Sunday, September 06, 2015

Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash

First off, thank you so much BDJ Box and Belle de Jour Power Planner for this sample package of Olay's latest must haves - 
The Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash and Olay Total Effects Day Cream!
My mom used to put on lotion on my skin right after giving me a bath. It's our quality time then, and that is my quality time with my toddler and baby now. But as for myself, being busy and always in a hurry sometimes (more like usually) compromises my time to apply lotion. That is why I like versatile products like Olay Deep Moisturizing Body Wash!
A new everyday-used product: Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash
It not just basically get rid you of dirt, it moisturizes skin at the same time. No more feeling dry and goodbye to stretched face. Now my skin is soft, smooth and supple!
What's more is, it lathers quickly. Smells terrific. It's all in one. You can basically use this on your entire face and body on times when you are in a hurry - in my case, its when im avoiding the morning rush or when I hear my bub crying. I also love using this on my evening shower because of it's calming effect, it basically readies myself to bed.
Being a work-at-home mom, versatile products like Olay is not just a luxury, it is a convenience, a need - to make everyday living extra special, a cherry on top of my small success, a little secret on giving myself a boost of confidence.
Try the Olay's way to discovering the best version of your skin and be the best beautiful you!


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