Friday, January 31, 2014

Empties January 2014

Hello February! :) Oh my... how time flies. It passes like a breeze and with a blink of an eye we are now at the end of January. End means goodbye forever when it comes to these products – let’s see who will make it to my mommy-baby things to buy list!
Taya Beauty Amazon White Clay Thickening Shampoo – this is so good to my thin hair unfortunately this will not make it to my next things to buy because I just happen to win this on one of the many international giveaways! BTW, check out her blog if you are into beauty in a huge-zilla way!
Cycles Sensitive Baby Head-to-Toe Wash – so gentle yet so effective on making my baby feeling fresh and clean without compromising his soft sensitive skin! ;)
Pantene Pro-V Conditioner – first off, thank you so much Belle de jour power planner for giving this for free. It did conditioned my better than my regular conditioner - it's 80% more anyway - totally repair my damaged hair. My hair is now softer and tangle-free! And... I love the nozzle! lol
Nivea Extra White Repair - is a pore minimiser foam that whitens and cleans face while removing 10 makeup residues including oil, powder, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, silicon, eyeliner, coloring, moisturizer residue and sunscreen residue for a squeeky clean face! Smells good and refreshing too!
Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash - I'm actually torned between getting a full size of this face and body wash or the bath bubbles! :P Shiny green liquid smells good and keeps baby clean and fresh. I use a pea-size for his hair and a coin size for his body. :) Lathers quickly too!
Ph Care - I tried the sample pack wherein you get to try all the scents in small bottles, and so far I'm enjoying the green one. This one is a little subtle more my liking, but never the less, feels clean and comfortable down there. Shh! :P
Goodbye January! Hello February!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pond's Age Miracle Day Cream

I like the bright red packaging, the spf 15 ++ although it's not enough and I also like that it suits normal to dry skin. To not make my face looks like a slimy oily mess I only use four small dots - on my forehead, two cheeks and neck while avoiding my nose, chin and skin before my eyebrows aka T-zone aka oily spots. It's velvety, creamy and smells good to me!This product contains Vitamin C, micro collagen and SPF 15 that boosts skin renewal process and stimulates natural collagen production.
Will wait for a younger, more radiant looking skin! It promise to make a difference in just one week - let's see! Have you tried any age defying cream from Pond's?

Food Trip: Bon Chon


Monday, January 20, 2014

Food Trip: Gourmet Metro

There are nights when were just too tired of eating dinner on dinner that we decided to get a breakfast meal to end the night. Here at Gourmet Metro, we finally did it. Breakfast served all day!
Aside from the series of silog
we also tried this
served straight from its packaging, the sliced beef is ready to eat, no need to cook! Yum! Real extraordinary way to end the night in a beefy peppery note. :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Slimmer's World and Facial Warts

As much as I would like to deny and hide them, they're there in my face waving high to the world - my facial warts. It all started after I gave birth, the immune system got weak to the point of popping a wart which is viral and spread like wild-fire on my face. I knew it was spreading and but I never thought it would be this much...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Prize from The Chronicles of Vanity: ZA Cosmetics

I've been an avid reader of this blog a long time ago. I love the way she "speaks", her choices of words, her point of view - she is one good example of an it girl, a belle de jour girl living life to the fullest. She is living my fantasy, my dream and my wishful thinking... you should check her out - she's a good online influence. ;)
I got to finally meet and greet her at the BDJ Veterans Party! :D
Moving on, I was one of the winners of her ZA Cosmetics. She's suppose to deliver the goods but I suggest to just have a date and the photo below explains the outcome.

Shine Moist Keratin Treatment

I felt that my hair is damage since my last hair rebonding and frequent sun exposure making it dry, coarse, dull and frizzy. Noting that my hair is naturally thin, making it frizzy equals hay-textured hair that is tangle prone and easy to break. Good thing tita shared her little secret with me...
Shine Moist Keratin Treatment
Keratin treatment and rich protein bond nourish hair and leave habit exceptionally soft. Steamer or covering the hair in plastic maximizes it potential to increase softness.
Competent to penetrate deeply while protecting cuticular hair layer
How to use: After shampooing, blot dry hair with towel or cotton shirt apply generous mount and cover hair with plastic cap for 15 - 30 mins with heat.
No pungent smell at all, this treatment did not irritate my sensitive scalp and at the same time nourish, tame and soften my hair. When I first use this, I didn't use any steamer or plastic cap, but, the result really made me a believer! Just a treat I need for my sister's big day!

Glam Chin and Forehead Strips

My little sister's wedding is a success, not to mention, a big hit - and I'll spill the beans on here soon! As for this post, this is one of our way to prepare ourselves for the big event! One of my biggest insecurities is my blackheads especially on my nose, but aside from using this twice a week, my sister is sweet enough to give me a couple of this Glam strips
and a visit to Slimmer World for facial and gym. ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Empties December 2013

It's late and I don't care, I love my December empties to bits I'll probably scrape off the last bits of these right after I slash off its top edge from its body.
Missha Real Moist 24 Hand Cream in Manuka Honey - long-lasting moisturizing effect derived from nature
Baies Sucrees Sweet Berries Handcream
2 tiny bottles of Nichido False Lashes Glue and E.L.F. Black Pen Liner
Johnson Baby Powder in Milk and Off Lotion for Kids :)
Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Energizing Facial Foam and Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier
last but not the least, CreamSilk Hair Conditioner for Hair Fall
That's it! Sorry for being MIA, a wedding, a dance and an infant is keeping my arms, hands and mind full. ;)


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