Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Glamworks Charcoal Nose Pore Strips

Lately I've been being stubborn on putting a face base on - bb cream, cc cream, foundation even concealer on my nose area because (as much I would like to hide it, it does the reverse and stick out especially when I put powder to seal it in) of my whiteheads. It's rough and just plain stubborn! Blame me, I usually skip removing my heavy makeup on in the evening before going to bed! But I'm trying! One of my ways to "solve" this was to get myself some pore strips!

Glamworks Charcoal Nose Pore Strips is Php245 per box with 12 individually wrapped strips - but as a certified cheapskate, I bought mine on sale Php200 only for two boxes - so that's 24 strips! Woot woot!

As seen on the package it promises
- instant removal of blackheads
-draws out impurities
-absorbs oil and dirt
-unclog deep pores


Best used after removing makeup, washing face and cleansing. Wet the nose area (the water will activate the strip's adhesive). With dry hands, peel the strip off, the smooth black (charcoal) surface will be the one to sit on your nose. Gently smooth out the bubbles and even out the strip. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before gently removing, tugging from the side outwards. Wet the parts where it is too painful or too sticky to remove.
Sorry for the sad puppy eyes! I think I'm too sleepy! lol

I won't post the residue because it was dis-gus-ting! It is filled with whiteheads sticking out! It's amazing! Aside from that, what I observe is that, dirt, makeup residues and facial hair were also there so it leave my skin reddish and some parts where it hurts the most stings. The leftover "charcoal" on my nose were easily removed with water.

Overall, it is does its job effectively. And on to my next strip, I would definitely...
- wet nose with warm water to make pores open up
-rinse with cold water to make my pores close
-apply facial cream and moisturizer

I will undergo this strip-nose-therapy for a couple of weeks. 1 to 2 strips per week and then reduce it to 2 strip per month after several time or until I consume all of the strips!
I won't purchase this again though, as I would like to try other strips! :) But if you are on a tight budget and desperately need one (like I do), this is worth a try!

Have a blackhead/whitehead free nose! xx


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