Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ELIZABETH: ALDO Accessories - Vintage Bow Hat

Hi guys! We are busy doing facial on our site, as you could see, we have a different background already! Yay! We will be focusing more on beauty, fashion, DIY, a bit about books and healthy lifestyle too! :D I am so glad to share with you my scrapbook as well, maybe sometime soon. :P

The photo above was taken when im on my way to mall . See my favorite hat? :P
I bought it from

At Aldo's Bonifacio High Street branch! :D

See the bow hat details! The layered stitches are fab!

Floral accent perfect for summer! The denim background is the perfect contrast for this reddish pink flowers. It's kinda vintage as well and SO LOVE IT!

The black satin like cover in the inside was sleek and gorgeously smooth my hair won't get tangled! One of my great finds in Aldo! :D Yay!

Upnext, another nail art tutorial! :)

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)

ELIZABETH: OOTD Parisian Shoes & People are People Dress

Hey guys! I just wanna share to you my nice outfit! The dress I wore on the picture below are from People are people. That dress is a special gift I received from my future mother-in-law! :) I really really loved that dress! While the shoes i'm wearing is from Parisian and I bought it at SM City Baguio when I was there.

I love this dress because its like a butterfly...see the details? :)

This photo was taken at Burnham Park, Baguio City.

Take a closer look on my shoes...

I love that I can wear high heels without fear of slipping and getting out of balance because of the wedge's flat rubber sole. The heels has a wooden finished while the strap has a snake-like look.

This style is available in several colors but I decided to get this greyish shade because it makes the snake skin more realistic.Surprisingly, I am very comfortable wearing this, I could even run with it! Ha! :D 

 Can you blame me if I tell you that I'm so in love with it?! Because it really makes me tall... *wink wink nudge nudge* hahaha :D

See how high is that! You might be afraid of wearing this if you are not yet inlove with high heels but believe me, try wearing wedges and you'll find yourself more comfortable than you expected.

Now, here is my butterfly dress.

Its likea square when I spread it, hence the high-low. The darker colors for the edges of this dress accentuate the cut, its like I'm a fairy without wings! Now, give me my wand! ;)

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)

Short Time: Food Porn

If you are following me on instagram (@gerilen and if you haven't please do) Then you know how much foodie I am, how I love to take photos of our food,
(Ceasar Tuna Salad from Shakeys)
how I long to eat out and try different restaurants ... only then I realize that what I shoot makes me extra fat! :( Oh yes, little did I know that a (food) picture is worth a thousand calories! D: Photos revealing seductive meals in delicious details - can obviously make one overeat! Like I said, I tend to long for another dine in restau, to order the other dishes I didn't get the chance to taste, no scratch that, to eat! And since one of the best thing to experience is to taste everything, the only remedy we could do is to share! :) or at least buy the smallest portion, and take it out just so you could still follow the "stop eating while you are hungry" rule. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ELIZABETH: ALDO Accessories - Sunglasses and Box Case

Hey hey hey! How are you guys? Like I promised, I will share to you how to be fashionably hot this summer! :D My latest fashion finds from ALDO Accessories!

Beat the heat with this fashionable shades! I love love love the taupe color plus the metallic details on the borders of this shade is LOVE!

Even the box protector is fashionably cute, I love the orange-y abstract details of it! Reminds me of peacock feathers and summer beaches!

The shades cost only Php.550.00
Hey! You need UVA and UVB protection for your eyes to avoid premature wrinkles around the sensitive eye area. No-no too wrinkles! And, did you know that you'll get more wrinkles during summer because of the heat! So stay protected at all costs!

The details, I love love love!

I bought this shade bag because when I first saw it, I felt love.The colors, the texture, the sturdiiness, you can't say no to this baby! hahaha :D

This cost only Php.350.00, not bad, ey?

I separately bought the shades and the peacocky bag. You can just buy the shade alone but fear not because this soft bag is included when you purchase the shades... I just couldn't say no to that sturdy cover above, and I just felt I need extra protection! :P

this extra shades wiper are included as well... Double, triple fashionable protection!

Wanna see me wearing this?
Scroll down!

Wanna see more of me? Check out our Facebook page and hit like!

PS - If you are looking for everyday sunblock, you might wanna check this out ---> Ever Bilena Face and Body Sunblock!

 live, love, laugh,
Beth :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ever Bilena: Face Sunblock, Body Sunblock and BB Cream

Finally, I kicked myself in the butt hard enough to get me some sunblock goodies from Bello, SpectraBAN60 of Steifel and Ever Bilena. Obviously in this post Ill be sharing about the latter, its EB face and body sunblock! Local cheaper brands doesn't mean not worth trying, sometimes a gem is camouflaging in the sea of pebbles. Gee, I suck!

Cut to the chase, the face and body sunblock from Ever Bilena have almost the same exact ingredients, only cyclomethicone is present on the face cream while cetearyl alcohol is included on the body cream

aside from that both products contains Vitamin E, shea butter and licorice extract that helps lighten and brighten skin.


The only downside of these are that they are not paraben free, methyl paraben and propyl paraben are included inside and it leaves white streaks on the skin if not blended well. So make sure to use small amount and just add if you feel needed, and avoid squeezing alot at once. you get the gist. 

Aside from sunblock, it also helps prevent my skin from drying because of the shea butter...
I was looking for Myra-E tinted moisturizer when I saw this...


I can't believe it at first, but why not. I wanna save time hence I'm on the hunt for the 2-1 moisturizer and foundation from Myra-E, and it's always out of stock... To end my dilemma, I just pick this up and pay it on the counter. Besides, it has the same Oriental shade from my favorite drugstore liquid foundation.

Ever Bilena BB Cream comes in two packages. The pink BB Cream and the purple one. I'm opting for the pink one because it has anti aging but doubt because the shade is far of my own.

This BB Cream is a whitening, moisturizer and foundation packed in one bottle. Saves time when you are on the move. And I think this is good for everyday use. :) Perfect matched with my Nichido Final Powder!
In the end, i just wish I picked up the pink one because im really not into whitening and would rather give my skin some anti ageing love.

Should I get the pink tube too?

ELIZABETH: Etta's Compact Skin Whitening Powder

Hey guys! How are you? We've been so busy AND HAPPY we might throw a giveaway! hahaha It is so much harder to cook up a giveaway than I thought, but still... Anyways, I will be sharing to you my experience using this product ^(see the title post again). 

Presenting to you, the Etta's Compact Skin Whitening Powder! This is good for skin beauty lightening. As I say on my second post, I will be blogging about Etta's bleaching powder! How I came up to this is because I am preparing for my upcoming wedding! So, this product only cost Php.180 per box. I bought this at Market Market, but you can also purchase this at any Hortaleza shop.

One box of Etta's bleaching powder has 2 plastics inside.. 

This one is the Etta's Mixing Solution, hydrogen peroxide 10 volume. This product only cost Php.25 per bottle.

So, this is what it looks like when you mix the whitening powder and the mixing solution. You should stir it in one direction to trap the bubbles and expand the mixture, until it looks like a melted ice cream...

This is the texture of the bleach, applied wet on areas you wanna whitens...

Let it dry for about 10 to 15 minutes, when I first try this, It was actually too painfully irritating, I can't  bear the itchiness I feel, that I had to wash it off in less than two minutes! I can't keep myself from scratching my skin... I know patience is a virtue, I am a patient person but just not in that particular moment! :/

After washing it off, this is the result. Some marks of redness occur because of scratching. I tried this product for about two weeks but sometimes I washed it off even if its not dry yet because I can't bear the itchiness I feel, no scratch that, I suffer! This product is effective but I decided not to use this all over my body because of the pain I'll suffer! (insert maarte laugh here) hahaha...So, I will only use the left product for my dark areas such as elbows and knees! ;)

I hope this review helped you about Etta's bleaching powder.

P.S. That is my inner leg right there just in case you are wondering... #weirdangle
And you might wanna try this if you are looking for a more easier way of bleaching, and challenge yourself: Can you bear the itchy-monster?:)

And if you want to know how to prepare the bloody-hard-yet-effective Original Homemade Bleaching Mixture, I might share it with you! Just say "pretty you, pretty please with a cherry on top!"

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)

Friday, January 25, 2013


Are you ready for Rich Android Tablet?
(photos from TCAT Philippines)
I do! :D
Can't wait to open this baby up! Watch out for my first impression about this!
Stay tuned and keep safe!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hey everyone! How's your Wednesdays? Mine is so-so. I woke up late and rushed to get my morning routine done! Yay for me! cause I've done my things to do just after my 12 pm strucked. 

Meaning, I have time to blog! And now I will be showing you how I carry all my lipstick without hassle!
How I came up to this is because whenever I travel or go out, I encounter the same problem; how to fit all my lipsticks in my small purse.You can buy a ready made lip palette but I decided to create my own so that I could carry my all time favorites! I could choose the colors from nude to reds and lastly I could recycle and help mother nature. Another yay for me! Hahaha! :D Lets get started! 

We'll be needing an empty compact face powder,or if you have any eye shadow palette, you can also use that..But for me,I will be using an empty compact face powder from Avon. 

We also need some tissue, spoon, candle, pusher and a lighter or a match. 

And of course our lipsticks..
One of my favorite lipstick here is from Avon which is Amour Rose. I lost the cap during our driving lesson with my sis! So, as you can see the middle lipstick doesn't have a cap on it. 

First step is to scrape all the lipstick using the pusher and put it on the spoon...
TIP: If you wanna used up all of the product left inside the tube, use a lip brush to scrape it off.

Allow your lipstick to melt slowly, you can also stir it using the pusher..

You can now pour it to your empty compact face powder.. If you are planning to put several lip color, be careful not to stain the entire pan and slowly pour to avoid burnt fingers.

Just repeat all the steps until you are finished..

you could use your nail pusher or a toothpick to align the edges of your palette.

(Check out my nail tutorial here!)

Like I said, making your own lip palette is easy, cheaper, saves space, you could customize the colors, the amount of product you will put, the design and lastly you could put in an empty compact powder, or empty gel liner tube. :)

It's exciting to make too! Just be careful not to burn your fingers or your house! For that matter... If you know you can't do it alone, ask help of your parents or guardian for extra safety! :) Or maybe do it outside the house. :P You know.

Are you liking DIYs? I will be sharing another DIY soon! So stay tuned!

If you did try this, share your DIY lip palette on our facebook page and tag us!

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

FOOD Trip: North Park

Hiya! My sister and I are going gaga over nail arts (as you can see on her previous posts) and make up! But aside from that we love to celebrate food! :D Dining out is one of our bonding moments, you know, eating and chatting comes together naturally especially when it comes to our family. It keeps us updated and it's a healthy way to harmonize family members. We always end up having thick crust pizza on our plates because first, I love pizza I crave for them. Secondly, we love Italian dishes that includes lasagna, red and white pasta, garlic bread...

But when we want beef and noodles in a bowl, this is always our first (nearest) option. :D

np(North Park, Market! Market! branch)

Love the ambiance and the details of the small gazebos lined up on elevated wooden floor and the Chinese lanterns that radiates low yellow light. :)

Another plus was their menu. It's like their hitting two birds in one stone. Menu and placemat in one!
Two thumbs up for that!

But hey, we are here to satisfy our hungry stomach so the real best reason to dine here was the dishes!
They got everything, from heavy meals to light snack! This what we got for our merienda (snack)!

Braised Noodles with Nanking Beef (Php215.00)

Beef Congee (Php160.00)

Braised Noodles with Fresh Prawn Dumplings (Php280.00)

White Chicken with Steamed Rice (Php 175.00)

While waiting for our orders... :P

We love to din here! The beef is so tender, the fibers are already separating and splitting. It's a great value for money because everything tastes good! :D And since everything tastes good, everything is a must try! So yes, we will be coming back for more. To taste those dishes we didn't get the chance to encounter, yet! Hehehe

The tummy is full and tastebuds satisfied! next time we will try the Anised Beef dishes, Yang Chow Fried Rice and Boneless Honey Lemon Chicken. What stands out the most for me is the beef! Babe loves the broth even the congee.

Well, I'm hoping soon they'll over bottomless soup for their noodles. :P

What are your North Park favorites? Share them up! :P

Gerilen Elinessete


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