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Whether you wanna preserve important memoirs, express your creative side, release stress, start a hobby or just want scraps and crafts, scrapbooking is the answer!

I bought myself some scrapbooking materials and I wanna share them with you!
cute, vintage and is ready to stick on :D
these are perfect for the background and frame of the pages

buttons and earrings!
Aside from the things I bought, I also collect buttons, pins, earrings, old bracelets and ribbons for the touch up and to add a little drama! :D
i bought these at 50% off! Amazin'!
a teddy bear, a sunflower clothes pin and more sunflowers
random stickers with engrossment
scrapbooking is incomplete without the colored glitters!
This Kit is perfect for beginners like me

it comes with a CD that talks about tips, do's and don'ts on scrapbooking!
I cant wait to get started! I hope to have my finished product soon! I'll be doing one for my graduation, wedding day and for my little baby soon! *Excited!*

BDJ Rendevouz: Breaking Free

First of all, im so sorry for this very late post. i'm always sleepy. :3

To enter this BDJ Event, I had to show the things I am working on so far on the 100 Checklist-Things-Must-Do this year. And yes, because of BDJ i started this blog.
before the event strated

See? I was literally the first bella who arrived! Talk about excited early bird! Tweet tweet!
The talk talks were juicy and informative!
The event was held at The Ramp Crossings Glorrieta 3 last September 24 around 2pm. (I know! Its better to be late than never anyways!)
I didn't get the chance to take my lunch but its worth it!

BDJ Affiliates and Sponsors
 The talk wrap ups:
RISE UP IN STYLE: halt your state of unhappy and step up to the challenge of change! with Ms. Katrina Dy, former fashion editor Cosmopolitan magazine, (New York)

What I learned: we must know what we want want, we must have our own personal vision.
There's a reason for setback = reset.
Connect the dots - Steve Jobs
Don't fear failure! Risk taker have guts! lol
Don't waste your freedom.
Lets stay Positively Optimistic! (redundant! lol)
Strategize. Research. Learn. Be Smart!
and my favorite:
'When a door closes, break a window!"
"Never step on people, so they can catch you when you fall!"

GAME FACE ON: do what you want and look like you own it! Be a pro in projection with make up do's and don't! with Ms. Jasmine Mendiola which is our MC for the event, a make up artist and John Roberts Power Instructor

What I learned:
the different make up products and its help on emphasizing the assets and concealing the blemishes.
We need to have the right foundation to even out skin tone and by picking the right shade we should remember that:
more Melanin = brown/tan complexion
more Carotene = yellowish skintone
more Hemoglobin = reddish to orange-ish skin

HIGHLIGHT WHAT'S RIGHT: stock up tips to conceal and contour. Achieve perfect face for golden reveal! with Ms. Kris Bacani, Professional Make-Up Artist and Instructor, Make Up Designory Manila

We should remember that our skin is like a canvass, the smoother it is the better!

Steps on taking care of our face:
1 Cleanse - clean face
2 Tone - closes pores
3 Moisturize - for dewy look
4 Exfoliate - remove dead skin cells (twice a week)
5 Sunblock -protection against UVA and UVB

Aside from the tips, Ms. Bacani pick a bella for the make over. From day time turned to night time look! :D

 SEXY IS A STATE OF MIND with Ms. Dona Cuna-Pita, fashion stylist, Image Consultants and Writer of Philippine Star

What I learned:

There are five basic body shapes and if we know how to dress up,
we can look and feel good!

The Pears - thin upper, full hips and thigh
Solution: light colored tops and dark colored bottom, A - line skirts and straight or slightly flared pants.
Assets: trim waist, curvy hips

The Apples - full breasts and stomach, thin extremities
Solution:   dark tops and light colored bottom, full skirts, skimming tops, tailor made dresses
Assets: full breasts, shapely legs

The Rulers - athletic frame, no curves
Solution: belted dresses, ruffled tops, soft flowing skirts
Assets; slim legs and arms

The Full Figured - chubby to plus size
Solution: skim the body, not skin tight. Go for monochromatic combination and wear heels to add height!
Assets: curvy hips and full breasts

The Hourglass - the perfect shape! proportional bust, waist and hips
Assets: proportional and curvy frame
Remember: Do not show everything! Examples: Sleeveless with pants, long sleeves with skirts/shorts.

Busy doing the Human Bingo!
The food was "awesome"! We even notice that the paper plate was cute. Did I mention I didn't eat lunch? and I went crazy on finishing up my human Bingo and so I was 2nd to the last person on the line to take on the buffet. And it was a blessing in disguise! lol I took a whole lot! heehee
Huge Meatballs!
We played games and the event was not complete without the goody bags! Here's what I brought home:
and a had new friends! lol

So everyone, before you go, say Prune!

My First Negros Experience!

Hi Negros! Hello Negros Occidental! :D

Last week after the BDJ 2012 Event we hopped to the airport for our trip to Bacolod! We landed past the hour of 6 at the New Bacolod Silay International Airport!

Bacolod City is busy for the upcoming Masskara festival Parade!
highways are filled with these advertisements

The first thing I noticed since we arrived were the vast fields of sugar cane! Tall green grasses that sometimes smells sweet like sugar and sometimes smells like an 'odd' vinegar! :D

sweet sugar cane
Bacolod is literally miles away from Silay... So we had an unexpected road trip! Speaking of road trips, I've never seen a taxi, not a single cab! The main transportation here were motorcycle also known as Habal-Habal, tricycles that can accomodate up to 20 pax, no kidding! Bus like jeeps and your bare feet! :D

the easy path during the day
We didn't warm up for the 'walkathon' and so we were shocked but we manage and adjust, I meant adopt the walking in the dusty-rocky dim (because you can only depend for the moon to shine and your trusty flashlight to see where your going at night) earth path which is a stretched 1.5km!
freshly picked Santol! Sweet not Sour! :)
the sweet Marang Fruit!
We took our bath at the small PRIVATE batis! (creek)
the butchers and the goat! hehe
At Bacolod City Hall
 A day after attending a wedding,
the cake was yummy!
 we go straight to Mambukal Hot Spring!

Our Pasalubongs includes Piaya in Original and Ube Flavour and Baye-Baye (Espasol Bacolod Style!)
perfect with hot coffee! (in my case, hot chocolate!)
The experience was superb! Imagine I wasn't able to go online for a week! Nevertheless, I enjoy my stay!

Mambukal Mountain Resort, Bacolod City

If Benguet is famous for its Asin Hot Springs and the new Itogon Hot Spring, Bacolod's pride is the Mambukal Mountain Hot Spring!
a creek that I believe is connected to Mambukal Hot Spring!
Overlooking Mt. Kanlaon
Inside the resort, there's the 

a creek
another creek
my mom and another creek across a bridge
Mambukal is also famous for its seven waterfalls and random rivers and streams!

The hike was slippery and rough which explains why there's no 4th to 7th... Safety first! :)
Those aren't fruits, those are bats!
The flying foxes catches our attention! Some are sleeping, others are flying, and the rest were squawking! IDK if that's the right term but they're sort of noisy... or maybe we are that's why they're pissed? IDK.. :3
one of the hanging bridges for the Canopy Walk
I missed the Slide for Life which is a zip-like ride for Php50.00 and the Wall Climbing. amp.
Inside the Ishiwata Hot Spring
the place was a haven!
The boys at the Boating Lagoon
This resort is located at Murcia, Bacolod City and is considered as the Summer Capital of Negros! The hot spring is very relaxing and is believed to 'cure' different skin diseases because of its natural sulfur content.
And if your preggy like me and don't want to risk it, there are regular pools in the area that cost Php50 for adults and Php30 for kids. We stayed at a Trellis Cottage that is Php350 with a wooden circular table and 6 chairs. The comfort rooms where clean and the parking area was wide and free of charge!

If you don't wanna pay for your entrance free, some, like the teeners we've saw just swam at the random rivers, just remember that you should 'swim at your own risk!' lol and if you don't wanna pay for cottages, you could just put your things on top of a dry rock. :P or you could just put your things in your car in the parking lot, no big deal. But remember, when you pay, you are also helping in preserving the area, plus its cheap! :D win-win, right?

Hikers are very welcome here to trek the famous seven falls! Just remember to add a 'tour guide' because a lot of tourist were 'lost' because of its winding uphill not to mention when you ask local kids around where to go, they menacingly point you to the wrong direction! But worry not, the 'tour guide' here only accepts donation for the reservation of the area.

If your planning to visit Bacolod, dont miss this resort and the famous Chicken Inasals at Bobs! :D


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