Tuesday, February 26, 2013

POND'S Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam

As you could see on my previous post here about Clean and Clear here, Garnier here and Pond's Clear Solutions there, I am still in search for facial wash, scrubs and foam to try out and see what it would do on my skin.

Look who's running out of her paboritong (favorite) scrub?

I love the fresh clean scent after wash. It really penetrates deep down, removing stubborn dirt, traces of makeup and oil! :D Really does makes my skin look brighter and fairer after wash with no dry feeling! :) I just love love love this and I think will repurchase after I used up other scrubs and facial washes on my hands right now! :P
Do you love this pink Pond's too?

Up next, my Nivea Whitening Scrub!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

ELIZABETH: Criss Cross Nail Art Design

Hey guys! How are you? I will show you how to do the cute Criss Cross Nail Art! :)

First is to apply gray nail polish as a base...

Using your thin brush, draw a slanting black stripes as you can see on the picture...

And do it again on the other side...

Then alternately fill in the center of the criss cross using your thin brush and also apply a top coat polish to seal in the design ...and your done! :)

Very easy right? Hope you like it! :)

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Short Time: 3 Basic Make Up Rules

Today I will share rules I used to break, still break during my lazy days. :) I know a lot of people are guilty of these but it's never too late to change, right? :)

#1 - don't sleep with make up on
- my top 1 violation! :P remove make up and wash face, but during lazy days, what I do is, I use make up remover and wet wipes, if there is no make up remover everywhere, I use my good ole' lotion or facial moisturizer

#2 - let your face breathe
- best reason not to put make up on my busy days. I'm good with sunscreen, colored lip balm and brows!

#3 - drink water!
- if you are a breastfeeding mom, water is your best friend. if you love painting faces, water is your best friend and guess what? I'm both! :D
If you break them all and worse comes to worst, just smile. A genuine smile is still the best feature a woman could ever have.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fully Booked X GeriLen-ELizabeth Giveaway!

We score several Fully Booked planners for free and we wanna share 'em up! :D But because of our busy schedule, we totally forgot about it! *palmface!* Fret not, it's better to be late than never, right? (I think I use this same excuse before, hmmm...)
If you don't have a planner yet or if you are a book lover then it is your chance to get one of the three Fully Booked 2013 planners! :D Join now!
Giveaway is for Philippine-based readers only. :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sesou Haul - All About Hair!

One of my major problems aside from my oily skin is my hair. Although I'm dandruff -free, it is as oily as an oil factory I can't live a day without washing it and yes, I recently have mild hair loss which means that my naturally thin hair is getting thinner. Oh my!

I decided to give my hair my full attention and show some organic all natural love! :D Here are the things I picked up for my hair at  Sesou!

OL'EO Hair Regrowth Treatment Shampoo

Good investment for prevention of falling hair! It has pure natural organic mineral scrub goodness that not just delay hair fall but prevents dandruff while thickening and strengthening the hair shafts!
Craving for Vanilla in a healthy way - that is how I describe my obsession with this gourmet skin care hair and body mist!

Vanilla & Co. Hair and Body Mist

I just love to lick and smell this yummy vanilla-watermelon bottle! Got mine for only Php235.00! This a cologne with a twist, it has aloe vera extract good for hair moisturization while leaving a hint of scent. What I do, specially when I'm out and about is that, I wash my hands first, or if not available, I use alcohol, hand sanitizer and then spray this on my clean fresh hands. :) One word: Yummy!

hair mask

My hair felt like it was fresh from salon - soft, smooth, shiny hair in a 30minute home magic! :D

Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil
sunflower oil

I decided to make an in-depth post regarding this elixir bottle! *hint* So d the happy dance while waiting, alright?

What Sesou hair magic bottle did you bought? Share 'em!

ELIZABETH: Tickles Cheetah Tote Bag

Hey guys! How are you this gloomy Monday? I just wanna share to you one of the latest bags that I bought from Tickles, Market Market. 

This is the uber-cute yellow bag protector...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Mini Sesou Haul!

Sesou is a haven for all who embrace earth-friendly living because it is a source of products that has a lifestyle of wellness while being ecological sustainable! Sesou is definitely a one-stop shop for everyday green living! :)
Why? Well, it's mommy-friendly because it offers safe baby products, its ingredients are organic and au-natural, chemical -free, supports livelihood plus its a proud Filipino-owned brands!
Watch out as I'll dig for these babes soon! :D

Saturday, February 09, 2013

ELIZABETH: Ever bilena BB Cream, IN2IT Eyebrow Palette, Ever bilena Eyeshadow Trios

Hey guys! How are you? I just wanna share to you one of my make up routine! So, this is me when I'm not wearing any make up...

Presenting to you the Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream... A whitening, foundation and moisturizing cream all rolled into one! This product provides a flawless coverage while concealing blemishes and dark spots and protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun. And with the help of its potent moisturizer such as Shea Butter and Vitamin E, it richly moisturizes our skin to make it soft and smooth!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation

As much as I love liquid foundation, I have too oily skin. So I only get to use them when I know I'll be stucked on an air conditioned room, or better yet, stucked in Baguio, which I'm not most of the time. I hunt for an oil free, water based foundation and at last I found
Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation
here are the swatches with flash and with out:
aqua 2

What I love about it is that it's water based - oil free, hence perfect match for my oil-factory glands! Alas, it is also a perfect match for sensitive skin because its hypoallergenic as well! I feels light and it has a matte finish, another perfect product for flash photography! Perfect on-the-go! But you just have to make sure you blend it fast because it dries fast and doesn't need to be set with powder. It's affordable for a decent product that could last for a whole day. :) If you have visible blemishes and acne marks, you should fill them out with concealer because this is not that good on hiding imperfections and although it has a limited number of shades, I guess most of Filipina skin would fit on the range. :)

What other brands of gel foundation would you recommend? :)

Gerilen ELinessete

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

4Life Transfer Factor Riovida!

If you remember my post about the things I'm grateful for - the blessings I received - things I deemed thankful for, then you'll know how my heart surgery extended my life...


I never thought I would live the day and tell the tale on how my family and I surpass the ordeal! Well, one of the reason behind this success was my ever supporting family and loving friends, who kept my spirit strong and confidence high.

And also,
1734Life Transfer Factor Riovida Tri-Factor Formula

RioVida is only Php5,040.00 for two bottles of 16.9oz each.


This magic bottle contains acai berry, pomegranate, elderberry, blueberries, purple grapes and apples with a total organic value of 27,864! It was even featured on Oprah Show, NC Today Show and Wall Street Journal! Why?


This yummy "juice" is an all good antioxidant potion that helps fight chronic diseases and immune system challenges. Using this juice as a daily maintenance will protect you and your family from cancer, heart disease, stroke, alzheimer's disease and diabetes!

As you can see on my photo above, I was cut on my upper left back so it is hard for me to move from side to side, get up and lean on my left. I was under surgery at around 7am until 1pm and spend the rest of the day on the ICU, got back on my room at around 6 in the evening and would you believe me if I tell you, the next day, I was up, can walk slowly and rather seat on the coach than lay in bed? :)

My appetite is not that good though, my dad bought anything to trigger my hungry stomach, he bought pizza, siomai, soups even sushi! :P hehehe but the important thing is, I recover fast! My secret? (I've been telling you this all through out this post!) Yes, it's the RioVida! :)

So start your year right! It's not yet too late! Give Riovida a try! ;)

Gerilen Elinessete

Monday, February 04, 2013

ELIZABETH: Apple Green Stripes Nail art

Hi guys! How are you? I just wanna share my latest random nail art tutorial...

First is to apply a Neon Apple Green as a base coat... 

Then create a slanting french tip on the side of your nails, choose any shade that you think will compliment your base color, but for me, I decided to put a silky white shade...

After that, get your thin brush and start creating stripes with even interval, again, you can choose any color that compliment your tip. More vibrant colors, the better!

Put a dots below the tip to finish the design... 

I'm fond of experimenting designs and colors and I  ended up with this design... It's very easy, anyone can create this design in a matter of minutes... Hope you like it!  

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)

TCAT Philippines Haul

This is my first ever Tcat Philippines online transaction! :D It goes on smoothly, the staff are great and very friendly too. I called for the reservation of the items but their first number was residential :3 and I hope they already did something about that. So, I recommend calling the last two hotlines posted on their Facebook page instead. Moving on here are the things that I got!


Rich & HL Android Tablet, a Hanging Jewelry Organizer and 3 Y-Pad for niece, nephew and son. Watch out for my in-depth reviews on these, specially the Y-Pad. If you are planning to buy this, hold your horses! Ha! Now I'm giving you an obvious clue! The Jewelry Organizer is fine except that I had to put something on its sleeve to avoid hunchback! :S

That's it for now. Are you planning to buy cheap tablets too? Then, keep your eyes peeled! :P

FOOD TRIP: Accidental Night at Fishman

One cold night, we are out and about, hungry and tired... No one's home to cook nothing on an empty gas stove and defrosting ref. We decided to hunt down a new restaurant along Global City. With growling stomach, we first headed to a nearby Jollibee only to find out that they don't have a parking space, their a/c  is not working, with long lines of hungry stomach waiting for the cashier to punch in some burgers and soda, we surrender and search for another easy fast food chain KFC, and blessings in disguise as it is, it was closed, even Toastbox is closed already! Frustrated, hungry and angry, we decided to just enter the restaurant in between them, with faith that thus this is really the night the Fishman gets us!


Mom wants to skip rice every night (as if)  hence she ordered the Crunchy Fish Fillet Sandwich (Php 140.00)

While the rest of us decided to try Fishman's Specials that comes with FM House Soup and tour choice of either rice or mashed potatoes.

Dad gets the Baked Salmon (Php 248.00) with mashed potatoes thinking that Clyde will like it. And as it turned out, he did liked the FM crab soup and the mashed potatoes! :D

I ask the waiter about their best sellers and he recommended me to try their Smothered Bangus ala Pobre (Php 210.00) and it was deli! Oh the sinangag rice ala pobre that comes with it is delicious too!

Beth took the plunge with this Butterfly Tilapia with Enselada (Php 230.00). The tilapia is kinda salty but the ensalada is to die for! Yummy flavors, it'll make your mouth waters!


Hubby craves for some Classic Daing na Bangus (Php 189.00) and he gets what he wanted!

We get an additional order of All Day Fishing Ultimate Shrimp Burger And Fries (Php 185.00)
The coleslaw garnish made this dish delicious!
We went home, full and satisfied! Now we learned a new hot spot at the Global City! You'll definitely hear more from the Fishman soon! Hehehe
Ahoy we go! Another day, another Food Trip to go! Have you tried in here? What's your paborito?


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