Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prize Mail from PeachyPinkSisters

 Hey everyone! For sure you remember this fab giveaway:

First off, I wanna thank each and everyone who voted for me. :) Like I posted before on  my Facebook page, although I didn't get the most liked, I got the most amusing graduation moment! :D
Here's a quote from their giveaway winners post:

Before we name the winner, we would like to thank everyone who shared their memorable moments during their graduation with us. It was really fun reading your posts. Some were funny, some were admirable and some were very sweet. :)To view all the entries, click here.

So on to the winner...She is............


We found her answer quite funny and commendable! She graduated as salutatorian but even with such high honors and representing a batch for a graduation pledge, there are still these little small annoying things that can happen during those special moments. Good thing she made it with poise and elegance! Good job, Gerilen! :)
and here's her answer:
"my most memorable graduation would be in HS. Im happy I managed to have social life (barkada) while being one on the top. Finally, i ended up as the school salutatorian. I was assign to do the graduation pledge. while on stage, my stilleto heels got stuck on the floormats holes and i was pulling them out *pasimple* while stating the pledge. heehee thankfully, as i ended up my speech, i pulled the heels without stumbling and uber slowly walk to take my seat!"
Congratulations! :)♥♥♥

I still keep the historical stilleto heels in my closet! :P

And I still believe my highschool days are the best part of my student life! Gahhh... I miss studying! Good thing to know that learning don't end when you graduate 'cause its a never-ending process! :) Moving on...

Early this morning, I received the prize mail containing the 3rd prize! :D
Satchet of Garnier Multi-Action Whitening Cream
L'Oreal Youth Code pre-essence sample
Body Recipe Skin Lightening Lotion
Sephora Girls Lipgloss
 Pond's White Beauty Day Cream Sachet

plus, a personal note:

Really had fun joining this giveaway! Made me reminisce my student life :P *sniff!
Yeah, I miss schooling but I'm happy that I progress and grateful that my efforts (sunog -kilay) paid off!
Thanks again Ms. Dawn & Ms. Liz of Peachy Pink Sisters!
<3 <3 <3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist!

There are times when shopping online gives me more convenience like when I can't get a goodnight sleep and I wanna do my shopping or see a catalog, all I have to do is get online! :D

Just like at! It's an online fashion retailer here in the Philippines that offers major fashion brands from international and local suppliers, distributors, retailers and companies which caters different products for all, women, men and kids! :D Things are getting more exciting! 'Cause when you register online you'll gonna get a Php250.00 discount as a welcome gift plus, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you'll get another Php250.00 rebate, that's a total of Php500.00 off!  Online shopping gives better prices too since SALE is always IN, plus, the variety of choices are amazing wide! A-mazing! I know! :D

Why tired yourself with traffic and crowded malls especially during holidays (when the crowd can give you headache, forces you to do a hurried shopping which in the end will give you more problems, like finding a parking space, skin-to-skin contact with skin-infected-bad-smelling shoppers(let's face it, it happens!), walk loaded with shopping bags (snatch-risky) and sometimes WRONG items bought or less quality because of lack of choices! SMH tsk tsk) when Zalora offers free door to door shipping nationwide! When you wont make it to a special occasions, now there's no more excuses for not sending gifts! And if your like me, who loves to surprise my loved ones with unexpected gifts, you'll gonna abuse the free shipping! hehe Since no matter where they are, they'll gonna get it!

If your still in doubt, or if its your first time to shop online, you'll gonna feel at ease because Zalora is a secured website and offers 30 days return, same day delivery in Metro Manila area and COD (cash on delivery) services! No worries since you could track down your items and ask queries just by calling their hotline (02) 513-03-73 or send an e-mail at

If ever I'll get the chance to splurge on shopping, it would be online at Zalora! Why, conventional shopping makes me spend a lot more than whats on my budget, like eating out, car gas and impulsive shopping (talented salesladies and SALES always get me)! My eyes are on XOXO, 5CM, Gibi and The Little Things She Needs! :D
After browing the site, here is my Zalora shopping wishlist:

That's it! It took me several browsing hours to choose, check the site to know why! :D If you're wondering about my choices, like I said  I wanna share things with my love-ones, even in dreams and wishes. <3 <3 <3
Your favorite brands under one roof at ZALORA Philippines.
It's easy, convenient, secure and safe.

Online Game: Sorority Life

When I was a child, I used to play paper dolls with different kind of cut-out clothes...
just like these :)
Well, I find an online game that basically looks like these but obviously with more features! :D I love to dress up the little me! hehehe

The name of the game...
so girly, right?
Here are the major things of the game:
Socialize, Style, Job and Glam
Socialize: There are different events to organize, which will give the player and her house some influence, earn some cash and get some glam. Plus, when you reach different levels it will unlock new outfits, new events, jobs and sometimes some brownie points that can be used to buy special glam that can't be bought by cash alone.. :)

socialize tab
Style: The glam you get in socializing are collected and can be used to dress up the little you! :D  You get to choose your skin-tone,  accessories which includes hair, eyewear, shoes, neckwear, bracelets, tights, pets and extras like bags, key chains, cellphones, etc. its endless! :D Clothing is categorized from casual wear, cocktail, formal, costume and athletic! The things in this sections are from latest fashion finds to surreal things! And its cute! ;P

Strut your stuff, other players even not your sisters could vote for your fab look!
strut your stuff
walk off
Ask your sisters to vote for your one on one show down on the cat walk! :) and brag about your brownie point glam by joining the
costume contest tab
Job: Each clothes have popularity and charm rate. :) And of course, it must have an upkeep, that you should compensate with cash that socializing cannot cover. Seriously, you must have a job! LoL

Here's an SL tip: Earn a regular income by taking a job in your spare time. Hot Tip: greater influence means better job opportunities!

Glam: here is where you can buy rides and boys! LOL It's like an online shopping for your virtual cash and brownie points. There are the basics that equals cash and there are the Latest Style and Vintage Boutique that can only be bought by brownie points. So collect brownie points, ok? :)

The more popularity ans charm you've got, the better you'll do in fight, and higher gratitude in the burnlist! :D
fight tab
There's a lot more to the game! Like the Swag that contain goodies, essentials, trinkets and vanities. I love the trip abroad, not just because of the cute graphics but because I've learned about the place myself while playing! The design internship, stealing of sweethearts and having online friends! :D

The game is continuing to improve and it's getting more complicated, in a good way :P It's endless!

Have you tried SL before? :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am Beautiful and I Can Rock The World.

Girls tend to compare their-selves with others around them, it's OK and I sometimes cant help myself doing comparison but I am trying not to or at least lessen it... hehe

I am Gerilen Tactaquin-Polon, who used to be Ms. Tactaquin Y Borja.. A happy wife, an engineer, frustrated cook, pilot-wannabe... Vain, but not much. and oh.. did i mention am a camwhore? i go gaga for make up and good books makes me HIGH!

Thinking to myself that I'm beautiful in my own random unique ways. I'm caught up being young and a wife and everyday I try to love my profession and do things I love like scapbooking and squeeze blogging while waiting for my pregnancy to end! :D My life's hectic but I try not to make it toxic and I know just by keeping optimistic and taking things easy I can rock the world! 

Every girl is a princess. Everyone is beautiful own their on unique ways. So instead of killing yourself with jealousy and envy, try to love yourself and

and remember:

Hey everyone, I would like to share a giveaway! The title of this contest and giveaway as seen on the title post is: I am Beautiful and I Can Rock The World. Its for everyone who loves painting their faces just like me! hehe Makeup can boost your self confidence while hiding your insecurities hosted by and sponsored by and :)

Check out the awesome prizes!

This awesome giveaway will end June 09, 2012! :D Join this giveaway by clicking here!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Makeup Bonanza Blogversary Giveaway Part 2

Hi everyone! I would just like to share to you MichEatsandShop's Giveaway Part 2! :D

Happy Blogvesary Mich! May you have more Eats and Shops along the way! :) teehee

Check out the gorgeous prizes! Goodies included are make up from Avon, Careline, Maybeline and L'Oreal!

What are you waiting for? Join her giveaway by clicking here! ;)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Warning: Big Spoiler!
I stopped myself from watching THG because I want to read the book first :)
The Hunger Games
Just finished the book after 3 days and watched the film right away... Am I super late? Oh well, it's better to be late than never.. Fresh from my mind, I easily observe the difference between the book and the film. I love the details of the book mostly on the part where Peeta and Katniss are together in the arena. But I think this time, I love the film more. Simply because Peeta Mellark kept his foot unlike in the book that its been replaced with metal. amp!

The events took place in a nation called Panem, after the unknown war destruction, the wealthy Capitol and the twelve provinces surrounding it named by districts one to twelve. District 12, the coal region was were Katniss and Peeta came from. To avoid repeating the war, the Capitol started the Hunger Games where in a boy and a girl ages 12 to 18 are chosen randomly from different districts to participate as tributes that must fight their way in an outdoor arena controlled bu the Capitol.

Katniss Everdeens
74th Hunger Games is the first time where young Primrose's name was included to the fish bowl of tributes but that didn't guarantee that the odds are in her favor since Effie Trinket's picked her name in random. Dearest Primrose, like a duckling, slowly walked over to the stage until Katniss volunteered on her behalf.
Primrose Everdeens
Peeta Mellark, a baker's son was the boy tribute of District 12. Katniss recognized him as the bread boy from her school, once he gave her bread for her starving family. In the book, the mayor's daughter, Madge, gave Katniss the mockingjay pin, while on the film, Greasy Sae from the Hob gave her the pin. Really thought Madge is an important character! She's important on the 2nd and 3rd book! I don't know how will it be without her. hmmp Guess I'm gonna find out...
Peeta Mellark
After a brief farewell to their friends and family, both tributes from district 12 was taken to the Capitol to be trained by their drunken mentor, Haymitch Abernathy; the only victor of their district in the 50th Hunger Games. In their several days in the Capitol, they were well fed, kept clean and beautified Katniss can't even recognize herself! While practicing, Haymitch told them to watch out for other tributes, Peeta revealed his feelings for Katniss live on air with Ceasar Flickerman, and Katniss has found a small spot for District 11's girl tribute, Rue who reminds her very well of Prim.

Peeta's love declaration was thought by Katniss only as a strategy to staying alive. Aside from hunting, they survive the game because the sponsors send gifts like soup for Peeta, medicine for Katniss burned ankle and etc. Inside the arena, Katniss was joined by Rue in a short time because the boy from District 11 struck her with a spear that causes her death. Katniss sing her to death and adorned her body with wild flowers as her last respect. That part made me cry! :'( *sniffs*

To highlight the "Star-Crossed Lovers" of District 12, the rules was changed halfway of the games, two tributes can now win as a pair as long as their both on the same district. This is when Katniss finds Peeta, hiding and wounded. She took care of him and nurse him back to health while hunting for their food. She acts as a young girl falling inlove that catches the hearts of the audience in the Capitol. After defeating all the tributes, at last the Gamemakers change the rule to its original standard of lone victor. Hence, Katniss suggests they commit suicide by taking out poisonous berries from her pouch. Before they took their lives, the Gamemakers announced that both of them were official victors of the 74th Hunger Games!

Katniss thought its over... She survived and she's ready to go home; young, rich and famous. Not until she was warned by Haymitch that she puts a stirring to the districts by defying the Capitol's authority by her suicide attempt in the arena.

Peeta on the other hand was strucked and heartbroken after he discovered that Katniss in the arena was not for real. I felt sad for Peeta!  Now, as they go back to their district, Katniss was now unsure how she feels about Peeta and how she'll face her long time hunting partner, Gale.
Gale Hawthorne
Like I said earlier, in the book, Peeta had his broken ankle replaced by metal, but in the film, they didn't show that he's injured.. And I'm happy to have Peeta biologically complete! :D
Things kept on stirring! and now I'm reading the 2nd book! Cant wait to see the next film! Oooooh.. I really thought Madge should be in the film! :3 What do you think?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

L.A. Colors Eyeshadow Pallete in EP41Wine and Roses

Do you remember this? prize mail from One of the stuff she generously include on my original prize was this:

The camera didn't do justice to the colors of this pallete! Nevertheless, I've been using this for quite a while now and I have to say that I really enjoyed this when I wanna don a lavender smokey eyes or just a simple wearable eye make up.
here are the swatches from the pallete from left to right:
without flash
with flash
The creamy shimmer color is also good as a highlight in the inner corner of the eyes. The second shade has a brown undertone to it that looks good when donning a neutral look, the shades goes deeper and darker that's just perfect for a smokey eyes for day and night.

Have you tried this pallete?
Also, check out my Coastal Scents 88 shimmer pallete.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hey everyone, I would like to share to you this awesome giveaway from Firmoo and Starmishie...

Here are some of the items that you might win:

Know more about this giveaway by clicking here.

Friday, April 06, 2012

MAC Cosmetics Cake?

Hi everyone, I would just like to share to you what Kandee Johnson of  kandeej shared this morning! LOL
That's one fantastic cake for one fantastic MAC lover! :P heehee Click here to see her blog post! :D have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Korean Cosmetics + Urban Decay Easter Giveaway

Hi everyone, I would like to share to you  chicsassymom korean cosmetics and urban decay giveaway!
Take a look at the prizes!

SkinFood Royal Honey Premium Set, Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, SkinFood Platinum Grape Cell Mini Gift Sets x 2, Nature Republic Brightening Mask x 2, Tony Moly Eye Mask SkinFood Magic Hair Pad, Urban Decay Loose Pigments x 3, Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac Sweet Pea, Delon Body Butter Vanilla

Join this giveaway by clicking 


Hey Everyone! It's fun to join giveaways, right?
Now, I wanna share to you peachypinksisters graduation giveaway! :)
Take a look at the prizes!

For the FIRST Prize:

The person who gets to be picked randomly will get the chance to win these items from Mauve.

a pair of these fab earrings
A vintage necklace

and a leopard print bangle!
The SECOND prize

consists of the following:

A leather wrap from Wear Mauve.
Skin79 BB Cream Sachets and a NYX Round Lippie in Watermelon
from the sisters. ♥
The THIRD prize
consists of the following:

Body Recipe Skin Lightening Lotion
Satchet of Garnier Multi-Action Whitening Cream
Pond's White Beauty Day Cream Sachet
L'Oreal Youth Code pre-essence sample
Sephora Girls Lipgloss

Join this giveaway by clicking here


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