Sunday, September 06, 2015

ZA True White Day Protection

With SPF 26 & ++PA, this daytime moisturizer blocks UV rays while helping reduce dark spots and acne marks. It minimizes the appearance of visible melanin build up in long-term use while creating a veil for a bright pearly radiance that enhances skin tone making it look healthier while working to improve overall condition.
After moisturizer, just smooth a pea size evenly over face and neck before foundation. Avoid direct eye contact since the sunscreen ingredient is a sore in the eye. Just rinse eyes in cool water thoroughly in case. Also, the package said that the thinner you apply, the lower your sun protection since indicated sun protection is based on a 2mg/cm^2.
This product is basically a primer and sunscreen rolled in one. I usually apply this after toner and moisturizer.
I felt that after undergoing water therapy for a couple of months now, my skin is fairer, healthier. People are observing these changes - and I like it. What I like about this product is that when I need to go out to run an errand, I just apply this go. Yes, water therapy and this product apparently matches - at least in my case.


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