Thursday, January 21, 2016

Smartphone Sepanx: What Powers Mobile Advertising in the Philippines

Probably the only thing that’s growing faster than the population of the Philippines is the population of mobile phones in the country. To date, mobile phones outnumber the population by 5%, and smartphones are expected to overtake feature phones before the end of the year at 43%-37%, respectively. This should come as no surprise because Filipinos’ penchant for mobile in general, and social media in particular, has resulted in titles such as Selfie Capital of the World and Social Media Capital of the World. Most recently, the country even broke Twitter’s record of most number of tweets for #AldubMostAwaitedDate and #NationalPabebeWaveDay.
Needless to say, smartphones are here to stay. But though it may be the most accessible platform today, it remains to be the least maximized in terms of advertising. Which is why through Epinion’s 27,076 robust online panel of netizens, Omnicom Media Group (OMG) sought out to discover uniquely Filipino trends that would illuminate the secrets to employing mobile advertising to its fullest.
Says OMG CEO Mary Buenaventura, “Our goal was to identify behaviors, whether positive or negative, Filipinos have toward mobile and align them with corresponding behaviors and preferences that advertisers can leverage on to engage the mobile Filipino. Turns out, Filipinos are not only dependent on mobile, the exponential rise of smartphones will make us even more so.”
Functionally dependent
4 out of 10 mobile Filipinos could not last an hour without checking their mobile phones. They check it the moment they wake up until they fall sleep. They make sure they have it on hand every minute because they feel safe with it and uneasy without it, and it’s not just because they are unreachable during the rare times they are not holding it. Perhaps it’s because mobile phones have become more than just a means of communication; it’s become a toolbox of apps tailored to its owner. Apps such as camera, email, browser, utilities, and chat help owners maneuver through their daily lives a little bit easier.  Furthermore, music, games, video, books, and niche apps are the go-to sources for entertainment for smartphone users. It’s understandable then that 7 out of 10 Filipino smartphone users heavily depend on their smartphones to ease boredom.
Emotionally fixated
9 out of 10 people feel uneasy without their mobile phones because they feel FOMO (fear of missing out) without it. Because 8 out of 10 people rely on their phones for updates on what’s happening around them, it’s imperative for them to have their smartphones on hand at all times. Notifications – affirmation in the form of likes, shares, favorites, and comments – have become the most valuable currency in social media, and 25% of all smartphone users check their notifications every 30 minutes.
Smartphone sepanx
This functional dependence and emotional fixation Filipinos have toward their smartphone causes them to feel sepanx (separation anxiety) whenever he’s without it. And it’s this smartphone sepanx that fuels mobile advertising today. Mobile ads have already piqued Filipinos’ curiosity, with 77% claiming to have clicked on a mobile ad. Moreover, 9 out of 10 Filipinos actually want to be pushed ads that are personalized to their interests.  In addition, 82% of Filipinos are attracted to promos, which is probably why 70% find ads that present incentives enticing. An estimated 84% of Filipinos will explore and search about a brand after seeing its mobile advertisement, and 30% will voice their opinions about their experience with a certain brand on social media.
Mobile advertising today
But how exactly can the potential of mobile advertising in the Philippines be harnessed to its full potential? Is it just as elementary as exploring the plethora of mobile touch points or plotting the peak hours on which Filipinos are most receptive to mobile advertisements? Is there an ideal way brands should engage consumers on mobile or would integrating mobile with other mediums be optimal?
In this research, Omnicom Media Group discovered the gap in mobile advertising in the Philippines – the gap between what was known before and how it was being done, and what we now know and how mobile advertising ought to be done. Here, OMG identified several unique characteristics of mobile as an advertising medium and the best ways to take advantage of them to create meaningful imprints on the lives of Filipinos.
Concludes Buenaventura, “The key takeaway is that consumers have preferences and predilections that have evolved with the ubiquity of smartphones and increased access to the Internet on mobile. It would behoove advertisers to learn from this research if they’d want to remain relevant and desirable to the mobile Filipino.”

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Resolutions from the Heart with ATC Garlic Oil

As a new year greets us, we are once again faced with these mandatory resolutions for self-improvement. The thing is, we all know how these resolutions have a 2-week life span because many of us are only eager-beavers in the beginning. We are then left scratching our heads and saying “there’s always next year”, finally giving in to temptations. Yes, we are fallible creatures but instead of failing endlessly to seek progress for ourselves, wouldn’t it be better to put our hearts to it even if it’s really hard? Change is challenging, yes but if it’s for the better, it’s always worth it. Like all resolutions, you can always start with your health. Do this with ATC Garlic Oil.
ATC Garlic Oil helps prevent hypertension and heart disease by regulating cholesterol and sugar levels in the body. It can also relieve cold and flu symptoms, assist in the management of mild upper respiratory infection, strengthen the immune system and lower density lipoproteins and blood pressure. Note that, ATC Garlic Oil is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease. ATC Garlic Oil, MabisangAksyonkontraAltapresyon!

For an affordable price of SRP P4.50 per capsule, ATC Garlic Oil can help you spice up your heart health. ATC Garlic Oil is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. Like our official FB page to know more about ATC Garlic Oil and get a chance to win special prizes by joining our monthly promos -

Radiant Skin, Always Trendy with ATC Grape Seed Oil

Every once in a while, we are greeted with new trends and beauty inspirations that will rule the social scene for a span of time - like they always say, out with the old and in with new. Now, we are slowly transitioning from ombre hair to glitter roots, from bold brow to big lip, from midi ring to palm bracelet, from wearing the colormarsala to rose quartz and serenity. Most certainly, you need to be aware of these things if you don’t want to look like a throwback photo. Another thing that completes your trendy and new-age look is a healthy and radiant skin which, believe us, never goes out of style. To help you achieve this, there’s ATC Grapeseed Oil. 

ATC Grape Seed Oil is an all-natural extract containing “OligomericProcyanidin”, an antioxidant 50 times more potent than Vitamin E, and 20 times stronger than Vitamin C. This antioxidant is said to have the ability to protect our bodies against free radicals which damage cells, allowing us to have healthier and more radiant skin. ATC Grape Seed Oil also helps in providing relief against pain and swelling cause by conditions like rheumatoid arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory products and contains proanthocyanidins, which are very potent antioxidants that help in diminishing the sun's damaging effects and lessen free radical damage. However, ATC Grape Seed Oil is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

ATC Grape Seed Oil is to be taken 2 to 3 times a day, or as prescribed by your doctor. ATC Grape Seed Oil is SRP P7.00 per capsule, available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Monomola Wow Long Lasting Lip Color Lip Tattoo

I've been meaning to post this a couple of weeks ago, I have a lot of backlogs and alas, real life gets in the way, I have engagements here and there, proposals to do, billings to make, presentation to finalize, kids in tow. Annnnd, my eyes are extra sensitive this past few days, so I let myself "relax" a bit (by staying afk). Yes, I didn't opened my desktop for 4 straight days or so? I didn't know how many days exactly, probably a week! Hurrah to me! I survived! Annnnd, it did me good. Aside from the fact that I "relax" my eyes from the screen, I did a little bazaar on our place, which you could check out here: Anik Anik sa Acacia Street.
Please excuse my naked face, I just applied my Olay Total Effects day cream and get on with it.
The Monomola Wow Long Lasting Lip Color aka lip tattoo is a beauty innovation created in Korea. It acts as a lip color that does not smudged or get erased for at least the whole day. If you hate retouching, this is for you.
Monomola lip tattoo comes in different shades: Cherry Red, Sexy Red, Lovely Peach, Orange and Rose Pink.
What you do is, you squeeze the tub and apply the lip tattoo quite thickly over your lips (or else you'll have a hard time removing it) and wait for around 10-15 minutes or until you feel that its completely dry. Peel it off and kiss away.
This is the third time that I tried it. My first time was a disaster! I put too much that it started to get inside my mouth. If you need red stained teeth to complete your look, squeeze the tub harder! lol It tastes bitter but it strongly smelled like roses. I didn't find the smell offending, but if you're sensitive, you might want to try it out first to see if its okay with you or not.

nakakatawa ang first lip tattoo experience ko. Pasado sa #gerilenmbf hihi
Otw to Nestle's for breakfast!
The second time I tried this. I put a tiny weeny bit that I had to scrape my lips just to remove the elastic. Tsk.

The Monomola lip tattoo comes in a sturdy, textured cute box. The tub has a small orifice and is sitting upside down, so you would probably use this up to its last drop.
It did made my lips dry as you can see in the photo, so I suggest using lip balm right after. I tried to let is sit for 20 minutes (the longer you wait, the better color), but you have to make sure that your lips are well moisturized because since mine was dry, the elastic really sticks to my lips, removing the elastic tore my inner lips a bit.
You can clearly see the difference from the photo. I use here the sexy red color.
You have to be patient while waiting. I tried not to talk, so I do sign language with my kiddo in the entire 20minute ordeal. lol
I suggest you put this first before doing your makeup to save time. That's it. Ano pa ba? If may nakalimutan ako, comment down below. Any questions, comment down below. Suggestions, comment down below. Recommendations, down below. below down comment. Computer melt down. *robotic sigh*
tired mom

Sunday, January 17, 2016

LD SYSTEMS MAUI28 MIX Active Compact Column Speaker System with Built-In 3-Channel Mixer

The LD Systems MAUI 28 Mix is a compact PA system and ideal all-around solution for solo entertainers, DJs, and presentations; the elegant look is also suitable for permanent use in sophisticated surroundings and home entertainment rooms. Other features include a 3-channel mixer, extremely simple assembly and connection control through LED indicator, simple wireless plug-in connection by means of multi-pin connector, stable connection with 4 steel pins. 
Maui 28 Mix
Maui 11 Mix
Dave8 Roadie
Ready for multiple personal and professional audio applications: from intimate live performances, business presentations, to home entertainment, the MAUI 28 Mix will deliver the best sound possible. 
High quality audio, compact, and easy to assemble PA system in a price range every audio enthusiast can smile about-- that is the MAUI 28 Mix. German Engineering. Exceptional sound and value.
Maui28 Mix is available now in leading music & appliance stores nationwide. Other speaker system models include Dave8 Roadie and Maui11 Mix. Visit for more details.

Friday, January 15, 2016


Nutrilite Health RUn 2016 Key VisualRACE DATES:
  • January 24, 2016 – SM Mall of Asia Grounds, Pasay City
  • February 14, 2016 – ADC CDO Perla Compania De Seguros Bldg., Don Apolinar Velez St., Cagayan De Oro City
  • February 21, 2016 – ADC Davao Unit A Lim Bldg., cor. Quimpo Blvd. and Tulip Drive Ecoland, Matina, Davao City
NHR Participating Brands
NHR Fees and Inclusions
PHP 350 inclusive of a shirt, race bib and car sticker
  • AMWAY Distribution Centers:
    • Makati - G/F Ace Building, Rada St., Legaspi Vill. Makati City / Tel No.: (02) 893-0571 / 840-2209
    • Mandaluyong - Unit 3 Mayflower Building, 88 United St., Greenfield District Mandaluyong City / Tel. No.: (02)475-8255
    • Davao
    • Cagayan de Oro
  • Runnr Store - BGC
  • Runnr Store – Trinoma
  • Toby’s Sports – SM MOA
  • 5+1 RUNNERS PROMONHR 5km Race Route
    • Get ONE (1) Nutrilite Health Run Race Kit for FREE when you register together with your FIVE (5) friends (ABO or Non-ABO)
    • Get ONE (1) Nutrilite Double X 6-Day Foil Pack for FREE when you sponsor a new ABO and activate with P1,500 worth of Nutrilite products.
    • Promo Period is until February 28, 2016 only
    • Promo is on while supplies last basis only
  • Nutrilite Drawstring Bag
  • Nutrilite Pen
  • FREE sign-up for non-Amway Business Owners
  • PHP500 Gift Voucher for ABO Finishers
  • PHP 10,000 product coupon
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch
  • Consolation prizes
  • Start on Palm Coast Ave. beside Blk. 12 parking lot to Seaside Drive
  • Right on Seaside Drive to Diokno Avenue
  • Cross Diokno Avenue to Sunrise Dr.
  • Right on Sunrise Dr. to EDSA
  • Turn around at Sunrise Dr. /EDSA and back to Seaside Drive
  • Right at Seaside Drive to Macapagal Avenue
  • Turn around at the corner of Seaside Drive/Macapagal Avenue and back to Palm Coast Ave. for the finish line
Note on road use: Only one side will be used by runners, while the other side would be for vehicles (two-way)
  • Start on Palm Coast Ave. beside Blk.12 parking lot to Seaside Dr.
  • Right on Seaside Dr. to Diokno Ave.
  • Right on Diokno Ave. to Sunset Ave.
  • Right on Sunset Ave. to Pacific Dr.
  • Left on Pacific Dr. to Marina Way
  • Left on Marina Way to Diokno Ave.
  • Right Diokno Ave. to Coral Way
  • Right on Coral Way to Seaside Dr.
  • Turn around at the corner of Coral Way/ Seaside Drive to Macapagal Ave.
  • Turn around at the corner Coral Way/ Macapagal Ave. to Sunrise Dr.
  • Right on Sunrise Dr. to EDSA
  • Turn around at the corner EDSA/Sunrise Dr. back to Coral Way
  • Right on Coral Way to Diokno Ave.
  • Turn right at Diokno Ave. to Marina Way
  • Left on Marina Way to Pacific Dr.
  • Right at Pacific Dr. to Sunset Ave.
  • Right at Sunset Ave. to Diokno Ave.
  • Left Diokno Ave to Seaside Dr.
  • Right on Seaside Dr. to Sunrise Dr.
  • Right on Sunrise Dr. to EDSA
  • Turn around at Sunrise Dr./EDSA and back to Seaside Dr.
  • Right at Seaside Drive to Macapagal Ave.
  • Turn around at the corner of Seaside Dr./ Macapagal Ave. and back to Palm Coast Ave. for the finish line
Note on road use: Only one side will be used by runners while the other side would be for vehicles (two-way)

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The –ick factor in mobile advertising: Filipino behaviors and preferences

The first mobile Filipino emerged in 1991, when cellular mobile phone services were launched. Since then, mobile Filipinos earned for the country several titles, namely the world’s “text/SMS capital,” “social networking capital,” and most recently the “selfie capital.”
Mobile phones have overtaken the population. By end 2015, smartphones are expected to grow by 40%, outnumbering feature phones.Today, the smartphone is probably the most accessible, but least maximized platform in advertising. Through Epinion’s 27,076 robust online panel of netizens, Omnicom Media Group (OMG) discovered uniquely Filipino –ick factors in mobile advertising.
Says OMG CEO Mary Buenaventura, “Our goal was to identify behaviors or ‘ick’ factors, whether positive or negative, that Filipinos have toward mobile, and align them with corresponding behaviors and preferences that advertisers can leverage to engage the mobile Filipino. The results were an eye opener – Filipinos are not only dependent on mobile, the rise of smartphones will make us even more so.”
What makes Filipinos stick around: Mobile as a Channel
Smartphones are becoming the most accessible and convenient gateway to the web. Where once the Internet cafĂ© dominated, now 3 out of 10 Filipinos rely solely on smartphones as their first and only source of web access. Mobile Filipinos are obviously fixated, with strong emotional and functional dependence on mobile.90% feel uneasy without their mobile phones while 40% cannot last an hour without them.4 out of of 5 mobile Filipinos use their mobile to check updates on what’s happening around them, while 7 out of 10 use it to ease boredom.
What makes Filipinos click: Mobile advertising in Context
77% of mobile Filipinos claim they have clicked on a mobile ad even with the proliferation of complex scams.Security being a major concern for Filipinos on mobile prompted some to click an ad on platforms in which they have “virtual ownership” via a secured personal account such as emails and social media. It is crucial for brands to engage them without interrupting their daily activities.If necessary, this interruption must be sugar coated with enticements because 82% of Filipinos are attracted to promos, while 70% admit to being lured by incentives.Marketers have every reason to engage because 84% who are exposed to advertising are likely to further explore and search for brands.On top of this, 30% will be sharing their experiences.
What makes Filipinos tick: Mobile Content that engages
Give them a platform to voice an opinion, reward them for sharing their thoughts – that’s what makes the mobile Filipino tick. By age, millennials are glued to the screen because of music and social while Gen Xers use mobile to keep abreast of investments and information. The gender divide is also quite strong, with males consuming information on cars, gadgets, sports, and fitness, and females browsing through beauty and makeup, home care, health and nutrition, and food.
What do Filipinos pick: Mobile Connects platforms
For Filipinos, mobile is only one of many screens that engage their attention.A full 25% of mobile Filipinos check their mobile every 30 minutes, manning it for notifications in the form of likes, favorites, and comments. But half will watch TV simultaneously, splitting their attention between two screens. Of these multitaskers, 72% responded to interesting or new brands and products, 63% to promos and sales, 48% to funny ads, and 45% to unique product claims. Surprisingly, only 16% of dual-screen users responded to celebrity endorsers.
Concludes Buenaventura, “The key takeaway for the mobile Filipino is that they have multiple –ick factors and corresponding preferences that have evolved with increased access to features and to the Internet on mobile. For mobile advertisers, it is critical to match mobile as channel with content that engages, connects platforms, and appears within the context of the Filipino lifestyle.”

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Biogesic Banig-Bayan: Our answer to ‘Who cares for the carer?’

We’ve come across many OFW stories one way or another. Still among us are those who have romantic notions of the kind of lives they have abroad. People could not see past the pasalubongs and the happy photos OFWs post online, which is worrisome because in reality not all OFWs live the good life abroad. But they would not talk about it. Some would not share their every day situations abroad and would rarely admit that they get lonely.
Their reason is understandable. They naturally display strength because most of the time, they are all their families have. They expect themselves to be the strong-willed ones because they have to in order to provide their family the best life. Their hopes and dreams are for those they left behind. They are, in fact, the prime epitome of a caregiver.
But even carers need caring. And honestly, they are the ones who need it most.
What we know is this: The reason why Skype and Messenger are one of the most used apps by OFWs is because these somehow make them feel like they never left. It is their temporary remedy for longing and missing out. Still, it falls short in making them feel the care and love from home–– especially at a time like Christmas.
And we thought, if Home would make their Christmas, yet they could not come home for it, let us send home to them. So in the spirit of giving, Biogesic wanted to move families to care for their ultimate providers, the givers of care who are thousands of kilometers away. And we did this through the very first Biogesic Banig-bayan program.
Inspired by the balik-bayan box, Biogesic created a special package for families here to carry items they would want to send. It could hold anything from items they miss from home to symbols of life events OFWs would wish they were a part of––truly pieces of home that would make their Christmas whole.
The Banig-bayan carries the message that Ingat and care would still be felt even if they are apart. Biogesic inspired families to make their OFWs feel they are loved, remembered, and missed. And by the deep expressions of gratitude, heart-tugging stories, and tears of joy, the Banig-bayans would make all the difference for their Christmas to be truly merry and immensely felt.
Submit your story at


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