Thursday, September 03, 2015

NOTD: Revlon Colorstay

The agony of thinking of hues and gradients that could've matched my outfit or is cute while holding my dear cup of coffee is real. I would've just get on with a nail art sticker or a set of false nails - but of course, to feel that sense of vow(?) and just by being dramatic, I turn down every possibility. Just cleaning (more like pushing) of cuticles, some nips (either by salon or by my hubby) here and there (I opted for shorter nails to avoid scraping down my belly when it's itchy #TMI!) and I'm done! But not anymore!
After more than a year, I finally got my nails painted again! Painted. Again! What a relief!
Okay, lemme tell you first (if you haven't got a clue already) that I refuse myself from getting any nail colors/polishes for the past year because of my pledge to my then unborn and now baby, Dave. It is more like a self-preference during my pregnancy all for my way of giving the best to my baby.
Moving on, here are the colors that I used:
Rose Beige and Mocha
I actually got these a couple of months back from a BDJ Box Soiree event.
The nail accents are inspired by a long-time Instagram friend (@Irinagnatiuk) and I just got to share this mommy milestone before my nails chip-off (take note that I skip using base and top coat) because I was hurrying things up. I hurry things on a daily grind.
When did this miracle happen? After eating out on a food court while the two boys are sleeping and we are waiting for a client to show up! Yes I keep bottles of polishes on my to-go bag (for touch ups too!) Pak! I take that as one of my super mommy power!
These colours look nice in a short or long nails. The gradient of the color is also dependent on how much you apply.
These polishes are created for corporate  girls who wants to rock/show their girly girl side in the office without overdoing it. Good job Revlon! Good job!


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