Thursday, August 30, 2012

BC Blogger Meme: Blogs I Regularly Read

These are the recent blogs I love to read and regularly stalk! hee hee They are in no particular order since they blog about different subjects like make up, lifestyle, food, travel, parenthood and health. :)
I'm following her through my email hence I constantly receive her post. At first i thought she's an ordinary kikay blogging about make up, not until i found out about her Things I love Sundays and What I Know For Sure posts! Check her out to know why!
My cousin introduced me to Bubs, Michelle Phan, Jen and Xteener through Youtube and I loved this Korean-American girl on first sight! :D she's honest and I love her heart-to-heart posts and her make-up tutorials are easy to follow! :) Learned a lot from this brainy and beautiful girl! :D
im so amazed on how this mom could go technical on her post, up until i found out she is not just a nursing mom, she's a licensed lawyer too! :D Learned a lot about momhood from this mom! How COOL is that! She really knows her stuff and what she's talking about! :P
She's fun and is full of inspiration. I love the positive vibes that I get from this girl. I tell you, when you're down, go check her out!
Love the foodie in her hehe plus the fact that she could transform her clients (she's a professional make-up artist) from so-so to oh-so-awesome! :)

What are your five most read blogs? Share them below!

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The Comeback Giveaway!

Diane of my kiss en make up is back! And she's back with a giveaway! :D

Welcome her back and join here

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

600 Followers Giveaway

Dawn of See it, Love it, Swatch it! is celebrating her 600 followers milestone by hosting a giveaway!

One winner will take all of these babies home! Drooling already? Head here to join her giveaway!

BC Blogger Meme: What's In My Bag?

What's in my (our baby) bag? :D Well, before I go there, I would like to show you
this blue Precious Moments baby bag
This used to be our (me and babe's) bag, but since it really need a good facial wash, I decided to buy a new one!
Timely, Market Market is on sale! Original price is Php500, slash Php200 and here is what I got! :D
Before showing you the insides, I would just love to brag about the details! Lots of compartments and cute striped colors!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

BC Blogger Meme: Five Money Saving Tips

Woot Woot!
yes! that was me pretending to be a moneygirl! but oh no! that is NOT mine!  (although I wish it is!)
I think that this is the biggest amount of money that I had touch in my entire life! O.O

Recent Favorites: Make Up

Yes, this is a baby bag,
but since I'm breastfeeding, this bag had spaces for my kikay kit! Yahoo!
still, missing playing with these e/s!
Here are my recent loves!
Current favorites aotm :))
First off, although not included in the photo, I'm still inlove with Garnier brightening oil control scrub! :D
Included in the photo are the
(Click the linkies to go the blog posts!)
lippies atm
Will be doing some reviews on some of the products included in these photos including swatches of these yummy lippies! :D
Whats your recent favorites? *it doesn't have to be make up* Share 'em!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

MUSIC: Maroon 5's Payphone

Heard this song for quite awhile now, and I'm LSS all the time. I think the rhythm got me! And I wanna share them to you too! Here is the official music video I got from Youtube.

of course, to appreciate the song better, you should know the right lyrics! So below is the video lyrics of Payphone that I also got from Youtube! :)

and one more thing to share is a cover that I pegged as the best! :P

The guy is so cute and the voice makes me melt! *Oozed
Did you enjoy this song too?

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

BC Blogger Meme: Five Countries I Want To Visit Before I Retire

I've never been out of the country. Although I would like to visit all of Philippine's islands first before flying abroad (as if I had the money and time in the world) there are these particular places countries I wanna step on and leave my footprints behind... I have more than my fingers to enumerate but since it would probably bore you, I'll stick with enumerating five and rank them from fifth to first as my top one.

5 - Sentosa, Singapore
Singapura also known as the Lion City is the only Asian country that hits my top five! Honestly, I just recently fell in love with this country eversince I learned from my Singaporean friends and from my Singapore-addict cousin Zhai (who flew in and out of Singapore whenever her time and budget allows her) how organized they were and how cute her crisscross false lashes and vintage-y accessories pasalubongs were . I even thought of working here as an OFW but circumstances didn't allow me to do so. Nevertheless, my itinerary if ever I get the chance to be here is first to have a picture with the famous

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Fashion: French Costume

I was surfing online and saw this collage of a "costume" especially made for those planning to visit Paris!

love the Eiffel Tower postcards!
This is the exact same thing on my mind when I thought of Paris. :P

Monday, August 06, 2012

Avon Collective Haul for the Month of July 2012

One of my favorite catalog brands of products are from Avon, it's as if Avon made your shopping easier because they have a wide range of items from make up, undergarments, and even items perfect as a gift. Another good thing about this brand is it always have a monthly sale! :D Who doesn't want a constant sale?
Okay, so recently after browsing two catalogs for the entire month of July, here is my mini collective haul! :P
I've been using these for quite awhile now, and I'm so impressed with Anew and I'm currently rocking the Imari lines :P I will be blogging about some of these products including my say on Anew Revitalizing cream, swatch of my new shade of lippie and that cream shadow and eyebrow liner. :P
What did you get for the month of July? And what are you getting for the month of August? Share 'em!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

MUSIC: BoA's Every Heart

Aside from Amazing Kiss which I still sing whenever wherever I remember it, here's another one of my best ever favorite song from Beat of Angel; Every Heart. <3 <3 <3
Here's the music video:

I like the japanese version better than the english rendition, maybe because the lyrics fit better to the music.
And so, here is the japanese lyrics of Every Heart:
Ikutsu namida o nagashitara
Every Heart sunao ni nareru darou
Dare ni omoi wo tsutaetara
Every Heart kokoro mitasareru no darou
Nagai nagai yoru ni obieteita
Tooi hoshi ni inotteta

Meguru meguru toki no naka de
Bokutachi wa ai o sagashiteiru
Tsuyoku tsuyoku naritai kara
Kyou mo takai sora miageteiru

Donna egao ni deaetara
Every Heart yume ni fumidaseru no
Hito wa kanashimi no mukou ni
Every Heart shiawase ukabete nemuru

Itsuka itsuka subete no tamashii ga
Yasuraka ni nareru you ni

Meguru meguru toki no naka de
Bokutachi wa ikite nanika wo shiru
Toki ni warai sukoshi naite
Kyou mo mata arukitsuzukete yuku

Osanai kioku no katasumi ni
Atataka na basho ga aru so sweeet
Hoshi tachi ga hanasu mirai wa
Itsumo kagayaite ita so shine

Meguru meguru toki no naka de
Bokutachi wa ai wo sagashite iru
Tsuyoku tsuyoku naritai kara
Kyou mo takai sora miagete iru

Meguru meguru toki no naka de
Bokutachi wa ikite nanika wo shiru
Toki ni warai sukoshi naite
Kyou mo mata arukitsuzukete yuku

I just love the girl, the meaning of the song and music. :)

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Photo Blog #3 Rainy Season

Rainy days are SO not yet over, with or without a storm, fog, wind and drizzles are always there to make the day cold and the night colder.
lurv the rain!
Rainy days are the best time for soups and hot beverages!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

FOOD TRIP: Sa Wrapped!

Since Binalot (Wrapped) is not yet available here in Baguio City it's good to know that a fast food restaurant close to its services was available! They serve Filipino-style food at an affordable price.
located at 3rd floor, SM Baguio
It's more affordable and with the same serving size.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

BC Blogger Meme: A Day In My Not So Boring Life

Embrace yourself for a quite long introduction...

Why? I had to, because I thought you need to know how I ended up on my recent daily routine. Please bear with me, hehe Here goes...

My husband and I used to work at home and when I was not yet pregnant, we either used to go out all day to inspect construction sites and have meetings with clients, architects and consultants. Or. We used to wake up, buy our breakfast, sometimes skip it, face our laptops not bothering each other until our seats gets hot or until the tummies growl that it's lunch time. I dont usually cook so we eat outside on our kitchen extension aka Chowking, good thing KFC opened up! :D Go home, work again, eat our dinner out. Or. Stay on our extended office aka Starbucks, Market Market or Coffee Bean, Serendra.  Go home and try to work again until were worn out and sleep at around one in the morning... again and again... and again... We were so workaholics that our lifestyle worn us out too we decided to have a babe. :)

When I was pregnant, I eat and sleep and sometimes when I'm on it, I still design and squeeze blogging. But most of the time, I'm in bed sleeping... dreaming... dozing off...  I just push myself to get up just to eat or pee or meet the doctors; OB-Gyne, Cardiologist, Hematologist.

The babe is out and we are still in transition.
Keeping a newborn is hard to master! My 'daily routine' is erratic! Like in Algebra, it will never be constant again but an integer, an unknown value of x. How to take care of new-born baby? First week, we were sleepless. Second week, hubby returned to work and I'm still, I mean were still sleep deprived! Third week, I'm getting the hang of it without sleep.

Babe now is 5kgs and more than two feet long...
He just turned two months last 26 and all I do all day is to breastfeed, burp, change diaper while squeezing blog and precious sleep. Yes, now I have new love for sleep!!! Mind you, i need to feed him every two hours for twenty-four hours! Do the math!!!


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