Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tips to turn newbies into supermarket pros in the new normal

Every once in a while, we’ll be pushed to do things we don’t normally do. For some of us, going to do the groceries is something that’s way outside our comfort zones. It’s true—the reality is there will be people, who are totally clueless when it comes to buying groceries. But that’s okay, it’s nothing to be ashamed about, as everyone can always learn something new and get better at it.

What’s most important when it comes to buying groceries, especially during this pandemic, is making the most out of your grocery trips. You’ll want to be in and out of the store as fast as you can like a real supermarket pro in order to avoid risks to yourself and your family.

Here are some tips to help you be a better grocery shopper in the new normal:

  1. Write down a carefully planned grocery list
To make the most out of each grocery trip, you’ll have to step up your planning. That means estimating what you’ll need to buy and how much of it you’ll need to buy (within your budget, of course) in order to prolong the time it takes until your next grocery trip. You may have to calculate more thoroughly than usual here, but if it means being able to do more physical distancing and reducing the risk of the virus, it’ll be for the better.

  1. Go extra early or in off-peak hours to avoid crowds
Many people will be thinking the same thing and this will be harder than it sounds, but you should try to avoid times when the supermarket has more people. While stores will enforce a maximum capacity limit, you’ll still want to avoid people as much as you can. Try to go extra early so that stock doesn’t run out on you, or figure out the times when there are fewer people in the store—and of course, don’t forget your protective gear!

  1. Make a list of “plan B” items
But sometimes, no matter how careful you plan, no matter how early you go, there may be some items and products that won’t have stock. If, for example, there is no more of a certain ingredient in the store shelves, you should be ready with a quick replacement so that you don’t spend too much time in the supermarket, risking yourself further.
Fortunately, there’s always something that works, such as your trusted kitchen and cooking partners from NutriAsia, which have been delicious staples of households for decades. In the company’s latest video, a clueless dad calls up his son to ask for his help in preparing a special meal to surprise Mom, and
the resulting adventure is nothing short of adorable, thanks to the help of some handy NutriAsia products like the UFC Spaghetti Supreme Pack. You can watch the video here.
No matter how challenging situations might be, it’s definitely easy to make the most of them—and your grocery trips—with NutriAsia’s products!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

PLDT-Smart Foundation partners with women's group to provide face masks, PPEs to frontliners

Through the KKK women’s group, the PLDT-Smart Foundation is able to provide face masks to several hospitals in Metro Manila. 

PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF), in partnership with the Kababaihan, Kamay ng Kalikasan (KKK), recently distributed over 36,000 protective face masks to frontliners from various organizations and communities to help augment the supply of face masks - necessities in the continuing fight against the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Some 500 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) were also donated to the following facilities: Novaliches Hospital, Sta. Ana Hospital, National Center for Mental Health, San Lazaro Hospital, and Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital.

Among the recipients of the face masks were the AFP frontliners, Makati Medical Center Foundation for PNP HPG, and various communities affected by COVID-19.

"It is an honor for us to help our beloved frontliners by equipping them with the basic necessities, such as face masks and PPEs, to protect them in their battle against COVID-19," said PSF President Ma. Esther O. Santos.

"We would like to assure our frontliners that we are here for them and one with them in fighting this pandemic," Santos said.

The KKK women’s group has produced over 36,000 face masks for Frontliners nationwide

"If every Filipino will wear a face mask, observe physical distancing and practice proper hygiene, we will all have some protection from COVID-19," KKK Founder and Commissioner at Philippine Commission on Women, Sandy Sanchez Montano pointed out.

"We are glad to provide reusable, non-woven protective masks produced by women who were severely affected by the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) due to the pandemic," Montano added.

The KKK is a program under the Community Health Education Emergency Rescue Services Corp. (CHEERS). It aims to actively help in addressing the spread of COVID-19 while providing a source of sustainable livelihood for women who need to make a living for their families. KKK participants/beneficiaries include women-recipients of 4Ps, solo parents, and those who were affected by the ECQ.

A non-profit organization, the PSF fully serves as the social outreach arm of PLDT, Inc. and its wireless subsidiary, Smart Communications Inc. Headed by PLDT and Smart Chairman Manuel V Pangilinan, the PSF created programs focused on education, livelihood and social enterprise, disaster response and recovery, youth arts, and sports development.

To know more about the efforts of the PLDT Group in beating the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit

COVID-19 Update: Newfound discovery makes some dishwashing liquids effective home disinfectant.

In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) commissioned the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) to look into other options for disinfecting homes and workplaces. This was undertaken to mitigate global alcohol shortage, and cope with the sudden surge in demands of alcohol disinfectant at medical facilities as well as home and workplace environments. 

Lab studies conducted by METI/NITE have proven that some cleaning actives also known as surfactants, when used at the right levels, can be effective against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19. Test findings by Japan’s NITE have confirmed that there is a significant reduction in the virus count on items or surfaces that are exposed to a surfactant diluted to 0.05%-0.2% for twenty seconds to five minutes.

According to the review committee of experts, these seven types of surfactants are commonly found in household products like dishwashing liquids. 

  • Sodium linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (0.1% or more);
  • Alkyl glycoside (0.1% or more);
  • Alkylamine oxide (0.05% or more);
  • Benzalkonium chloride (0.05% or more);
  • Benzethonium chloride (0.05% or more) (newly added on May 28, 2020);
  • Dialkyldimethyl ammonium chloride (0.01% or more) (newly added on May 28, 2020); and
  • Polyoxyethylene alkylether (0.2% or more)

With this research confirming more accessible ways to disinfect your homes and workplaces, 
dishwashing liquids containing these ingredients can benefit Filipinos and serve as a reliable substitute to alcohol-based disinfectant. This would mean convenience and better value for money given the product’s multi-purpose use of disinfecting various items, not just in the kitchen but other household items as well.

New solution to disinfecting against SARS-CoV-2

Japan METI/NITE recommends the solution ratio of one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid mixed in 500ml water. To sanitize, wipe all items or surfaces with a cloth soaked in this solution. Ensure to squeeze excess liquid out of the cloth to prevent the liquid from dripping. Wipe firmly in one direction to prevent spreading dirt and virus. Leave the items or surfaces to rest with the mixture for about five minutes. Then, wipe off the soap solution with a cloth soaked in water. Finally, wipe dry all items and surfaces with another clean cloth. 

To learn more about the research findings, visit this link: Follow Joy Philippines’ official Facebook page at for more updates on Joy.

No learner left behind' MVP leads School-in-a-Bag turnover

PLDT Chairman and CEO Manuel V Pangilinan leads the turnover of the School-in-a-Bag to North Bay Boulevard North Elementary School in Navotas, Metro Manila. With him during the turnover are, from left: Navotas Congressman John Rey Tiangco, PLDT-Smart Foundation President Esther Santos and PLDT and Smart Public Affairs Head Ramon Isberto.

PLDT Chairman and CEO Manuel V Pangilinan, who is also known as MVP, recently marked his birthday through various activities that aim to help schools prepare to reopen classes. 

MVP led the turnover of the School-in-a-bag (SIAB) donation to North Bay Boulevard North Elementary School in Navotas, Metro Manila. The SIAB donation forms part of the $50K grant from Huawei Technologies Philippines, Inc. to the PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF). 

MVP through the PLDT-Smart Foundation turns over grocery pack donations to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“Education has long been one of main pillars of the corporate social responsibility programs of PLDT and Smart. As we navigate through the new normal, we continue to support the country’s educational system by empowering students and teachers nationwide through flexible learning modalities,” Pangilinan said.  

North Bay Boulevard North Elementary School was personally chosen by MVP to be the first SIAB recipient from the Huawei grant. The school has 60 teachers, while student enrollment has recently risen to 1,400. It is located in one of the poorest informal settler communities in Metro Manila. 

Along with the SIAB donation, MVP through the PSF also turned over 66 tablets that will be given to Grade 6 students in Navotas Market Three. 

SIAB, which contains 20 tablets, one laptop, and a Smart Pocket Wifi, is one of PLDT and Smart's pioneering efforts to improve the digital tools and solutions for the education system in the country. 

Meanwhile, MVP also donated food supplies to the Armed Forces of the Philippines for its soldiers and their families. The distribution of 1,000 packs of rice and vegetables was done through the PSF.

Through Tulong Kapatid, the CSR consortium of the MVP Group of Companies, 900 lunch meals were provided to locally stranded individuals (LSIs) staying at the Philippine Army Gym in Taguig. Members of the Tulong Kapatid who were part of the feeding initiative include the PSF, One Meralco Foundation, Metro Pacific Investments Foundation, Makati Medical Center Foundation, Alagang Kapatid Foundation Inc., Maynilad and Meralco MGen.

Monday, July 20, 2020

NutriAsia kids pay tribute to hardworking frontliners with Salamat BayaNAI program

Salamat BayaNAI is a project under Batang NutriAsia, a corporate program of NutriAsia for children of its employees. 

Through challenging times, NutriAsia’s own frontliners have remained dedicated to keeping shelves stocked with Filipinos’ favorite and trusted food products. In recognition of this, children of NutriAsia employees are honoring and further protecting them through their Salamat BayaNAI program.
Launched by Batang NutriAsia, an in-house summer program for children of NutriAsia employees, the Salamat BayaNAI program saw 3,800 face shields assembled and donated to NutriAsia merchandisers and employees for their protection. Despite the risks, these merchandisers served as the company’s front line in ensuring supermarkets and grocery stores remain stocked with NutriAsia products throughout the community quarantine, while employees from departments such as Human Resources, Total Quality Management, R&D, and Supply Chain also continued to report to work on site, making sure that all operations remained consistent throughout the situation.
Face shields were chosen for both their practicality and the protection they impart against COVID-19 and other diseases.
The program also aims to give these employees emotional support, as the Batang NutriAsia kids added heartwarming handwritten thank-you notes to the frontliners.
“We want these frontliners to know that their work is appreciated, and their bravery is not forgotten,” said Sabine Flaminiano, Salamat BayaNAI project lead and a Batang NutriAsia graduate in her own right.
 “Seeing the reactions of the store merchandisers and employees as they received our care packages was memorable—as their hard work and sacrifice are valued and recognized, this had brought big smiles and a boost to their morale.”

The MERIT of Batang NutriAsia
Batang NutriAsia is a corporate program for children of NutriAsia employees who want to know more about their parents’ work. The Salamat BayaNAI program is a culmination of Batang NutriAsia’s MERIT (Malasakit, Excellence, Respect, Ingenuity with Integrity, and Teamwork) pillars, especially Malasakit as it raised awareness of the need to care for others. 
NutriAsia Human Resources Group Head Jun Corpus shares that through Batang NutriAsia, they are able to teach children universally critical work and life values to help build a generation of values-led, principled Filipinos set for a brighter future.
By starting and executing initiatives, programs, and projects that involve the family members of NutriAsia employees, the values of the company are further strengthened across the entire family, proving they are truly foundational, action-oriented, can drive results, and ideal in any situation.

Founded in 1991, NutriAsia Group is a powerhouse of beloved, timeless, and iconic Filipino food brands that include Datu Puti, Silver Swan, Mang Tomas, UFC, Papa Catsup, Jufran; UFC Cooking Sauces and Meal Mixes; Golden Fiesta Cooking Oil; and Locally Blended Juice Drink and Merci Buco Coco water.

Children write messages of encouragement to NutriAsia’s own frontliners.

Through the Salamat BayaNAI program, NutriAsia children were able to send 3,800 face shields and thank you notes to NutriAsia employees and merchandisers.

LSIs get help from PLDT-Smart Foundation, Alagang Kapatid

Locally stranded individuals (LSIs), currently staying at the Philippine Ports Authority, recently received assistance from the PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF) and TV5 Alagang Kapatid Foundation, Inc. (AKFI) who paid them a visit and advised them on health protocols while distributing snack packs and raincoats.

“We hope to provide some comfort and nourishment to over 200 LSIs patiently waiting at the port area for a ship that could transport them to their respective homes in places such as Basilan, Jolo, Sulu, Cagayan De Oro, Butuan City, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Cebu,” said PSF President Ma. Esther O. Santos. 

“Though they are sad and distressed at having to wait for days and weeks in less than ideal conditions, well-meaning people who call on them to see how they’re doing, and the prospect of getting home eventually, lift their spirits,” Santos added. 

During their visit, the personnel of PSF and AKFI shared basic information with the LSIs on standard health protocols - like wearing of facial masks, social distancing, and good hygiene - to be observed given the Covid-19 pandemic in our midst. We also listened to their heart-rending stories, said AKFI Executive Director Menchie Silvestre.

LSIs include local workers, students, and other individuals stranded in Manila and nearby areas - most of them enduring the devastating economic effects of the quarantine restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic - who have expressed their intention to go back to their original residence. 

"There was a couple who got fired from their jobs and were evicted from their rented room in Laguna. They had no other recourse but to avail of the government’s Balik-Probinsya program, buying two tickets home with the little money they had. There was also a working student who almost choked in tears, thinking of the uncertainty of her situation.” Silvestre explained.

Under the government’s Hatid Tulong program, LSIs will be brought back to their home provinces after coordinating with the relevant local government units and LSI’s having completed health requirements.

AKFI is the social development arm of TV5. A non-stock and non-profit organization established in 2011, it is committed to promote and support humanitarian causes.

Meanwhile, PSF is a non-profit organization that fully serves as the social outreach arm of PLDT, Inc. and its wireless subsidiary Smart Communications, Inc. Headed by PLDT and Smart Chairman Manuel V Pangilinan, the PSF created programs focused on education, livelihood and social enterprise, disaster response and recovery, youth arts, and sports development.

PSF and AKFI’s visit to the LSIs is the first of their various outreach activities slated to mark the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Week this month.


About PLDT
PLDT is the leading telecommunications and digital services provider in the Philippines. Through its principal business groups – fixed line, wireless and others – PLDT offers a wide range of telecommunications and digital services across the Philippines’ most extensive fiber optic backbone, and fixed line and cellular networks.

PLDT is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE:TEL) and its American Depositary Shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:PHI). PLDT has one of the largest market capitalizations among Philippine-listed companies.


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