the important events you need to attend to for the whole year round!
It also includes a Project Planner that'll give you extra help to chop down task into bite size pieces so to speak, its like making a long winding road transformed into simple stepping stones.

Inside BDJ Essential: Notes

This notebook has a lot of spaces intended for brainstorming of ideas, random thoughts and scribbles. I especially love the almost there grids for patterns, drawings and diagrams. I love how I can personalize the pages! Simply amazing! <3

Inside BDJ Essential: My List
 My List can help you track down anything from things to buy, things to do, clients names, project framework, foods to eat, must try places, movies to watch, books to read, whatever!
BDJ Essentials also have New Contact List for new friends we might meet along the way!
The Emergency Card is the last page, it can be detached and be use as a calling card, so spontaneous in making your network grow!

  • BDJ Basics
Poem: Beautiful Women by Fion Lim
BDJ Basics

In mint green color cover, this pocket size calendar can be a display in your cubicle table, use this for quick jots on immediate needs and changes. Every month has a place to note.

  • BDJ Chronicles
Poem: I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack
BDJ Chronicles
Priorities for the week, preparation for next week, things to follow up, list of random things are the things posted in the left side, while the right side as you can see on the picture below contains space with barely-there grids for alignments, drawing guides, etc.. anything for everything you ever wanna put there!

I'm reading Book 8 as you can see, its not yet complete! :P
If for example, like me, your reading Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, and like me (again) you wanna jot down all the badly disguises of Count Olaf on each book, then this notebook is for you! And below that you could even jot down the 13 shocking secrets of Lemony! It's that amazing!

You might ask why I already solved the mystery bounded by the 13 secrets, it is because I can't wait to read it before to know about it! In short, I cheat (a little bit)! lol

  • BDJ Favorites
Poem: The Gift of Friends by Karin Schaefer
BDJ Favorites
this note is a treasure we could keep forever! Track friends' important events like anniversaries, etc, this will help you become a better friend! lol In a way that, first, you won't miss his/her important date and you could show your appreciative side by planning ahead a gift/event/present you wanna give him/her on that special day! Plus, you could even personalize your gift by adjusting the budget, things on his/her wish list, etc... You make a buddy happy while not hurting your wallet! Wise!

Which color is your favorite?


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