Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gly Derm

Let's face it, even before pregnancy, some bellas tend to have those white stripes somewhere along the bikini area, along the underarms, and on my pre-wife/pre-pregnancy years, those almost transparent stripes doesn't bother me at all - not until I gave birth.
I did tried to prevent these stripes using Shea butter during my pregnancy and it did help a bit. The stripes however are tougher especially when it's on the blueprint of your genes.
The tiger stripes that I'm talking about is very well known as the stretch mark. As mentioned earlier, puberty, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and hormonal changes weakens skin elasticity and causes collagen fibers to break.
Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream promises to help rebuild collagen and regain skin elasticity. This so called dual-function helps improve color and size of the stretch marks.
As much as I would want to let you guys see my before and after photos, I would pass. I'm too conservative when it comes to that and my sex life (but that's another story).
Sorry for that blurry photo. Glyderm looks like any other lotion, but I could feel a film after applying this. The bottle tube is also better than OK since it is upside down and you could control the product by gently squeezing it. At the back of the bottle, the direction for use is to gently massage onto skin twice daily, and since I don't have that luxury of time, I apply this on to area after shower. And although, there are days when I forget this new routine after bath, I still quite see some difference in size and color.
This product will do best if stored below 25°C but do not refrigerate.
Its dermatologically tested, preservative free and fragrance free.
Have you tried Gly Derm before? What other stretch mark removers do you use? Comment down below!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


My FOTD Inspired by MARIAN RIVERA! ;)

Sunscreen I used on my face.. SPF50 for face and body from Celeteque..

Foundation I used.. ;)

Concealer from Revlon..

Fake Lashes from Daiso Japan..

Eyelash glue from Daiso Japan..

Face Powder - Maybelline
Face Powder - Careline
Eyebrows - In2it
Lips- Nyx

Live, Love, Laugh,
Beth :)


My FOTD! from Revlon-foundation, Maybelline-Face powder, In2it-Eyebrows & Apple-Lips! ;)

Dress from Preppy ;)

Necklace - Fashion Market
Earrings - Fashion Market
Wrist Watch - Axis

High Heels from People are People

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Food Trip: Slappy Cakes

When we were in college, my ex-boyfriend used to order hot pancakes to bring to school - for me. Everyday, I got two pancakes filled with margarine and sugar dust for a full one-trisem (that's three months of six days each week). That ex-boyfriend is now the lucky father of my salsa monster.
Modern, authentic and functional - that is the concept of Slappy Cakes. I love the homey wood finish in the background, and those huge photographs? Adorbs!
Slappy cake buddies here.
How the Slappy Cakes works? Well, if you wanna prepare yourself before going to the slappy cake party then you have to continue reading as I stole the secret recipe, err, steps to get your cake slappy.
1) You choose your base, the batter. Buttermilk, chocolate, vegan, whole grain and dad's favorite, peanut butter.
Buttermilk and Whole Grain (Php225.00 each)
Peanut Butter, Vegan and Chocolate (Php260.00 each)
2) Pick your fix. Are you a sweet tooth or a salty tongue?
Sweet: Coconut (Php40.00)
Sweet: Chocolate chips and bananas (Php45.00 each)
Sweet: Apples and Mangoes (Php60.00 each)
Sweet: Raisins and Blueberries (Php75.00 each)
Salty: Peanuts (Php40.00)
Salty: Cashew Nuts (Php75.00)
Salty: Bacon, Sausage and White Cheese (Php80.00 each)
Salty: Chorizos, Smoked Ham (Php85.00 each)
Salty: Cheddar Cheese, Assorted Mushrooms (Php70.00 each)
Salty: Salted Duck Eggs, Spring Onions (Php45.00 each)
3) Add toppings. Syrup or sauce?
Whipped Cream (Php40.00)
Maple Syrup (Php45.00)
Honey (Php50.00)
Apple Sauce and Chocolate Sauce (Php60.00)
Spring Onion Sour Cream (Php70.00)
Nutella (Php75.00)
Creamy Peanut Butter and Lemon Curd (Php80.00 each)
4) Love your mom. Yeah. It's in the book.
I will leave the sweet dilemma of cooking pancakes on your liking and head on to the next best thing the Slappy Cake could offer - the Rice Plates!
Tocino Tociyes (Php250.00) - pork or chicken tocino with garlic rice and two eggs cooked on your liking (boiled -soft, hard, half cooked, scrambled or sunny side up) served with Clyde's favorite - mango salsa! :D
Bongga-Longanisa (Php250.00) - pork or chicken longanisa with garlic rice and two eggs and mango salsa!
Slappy Moco (Php290.00) -  Grilled hamburger patty with steamed rice, chopped mushrooms, two eggs of your liking and red pepper sauce and spinach sauce.
Finger food! (That I unfortunately didn't photograph since the baby is insisting on eating the mango salsa on his own) Oh boy!
Potato Wedge for Php100.00 and Cheese Sticks with Marinara Sauce (to die for!) for only Php150.00
Say hello to my salsa monster date! lol Love you baby! 
I love how huge the silverwares are! The tables are quite wide too. The cooking sesh may make you sweat especially if you're mastering the flip so it's a good thing that Slappy Cake is well ventilated with high ceiling! :D Yay!
That pinup slappy cake lady always get me.
Your pancake lover,

Empties July to September 2014

Time pass by so fast when you're busy and it's never too late to welcome the Ber-months with empty bottles of goodies ready to be disposed of, or better yet, recycle and replace! ;)
Cycles Sensitive - is my baby's everyday head-to-toe wash aside from J&J milk bath and we're on our 3rd bottle. Its fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and paraben-free. It's light and perfect for baby's sensitive skin. Plus, you could reuse this container over and over and over again. ;)
Palmers Post-Natal Firming Lotion - with Shea butter, collagen, elastin and vitamin E. Another way to enjoy chocolate is by smothering your skin with Palmers cocoa butter formula products. It did enlighten my pregnancy scars but still the best way to beat stretch marks is when it's not yet seen. Apply Shea butter during pregnancy is still the best way to do it. ;) BTW, Got this goodie here.
Avon Naturals Green Papaya and Calamansi - this hand and body lotion smells citrusy, leaving skin lightly scented and moisturized without the heavy feel. Calamansi is my mom's secret and I would definite get this again!
J&J Milk and Rice - since I cannot find the milk bath on the aisle, we go for milk and rice baby bath - we didn't regret it! We now have love for both milk and rice and milk bath! We always never wanna run out of these two. Smells good and last longer than other baby bath.
Bench SupraWhite - my favorite among the three. Has nanobright technology and SPF 10. It's light on skin during hot humid weather and the fragrance always makes me snuggle my skin a little more, if that is humanly possible. Hihi
Glam Works Avocado Body Scrub - got this on a sale and I could vouch that this is a steel, er, steal... With aloe vera extracts, and exfoliating beads, it scrub away rough dead skin cells effectively leaving skin soft and smooth! Trivia: it's nice to know that avocado has a natural SPF!
Herbench/ So In Love - with each rainbow comes a drizzle that meets the sun and starts to sizzle. You and I on that bridge above, forever one and so in love. What more can I say? :)
 Block & White Pearly White UV Natural Pearls - I used this as my on-the-go hand cream since I can't find my favorite Baies Sucrees Sweet Berries HandcreamFor the second time around, it does the job well. Why, you could look older than you really are with unhealthy hands, ya'know?
EB BB Cream in Oriental - It was forever emptying this product! Maybe because I have other foundations/bb/cc creams on my stash or maybe because I only need a little squint to do the job? This is good enough for half-day medium coverage in an a/c room. This purple bottle is also whitening and moisturizing.
Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash & Baby Bubble Bath - these sample sizes went a long long way than I expected. The body wash has a pearly green while the bubble bath have pearly white color. Both has 5,5ph perfect for babies - and mommies! :P
4Life BioEFA - For Php1,320.00, you get 60 soft gel capsules of fish oil, flax seed and safflower seed oil that helps digestive system remove toxic while keeping internal organs at its best. For more info about 4life products, please visit 7581363.4life.com or call/text 09301248192, 09431297026 and 09053541249 and look for Nida Borja.
TCFC After School Watery Skin BB Foundation Lunch Box - a mouthful, for a mouthful of product. A squint of this is enough for a medium coverage. Easy to dry so blend away! It is also kinda lighter than my skintone so I usually use this to highlight the bridge of my nose and upper cheeks.
Ralph Lauren 1 & 2 for women - I can't decide which of these are my favorite. I think it would not hurt to say both of them are very fine with me. These sample sizes are amazed balls because it has a sprayer in it! I wish I could reuse them for my other perfumes so I won't carry a huge accident-prone glass bottle anymore. :P
Frontrow Luxxe White - I would create a separate blog post regarding this product so stay tuned.
Avon Naturals Soap - I got a the green which is the deodorizing has mint and basil extracts and this maroon soap which is the fairness bar is moisturizing although I haven't notice any changes on my skintone. At first I thought I will definitely love the fairness soap and never repurchase the green one but apparently I'm thinking of stocking up on the deodorizing soap and I will definitely try the walnut variant next time.

Anlene - for the nth time, this high calcium powdered milk drink is a must everyday in the morning for me right before my cup o' coffee. It has nano-calcium that is 100x smaller than regular calcium hence easier for the second weaker core of bones to be absorbed. Anlene is also packed with magnesium and zinc, important in building strong bones, and vitamin D that effectively help in absorbing calcium.
Sunsilk Pink - smooth and manageable. Read my previous empties? Then, you now know why this is a holy grail. Smells divine! I just can't stop smelling my own hair! My baby always wanna eat my hair! lol and the husband, goodness! He always want his face burried on my hair all night long! ;) #hairpower.
That's about it. I'm not yet ready to end my 2014, so I will jampacked my 3rd quarter to the max. :D

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Food Trip: Wendy's Salad

This is my favorite out of all that Wendy's could offer.
The mushroom burger is good, but the salad... the macaroni salad is the best! Just the way I want it.

The GenXT Powerbank

Power banks are portable emergency backup devices that allows you to conveniently charge your gadgets anytime anywhere!
What I like about GenXT power bank is that it is
* lightweight - a 68g of surging power is very handy indeed
* environment friendly as it could recharge a whooping 500cycle times
*includes micro USB cable for charging the powerbank
*can recharge anything with a USB type cable
* GPO2205A Charging with LED indicator that will flicker in red when charging
* Battery type: 18650
*Capacity: 2200mAh
*Input: Micro USB 5Volts per amphere (max)
*Output: USB 5V/1A
*Dimension: 100mm x 25mm x 22mm
*Weight: 68grams
It successfully charged my cute little Kube!
Sorry for the blurry photo, babe was somewhere behind the camera!
The red light indicates charging on process.
Happy as I can be! Easy to use, easy to carry and it's also stylish! ^^
Aside from my slimmer's world-buddy, I could use this for my tablet and smart phones. High-tech dovetailing!
Are you into carrying portable charging devices?


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