Thursday, September 10, 2015

Olay Total Effects Day Cream

A couple of days back, I received a gift from BDJ Box and Olay which includes Olay Moisturizing Body Wash and this.
Olay Total Effects Day Cream
Olay is promising to fight the 7 Signs of Ageing:
1)Fine Lines and Wrinkles - reduces and erases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
2)Uneven Skin Tone - balances and even outs color
3)Age Spots - blurring appearance of age spots
4)Rough Texture - smooths and even outs skin texture
5)Skin Dryness - provides nourishing moisturisation
6)Skin Dullness - gives skin a healthy radiance and glow
7)Enlarge Pores - reduces pore size
I love the economical design of the tube (a little science: gravity will help you used up all this bottle's content) and the orifice is just right - you could control the amount of product hence lesser/no chance of excess/waste; that also means longer usage. For frugal moms; before throwing this out after emptying, snip the tube to extract the leftovers of entire bottle. #beentheredonethat
How to apply: right after cleanser and toner, smoothen out a pea-size on face and neck.
Not so viscous, easy to apply. It just glides on my skin. Lightweight and with a thin application, it will not feel heavy (like there's a thin-film) on skin. Spread quickly as it easily dries up.
I personally use this as a primer/moisturizer before foundation application. I love the hint of scent of this, and so far, no breakouts. I also just use this as it is, I meant cleanse, tone and this, eyebrows and liptint - Gerilen ready to go!


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